parrillalyarchive-deactivated20  asked:

how are you enjoying the x files? i tried to start it a while ago but didn't really get all that into the pilot and first couple of episodes. my tastes in tv shows is pretty damn similar to yours most of the time. should i try again and push through more of the first season?

well tbh i really didn’t have to force myself to go through the first season because i basically liked both of them from the start? i can see why you can feel the show itself’s a bit slow at first but tbh i’ve gone through (a lot) worse before. i am pretty sure that if you continued you would fall in love with it sooner or later. like i am almost 300% sure this is one of those shows that keeps getting better? and it’s so multi-layered and you start discovering so much more about the characters and the plot AND IT’S REALLY GOOD TRUST ME. i’d had no idea it would be sO HILARIOUS AT TIMES TOO wow. so yeah, i say give it another shot and see :D