The signs as Squads/Cliques

Sun/Rising/Dominant mostly

Aries - Metalhead or (any) extremist’s

Taurus - Leadership/ Poli sci or Activists

Gemini - Preppy/ Popular  - the ones everyone loves and the total douche’s

Cancer - Arts/Music/Drama 

Leo - Jocks/ gymrats/ cheerleaders - but not the crazy all out ones (see Aries)

Virgo - Nerds/ Teachers Pet’s

Libra - Hippies, Stoners - they just want, like, world peace

Scorpio - Punks/Goths - trying to reinvent themselves

Sagittarius - The Social Butterfly - doesn’t really fit into any one group has friends in all of them or some of them or none of them

Capricorn - Geeks - not to be confused with nerds these ppl love doctor who and comic-con, not calculators pocket protectors and perfect scores

Aquarius - Vegans/ Evironmentalists/Hipster -  not to be confused with activists/leadership poli sci’s

Pisces - Scene/Emo - often loose touch with reality… these are the ones who might turn into furries and some cross over with the Geeks to dress up as anime characters for comic-con..

Obviously these are generalizations, you might not fall into your signs category