Here is EDF Island Post 2 (Day 1) - So what happened next well

EDF, Joshy and Nymph hanged out, Edf played Wii U, Nymph took a bath and her hair went to brown, and we got some new members which are Kurumu Kurono (Rosario & Vampire), Shaun (LazlowXP), Noire (Hyperdimension Neptunia), Roxas (KIngdom Hearts 2) & Jessicoo (MY Girlfriend :) )

Nymph walked on the beach :D

evildeadfan102 asked:

Hey i notice your a Sekirei fan, that is such a great anime (I wish it was continued though) but its amazing, whos your favourite character? I love Kusano and Musubi :D Im a guy and adore Kuu, so cute while Musubi shes awesome, i love the moment she does in season 1 when she slams the ground with her fist attack.

Ahh, I love kagari and tsukiumi! I’ve a crush on kagari, seo and shiina v.v I relate to tsukiumi and musubi! I’m just like them in certain ways.
I’d love to cosplay Musubi and maybe even Tsukiumi

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1. Who’s your favorite president? 

Don’t really have a favourite but i guess it’ll be obama cause he’s awesome in some ways.

2. What flavor ice cream do you enjoy?

Green tea :D

3. What’s your favorite manga?

Sora No Otoshimono, its just too good especially how the story flowed and how it ended.

4. What’s your favorite anime(has to be different then manga)?

This is kinda hard, but I’ll go with Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? (Is this a zombie)

5.Which do you rather crunchy roll or funimation?

Crunchy roll, no particular reason

6.How often do you smile?

i smile all the time for no reason at all haha

7.Have you ever barfed on a roller coaster?


8.Have you ever played the yugioh card game?

nope no idea how to

9.What your favorite number?

13 because why not

10Do you know who wrote the Sao manga?

nope but now i do 

11.How often do you watch anime?

when ever i get the chance to (holidays or breaks)


1.Which amine was the best to you?

2.If you could rewrite the ending/plot of any anime, which would it be?

3.whats your favourite movie?

4.Favourite colour?

5.Anime/show/movie you wished will have a sequel 

6.Favourite famous person

7.favourite food

8.Fictional character you wished existed

9.Character you hate the most?

10.one thing you wished you were good at

11.Favourite Song?

5DayGamers4 is LIVE! and at the moment it’s Evildeadfan102 playing Spyro A Hero’s Tail.

And remember please donate if you can!
If you can’t donate yourself ask someone who would be able to.
Here are the donation details - 

To donate by text, Text SSCM55£ with the amount you want to donate e.g. £1.00 to 70070 (UK ONLY)

Or donate online at www.justgiving.com/5daygamers4 (WORLDWIDE)

The charity we are raising money for is Save The Children.

I will use a picture of Nymph for this post!

I just wanted to do a post saying thank you to all the people who follow my Tumblr channel :D, whether its because of one post i did or you a fan who reblogs me alot (THANK YOU) Its amazing to say that just 1 year ago and 2 months i had no real followers maybe like 10 and i only posted a couple of strange things, but now i have 1,174 Followers which for me is amazing in such short time so thank you everyone.

Even those who just like or reblog me, even if it was just 1 thing you reblogged, your all awesome. I want to start some things on this tumblr soon, maybe another top 10 or top 100 or just something fun, il have to think about what it will be :D

Also Nymph shes awesome as well :D

Ok i won’t be on this Tumblr for 1 week as i will be taking part in a week long charity gaming event that i created in 2012. Its 5Daygamers6, the 6th event. A playstation only event for Save The Children. I will put all links below of things that are needed such as where to watch it, where to donate and how to promote and the schedule link, to anyone who helps in anyway thankyou very much.

5Daygamers6 starts April 4th while April 9th possibly

Here are the links you may need -

Where to watch -

Where to donate (Donations start in less than 24 hours) - http://www.justgiving.com/5daygamers6

Where to view the website -

Where to see the schedule - (We have games such as Ratchet & Clank Into The Nexus,Mugen Souls, Skylanders Swap Force, Croc The Legend Of Gobbos, Dark Souls 2, Infamous Second Son, Ratchet & Clank 3, Sly Cooper Thieves In Time, Lollipop Chainsaw and many many more, to see the entire schedule and the times and streamer click the link) -

Where to see Prizes (Yeah we have many prizes that are happening at 5daygamers6, click the link to find out what and how they can be won) -

You can tweet us out using the #5daygamers6, So to anyone who reblogs, likes,tweets us, or promotes in any form, watches us, donates thankyou to anyone who helps in anyway :) If you dont care for gaming but want to help us you can still donate to the cause as that would be helpful in every way.
Once this event is done il be back to do daily posts on this tumblr :)
Hope to see some people to be at the event :D


Here is Day 3 games!

The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past
Played by Shyguygamer87
UK Time : 10am - 2pm
EST Time : 5am - 9am
CST Time : 4am - 8am
PST Time : 2am - 6am

The Legend Of Zelda Minnish Cap
Played by Jessicayskull
UK Time : 2pm - 3:30pm
EST Time : 9am - 10:30am
CST Time : 8am - 9:30am
PST Time : 6am - 7:30am

Kya Dark Lineage
Played by Evildeadfan102
UK Time : 3:30pm - 6pm
EST Time : 10:30am - 1pm
CST Time : 9:30am - 12pm
PST Time : 7:30am - 10am

Luigis Mansion
Played by Kittykitsune
UK Time : 6pm - 10pm
EST Time : 1pm - 5pm
CST Time : 12pm - 4pm
PST Time : 10am - 2pm

Sonic Heroes
Played by Mickspad
UK Time : 10pm - 3am
EST Time : 5pm - 10pm
CST Time : 4pm - 9pm
PST Time : 2pm - 7pm

Played by TBSonic0895
UK Time : 3am - 5am
EST Time : 10pm - 12am
CST Time : 9pm - 11pm
PST Time : 7pm - 9pm

Luigis Mansion
Played by Kittykitsune
UK Time : 5am - 8am
EST Time : 12am - 3am
CST Time : 11pm - 2am
PST Time : 9pm - 12am

The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword
Played by Evildeadfan102
UK Time : 8am - 10am
EST Time : 3am - 5am
CST Time : 2am - 4am
PST Time : 12am - 2am