Video produzido para EVINO. 

Captura de imagem, edição, produção e som: Luccas Villela

Pós-produção: Danilo Marcondes e Luccas Villela

Roteiro: Lana Ruff

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Nickname(s): Moonie and Moon

Birthday: February 18th 1996

Star sign: Aquarius

Gender: Female

Height: 5′5″

Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Favorite color: Pastels and white

Time right now: 3:49am

Fave song(s) right now: Soap by Melanie Martinez, Classic Man by Jidena, and BO$$ by Fifth Harmony

Lucky numbers: idk???

Last thing I Googled: info about Cutiepiemarzia’s book release in America, E.L.F. Cosmetics and Nars cosmetics.

Fave fictional character: Too many, but I will choose Kenma Kozume and evino-chan‘s Trans!Jack  Spicer.

Fave famous person: Markiplier.

Celebrity crush: Look above for answer.

Favorite book: I’m looking for one to read rn.

Favorite bands: Scandal (jp) and The Pretty Reckless.

Dream trip: I wanna go to Trinidad and see (and if possible, participate in) Carnival.

Dream job: Animator, Voice actor, Model, and Singer/Musician.

Currently wearing: Micheal Jordan’s old Wizard Jersey.

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Nickname(s): Katie, Bonzly, KT and Nicholas

Birthday: 4 Sep 1994 (Yo I’m 20)

Star sign: Virgo

Gender: Female

Height: 5′2

Sexual orientation: Ace and always confused.

Favorite color: Brown (earthy or pastel brown)

Time right now: 00:26

Fave song(s) right now: I tend to favour playlists I make or albums I have as opposed to individual songs. I’ve been listening to my ‘Piano Music’ Playlist all day. My top recommendations ATM are: Minecraft Volume Alpha (by C418), Rock Action (by Mogwai) and the 24 Hours in A&E soundtrack (by Richard Spillar).

Lucky numbers: None really, though 9 and 4 repeat multiple times in my birthday. Coincidentally I’ve also heard that those are oriental numbers symbolising death or something. How true that is I don’t know.

Last thing I Googled: ‘9 and 4 oriental meaning’. Before that I googled ‘24 hours in A&E composer’, and then I checked ‘Pastel Brown’. How many more googles will I have before I finish this quiz.

Fave fictional character: Jack Spicer  (Xiaolin Showdown) has been a childhood favourite who’s always stuck. Around that, I have fluxes of obsession. So in order of most recent obsessions to some older ones:
 Rufus (Deponia), Rock Lee (Naruto),  Merton Dingle (Big Wolf on Campus), Ash Williams (Evil Dead series), Shaft and Graham Specter (Baccano!), Nicholas Wayne (Baccano!), Leonardo Da Vinchi (Assassin’s Creed franchise). These are my most prominent ones.

Fave famous person: Leonardo Da Vinchi (the real one this time). I don’t know, I don’t think about this one too much. People inspire me, I find them interesting for a short time, I research them until I get the information I need and then I move on.

Celebrity crush: Zachary Piona (Vine), Brandon Calvillo (Vine), Dick Van Dyke (young). Again, I don’t think about this one too much either. I find people interesting for either their humour, their bodylanguage or their interesting features, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a crush, It’s more of an ‘I’d love to meet you and chat with you over lunch because I’m sure you’re a really interesting person, and I know you’d be able to inform me about things I don’t know’.

Favorite book: I need to read more books. A majority of my life has been comic books because of my reading difficulties. I’m trying to change that lately. as a kid it was Winn Dixie, but that’s likely because it was the only book I read from cover to back at that time.

Favorite bands: I go back and fourth a lot. Ludo is likely my favourite, I also love Whitey, Dead Man’s Bones, Trocadero, Gorillaz, Andrew Jackson Jihad. I love finding new bands who sing about unusual subjects with supernatural or unusual stories.

Dream trip: I’d love to live without technology for a couple of years. Weather it’s with a tribe or backpacking I don’t care but I’d love the experience.

Dream job: Animation director, story builder, animator. I just love the industry.

Currently wearing: A lot of maroon. Soft T-shirt and comfortable baggy trousers (the usual).

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1 why did you choose your url?

Well, it’s my name. I’ve had this username for a long time and for many important staples in my life so it’s the one I use. It’s was the first name I came up with when the internet wasn’t such a business only place and I was able to go on website that held my interests myself and when I was coming up with a identity I was really into anime and cats do I wanted a name with “neko” in it. “Gun it” is a phrase my father uses when he tells me to go for something. So I combined them into gunitneko. I didn’t realize it when I was younger (I was just a stupid kid and though everyone else’s names were so much cooler and better thought than mine) but now I’m older I’m glad I’ve been telling myself to do more with my life subconsciously. Lol

2 if you could own a fairytale/fictional pet what would it be?

