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evilsmurfnope  asked:

Who is this Tezzeret fellow?

Tezzeret is a planeswalker from the Esper shard of Alara who is extremely talented with artifacts and has almost no talent for actual magic.  He worked for Bolas for a while, then betrayed him and seized control the Infinite Consortium (an interdimensional network primarily composed of planeswalkers; you might call it the evil antecedent of the Gatewatch) from him, but he was constantly paranoid that Bolas would be able to take it back and was always looking for an edge against him.

He thought he’d found one when he discovered a promising young mind mage named Jace Beleren on Ravnica.  He convinced Jace to join the Consortium and slowly abused and tortured him until he very nearly lost any semblance of a moral compass whatsoever.

Fortunately or unfortunately for Jace, at this point Bolas, growing tired of Tezzeret’s scheming, sent Liliana Vess to reclaim the Consortium from him.  She helped Jace flee and topple the Consortium, but at the last minute he discovered that she was just using him.

Jace confronted Tezzeret and destroyed his mind and with it all information about the Infinite Consortium, leaving him prey for the nezumi ratfolk on Kamigawa, and Liliana and Bolas without any way of bringing the Consortium back together.

Bolas eventually found Tezzeret and put him back together (not kindly), forcing the artificer to work for him once again.  Last we saw of him, he was investigating New Phyrexia on Bolas’s orders.

 Now, apparently, he’s on Kaladesh, judging a competition that is totally open and aboveboard and clearly has no ulterior motives whatsoever, guys.