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1. Origin/class/gender/age. Do you have headcanons about their origin that inquisition doesn’t cover? expand it.

Elain is a female archer, age 27. She has a whole backstory that Inquisition doesn’t cover. In her clan, she held the title Maiden of the Hunt, a prestigious role as spiritual advisor and intermediate between Andruil and the hunters of the clan. She trained all her life for the role, and finally got to wear the Mantle of the Maiden after she wintered in the Vimmark Mountians for six months in isolation. Elain had a relationship with her bodyguard, Revas, starting when they were teenagers. Revas died at the Conclave. After, she went on sabbatical from her role until the Breach could be dealt with.

2. Meaning behind their name, or at least reason why you chose it. Any would do.

Elain means “fawn” in Welsh. I chose it because it’s pretty and sounds sort Elven, right?

3. Any extra AU’s they’re involved in?

Elain’s canon is her as Inquisitor. She’s also in Revas’ canon, with her dead and him as Inquisitor, and in another one with Sar’een (another OC of drathe’s) as Inqusitor. In that AU, both Revas and Elain survive the Conclave.

4. What nickname Varric gave them (or would if they ever met)?


5. Favourite scent. Do they use it as a perfume? (I’m probably weird for wanting to smell your oc- I know that)

Elain doesn’t wear any perfume while hunting since animals usually have a keen sense of smell. When she isn’t hunting, she likes to wear amber that her father trades crafts for in the Marcher cities. She naturally smells like the smoke of the campfires and the subtle tang of Dalish soap made from halla fat. Summarized, she smells wild and feminine, all at once.

As Inquisitor, Elain doesn’t have to worry about hunting to survive, and indulges in specially made perfume oils that she presses against her pulse points. She still loves amber, but punctuates it with vanilla and honey, making her skin smell of promises of more sensual delights.

6. Their love interest. Why they were attracted to that certain person.

Elain’s first love interest was Revas. She was attracted to him because he drove her absolutely crazy. His arrogance, his cockiness, his brashness, him insisting on calling her “Peach”…it made her insane. He was her rival and tormenter and it always surprised her how much that turned her onto him. But she also trusted him. Elain has been closed off her entire life, never letting anyone see her vulnerability for fear of it being used against her. For Revas, she let her guard down. Her trust was never misplaced, and for all his recklessness, he held her heart in gentle hands and did everything he could to protect it.

As Inquisitor, Elain is dealing with the shell-shock of losing her partner who has been with her since she was a child as well as the burden of saving the world. She feels like there’s a hole in her chest that can’t be filled and she desperately wants it to go away. Solas attracts her attention because of his intelligence, and his willingness to challenge her conceptions. They grow close, her because of what he represents (a filling of that hole) and him because of what she is (a force of nature shaping the world around her). In the end, Solas’ leaves because his duty and self-respect is more important than his feelings for Elain. For her part, Elain realizes that he would never have been to her what Revas was, but is still hurt because she let herself be vulnerable again with Solas. She was willing to let go and move on and try to be happy, but it wasn’t meant to be. After that, she makes an oath to never let another man into her heart, and she grows very cold.

7. Fighting style, prefered weapons, favourite spells. You can use all dragon age classes and specializations in da universe as long as it sticks to canon.  

Elain is an archer assassin. She was never the best shot or the quickest aim, so Elain trained to make sure each shot she took was a lethal one. Assassin synergizes well with that. Aim isn’t as important when armor is sundered and weaknesses are exposed.

8. Sum up their personality. Diplomatic, humorous or agressive? Do they enjoy violence? What’s their philosophy on killing.  

Aggressive with a mix of diplomatic. Basically, an authoritative woman who demands respect and deference from everyone but understands how to use subtle means to achieve that. Dalish clans may seem like peaceful, tree-loving nomads, but they have a very active political system, and Elain learned to manipulate it at an early age.

9. Do they appear attractive for their own brethren? Are they’re attractive by human beauty standards?

Elain is pretty good looking. Her nose was broken and never set correctly, so it’s a bit wonky, but she has almond shaped eyes, full lips, thick dark hair, and an athletic body. All the pieces that many elves, and other races, would find attractive. Elain knows this and is quite vain.

10. Place them on D&D character alignment chart.

Lawful Neutral

11. Give me link to their inspiration/development tag. Pretty please :)

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