Lol I think id like a pet spaceship like Ryo-oki from Tenchi Muyo. She’s just so versatile and a total delight. I would say mabari but I’m just not a good person for a dog let alone a WAR dog.

3. Favorite color?

Huh, don’t really have one. But I lean towards cool colors like green and blue.

4. Favorite song?

Again, don’t have ONE but I guess I’ll say Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

5. What are you top three fandoms?

Oh boy. I’m gonna try and judge this by what fandoms I interest with most cross reference with what I have held onto the longest. Uh, Sherlock Holmes, Kingdom Hearts, and I guess anime in general (I’m sorry I know that’s not quiet right but)

6. Why do you enjoy tumblr?

It’s just so easy. I just scroll forever to find new and interesting information on my interests I love it.

7. Tag 9 friends/tumblr crushes or whomever

wkj electric-chai animationalley
evino-chan holycrapitsbags gingerrogue
maiea-maiea brandychan savvyswiftie1989

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Nickname(s): Evino, Eva and Kevin

Birthday: 5 December 1997

Star sign: Saggittarius

Gender: Female

Height: 5′3

Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Favorite color: Pink, White and Sky blue

Time right now: 22:55

Fave song(s) right now: Lush life (zara larsson), super bass (nicki minaj), empty (yanagi nagi), so sick (ne-yo) and so many others…

Lucky numbers: 5 and 7

Last thing I Googled: the quantum theory

Fave fictional character: Jack spicer, barbie, le mime, zorro, captain america, the joker, miku hatsune, hello kitty, trina riffin, amy rose, rarity, lili Rochefort and so many others…

Fave famous person: Malcom X, Martin luther king, albert einstein and stephen hawking.

Celebrity crush: (does male models count?) well, Antonio Cupo, nicki minaj, chris patt, chris evans and some others… 

Favorite book: the mask of zorro (Isabel Allende)

Favorite bands: vocaloid (??)

Dream trip: Paris.

Dream job: teacher

Currently wearing: my pink pajamas♥

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Nickname(s): Zrn

Birthday: October 20, 1998

Star sign: Libra

Gender: Female

Height: 5′5″

Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Favorite color: I like most colors, not red

Time right now: 5:37 pm

Fave song(s): Flosstradamus - Rebound (Twice As Nice Remix), Flume - InsaneEvery song from Grease (1978), Sofi de la Torre - Give up at 2, Okay there are so many, but I like Doo Wop, IndieElectronic, and Chill. I also like some of the new pop songs that come out now and then.

Lucky numbers: 2 and 10

Last thing I Googled: What genre would some of my favorite musicians be considered

Fave fictional character: Jessie, Jim Stark, Wade “Cry Baby” Walker, Soda Pop Curtis, Riff (West Side Story)

Fave famous person: There can’t be just one. James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Obama, Thomas Sanders, Desmond English, Johnny Depp, Various Youtubers

Celebrity crush: James Dean, Johnny Depp, Francisco Lachowski, Lucky Blue Smith

Favorite book: Poisonwood Bible, The Glass Castle

Favorite bands(musicians): Lana del Rey, Sia, Elvis, Sha na na, The Neighbourhood, Flume, Odesza, Manganas Garden 

Dream trip: Trip around the world: All countries in the UN + unofficial countries

Dream job: Photographer for National Geographic + Artist on the sidelines

Currently wearing: Pajamas

tagging: Andy, Stephanie, and no one else because I know they won’t do it :’)

Expectativa boa de todos os meses: a entrega de duas excelentes garrafas de vinho do Clube Evino… @evinobr Sabe como é… Inverno exige vinho!!! (em Qg Concon’s House)

I got tagged by gunitneko !

1 why did you choose your url?

my classmates used to call me Evino, when I was younger. bc, when i was 9 years old i was a huge anime fan and i wanted to know my ‘’japanese name’’ so i used a lame site to find out my ‘’japanese name’’, and they said it was Evino, so i’ve used that nickname for, like, everything on the damn internet.

2 if you could own a fairytale/fictional pet what would it be?

skitty from pokemon

3. Favorite color?


4. Favorite song?

i have too many!

5. What are you top three fandoms?

xiaolin showdown, xiaolin chronicels and steven universe

6. Why do you enjoy tumblr?

great artists, AU and OTP stuff

7. Tag 9 friends/tumblr crushes or whomever

sorry, im not gonna tag anyone :)