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Thanks to the enthusiasm of tomthefanboy and ral-across-the-universe, I finally got into the Steven Universe fandom after a couple days of binge-watching. And because I’m a helpless OC addict, I had to jump on the Gemsona bandwagon. So, I took an old character as inspiration and revamped her for this version.

Meet Spessartine!

I chose the gem because I wanted something that was visually similar to fire, and I loved how sparkly rough-cut Spessartine gems are. Just look at this!

It’s like a flame in rock form!

“Spessartine is a younger gem, full of energy and curiosity. Her wild nature can get her and her friends into trouble, but she will do everything she can to protect those she cares about.”

More background rambling beneath the cut!

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Yeah yeah yeah! Gimme those GW2 commissions (I mean, if the linked post is still there. If it’s not, go to this linked post for general commission info).

@evionart‘s sweet Sylvari dude! Why all the Sylvari have to be such cute salads, I just don’t know. I DON’T KNOW. (Says the person who has a Sylvari ranger she NEVER plays.)


Even as an early development game, it has a fantastic amount of polished gameplay in it. I spent several nights giggling madly as I collected adorably happy slimes with my vacuum backpack, piled them into corrals, and harvested their slime poop for money. Yes, this is a thing!

Had to go and draw a version of myself as a slime rancher for the fun of it. And a tabby slime! They are my favorite! X3

Tanis redesign first pass!

Been working on fleshing out an old story idea, and part of that has been looking into inspirations for culture and costuming. I’d like to ground the setting in a bit of realism and try to avoid too much of a generic medieval England feel that so many fantasy stories have. So for Tanis’s homeland, I was investigating Slavic and Russian history and fashion styles. She’s not necessarily going to keep the dress look, being the little tomboy that she is, but it was good practice at least!


Evion’s Most-Used Brush Set!

These are the PaintTool SAI brush settings I’ve collected from many corners of the internet and various other artists.

The top two are the ones I most commonly use for sketchin/inking, especially the Lead brush.

The middle brushes are ones I use for coloring/shading/painting. You’ll notice the default Marker brush there - that’s a fantastic one I use for my shadow layers.

The bottom brushes are special effects that are useful for various things like backgrounds, glowing effects, smoke, glitter, etc!

Hope that helps you guys! :D sonofdominus techr0n

“Just… hang on, okay Gaius? You’ll be okay…”

Hawkens helps a staggering Gaius escape his recent mutation-inducing ordeal at the claws of a monstrous wyvern. The ginger-haired man is undergoing his own slow infection, but right now his concern is with the state of his friend and finding some shelter so they can figure out how to survive in this monster-infested city.

“Hey! You’re an ‘Amber’? I’m Spessartine! Do other Ambers look like you? Where’s your gem located? I love your hat!”

“Are… you on one of the other teams?”

I don’t know what the inspiration for this piece was. I think it was mostly Ambyr’s name and how Spess would misinterpret it as meaning she was another Gem.

@mephyst please enjoy a late-night speed sketch. XD


When I’m lacking inspiration to draw, but really WANT to draw something at least, I often end up doodling heads, and lately they tend to end up as Gaius (as an easy way to practice poses/expressions since I’m familiar with him.) And, also when bored, I’ll add on details for fun like fuzzy ears, horns, or other things as suits my fancy, so it sorta turns into a game of “What’s Gaius getting turned into today?”

Been playing a lot of Monster Hunter lately and Lond’s often insisted that he always pictured Zinogre, the lightning wolf puppy, as Gaius’s “spiritual monster” in the MH verse, sooooo have a Zinogre-ified Gaius!