The mid-song speech is a lost art form. 20 years ago today at The Tibetan Freedom Concert, during “Bullet in the Head”. I’d say this is in the Top 5 RATM speeches. Even though this track was off the s/t, #evilempire era was thematically about creating a bridge between EZLN/the Zapatista movement and the growing voices of mass discontent in the US. This one cuts pretty ruthlessly. “Just for your personal attention, we would like to announce and make very clear that the U.S. government is starting another Vietnam in Southern Mexico. We would like to make this very clear to you because we believe, we strongly believe, that the media in the U.S. is blocking it from your attention. What they’re attempting to do is prevent you from getting involved here to prevent the death of millions of indigenous people who took up arms against the 65 year old dictatorship, the Partido Revolucionario Institucional de México. And at this moment in time, millions of indigenous people are being chased into the hillsides by armies fueled and funded by the U.S. government, by the Clinton administration, by William Perry, and all them fucking pigs up in Washington. And we feel that it’s important that we all understand that and know that, and that our action can stop it. So are you standing in line? Are you believing the lies? You bowing down to this flag? You got a bullet in your head….” #imisszdlr #zackdelarocha #rageagainstthemachine #ezln #zapatistas #subcomandantemarcos #tommorello #bradwilk #timcommerford #prophetsofrage #sendog #cypresshill #windbelow #yearoftheboomerang #peopleofthesun #bullsonparade

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