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I’m finally dipping my toes back in the commission pool!

I am only opening 3 commission slots to begin with.

Commission Types:

Full Color Base Prices:

Bust: $40

Full Body: $70

Flat Color Base Prices:

Bust: $25

Full Body: $50

For more examples, visit my art tumblr: evionart.tumblr.com

I Will Draw:

  • OCs
  • Furry/Anthro
  • Critters/Monsters/Animals (Though I don’t do them often, so have patience)
  • Tasteful Nude
  • Transformation
  • Some NSFW
  • Couples
  • Detailed Clothing / Armor / Weapons

If you’re unsure, please email me with any questions and I will do my best to respond as quickly as my schedule allows!


I work best with visual references. Art, face claims, photos, screenshots, the more the better. Short descriptions to supplement the images are fine, especially noting any differences from the visual material.

If you ask for a commission but have no references to provide, I will either charge extra for a design fee, or may reject your commission request.

The business stuff:

Paypal Only and USD

Full Payment is due after initial composition sketch is delivered.

Prices are base cost and can change depending on complexity of the character and other details. Please feel free to ask me for a quote!

I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.

If you need to cancel a commission, please let me know immediately!

Please note: I work a full time day job, in addition to other social obligations. Turn-around will depend on work load.

I hope to stream the commissions as I’m working on them, but I can’t make promises. (And I will not stream NSFW commissions).

To request a commission, please email me at jennygstudio@gmail.com (don’t miss that “g” in the middle)

Include COMMISSION somewhere in the subject line, it helps me with organization.

The Tenno Boys

Two young soldiers, reunited centuries after the war: Gaius Caster, the big simple-minded muscle-bound goofus with a heart of gold and a drawl like a southerner, and Agent John Hawkens, special ops, intelligence, a head full of sass and fabulous ginger hair.


I dived into Warframe recently with my friends, and was really impressed with the storytelling in the game. Hot damn, I got invested. So, of course, our OCs had to get translated into the setting!

Starbound - Weaponry Mishap

Gaius learned the hard way that over-charging tentacle-guns in Erchius Radiation-heavy zones can result in mutagenic back-fires.

At least after the initial horror, his Avian companion Hawkens helped Gaius find a few creative ways to use his mutated limbs until they could find someone to fix him.

I recently got back into Starbound after a year away, and been having a blast running around on Gaius the Novakid (humanoid beings of star-gas in a mostly-solid form), hollowing out planets and building big complex houses. I’d always wanted to do some monstrous mutation art for the game. It just has so many possible possibilities between Apex science, Erchius energy mutants, and Ancient tech! Seriously, need more of that sort of art.

Started this piece a couple weeks ago and had it sitting around half-finished in my files until today. Enjoy!

“Me an’ you need to ‘ave a talk.”

Hot damn. There was a panel in the latest Hero Academia chapter with Mirio Togata that was just so wonderfully intense - I wanted to try and create a piece inspired by it using my character Gaius. Fitting, since they share a lot of similarities - muscle-bound sunshine boys prone to saving others at the cost of themselves.


Even as an early development game, it has a fantastic amount of polished gameplay in it. I spent several nights giggling madly as I collected adorably happy slimes with my vacuum backpack, piled them into corrals, and harvested their slime poop for money. Yes, this is a thing!

Had to go and draw a version of myself as a slime rancher for the fun of it. And a tabby slime! They are my favorite! X3



Thanks to the enthusiasm of tomthefanboy and ral-across-the-universe, I finally got into the Steven Universe fandom after a couple days of binge-watching. And because I’m a helpless OC addict, I had to jump on the Gemsona bandwagon. So, I took an old character as inspiration and revamped her for this version.

Meet Spessartine!

I chose the gem because I wanted something that was visually similar to fire, and I loved how sparkly rough-cut Spessartine gems are. Just look at this!

It’s like a flame in rock form!

“Spessartine is a younger gem, full of energy and curiosity. Her wild nature can get her and her friends into trouble, but she will do everything she can to protect those she cares about.”

More background rambling beneath the cut!

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So, I had a weird half-dream, half-awake-imagining scenario the other night. It involved Gaius getting turned into a big plushie dog, trying to escape from a lab, and him floundering with door knobs with those poofy mitts.

I kinda want a story of all that. For now though, have some art!


Evion’s Most-Used Brush Set!

These are the PaintTool SAI brush settings I’ve collected from many corners of the internet and various other artists.

The top two are the ones I most commonly use for sketchin/inking, especially the Lead brush.

The middle brushes are ones I use for coloring/shading/painting. You’ll notice the default Marker brush there - that’s a fantastic one I use for my shadow layers.

The bottom brushes are special effects that are useful for various things like backgrounds, glowing effects, smoke, glitter, etc!

Hope that helps you guys! :D sonofdominus techr0n