most more for sires/evilapple513

but quite a cool rube goldberg machine!

Also if anyone really wants to make my birthday/day please check out http://eraoferrors.com/eoe-web-comic/chapter-1-cover/ if you haven’t read my comic before, it’s only 45 pages so far, would take you less than 10-15 minutes to read through, etc.

This comic pretty much means the world to me, it’s something I’ve worked on for 9+ years now, so when people leave comments about stuff they enjoy in it (or even stuff they don’t enjoy aka critiquing it) it really makes my day.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes too :)

All art in it’s by the epic EvilApple513 as always :D

Shirt/comic promo for Era of Errors!

EoE is a sci-fi/action web comic that updates on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Alex and friends’ lives begin to have their lives turned upside-down as the discovery of an out-of-place artifact is found and proves to be not of Earth. Is it meant for good, or evil? Or maybe, it has plans of its own…
Written by azuritereaction, and drawn by evilapple513

I was sent a shirt to pose in, so the pack includes 10 images of me in the tee doing some exercisey and cutesy poses. Pay whatever you want! Even nothing! But some dollars are always appreciated too. ;v;
A reblog is fine as well ヽ(´▽`)/

If you have any shirts you’d like me to pose in and promote for you too, feel free to drop me an ask or fanmail about the details!

Hello everyone seeing this (which may be nobody),

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Nicolás, better known Bopnan, I’m from Argentina and I’m an amateur translator, and also the one currently translating Era of Errors into Latin American Spanish.

I’d like to say that it’s a honor to me to being allowed to do such thing, since Dez is easily one of my favorite YouTubers and supporting the comic in this way is such an accomplishment for me.

I hope everything goes well for Dez, EvilApple, and the comic in general!


Hola a todos los que vean esto (que creo que no va a ser nadie):

Me gustaría presentarme. Mi nombre Nicolás, mejor conocido como Bopnan, soy de Argentina y soy un traductor principiante, además de ser el actual traductor de Era of Errors al español latinoamericano.

Quiero decir que es un honor poder hacer este trabajo, ya que Dez es, fácilmente, uno de mis YouTubers favoritos. Es todo un logro para mi poder apoyar al cómic de este modo.

Así que espero que todo les vaya bien a Dez, EvilApple y al cómic en general!———————————————————————–

Go check out the translation at the forum of the site of the comic!

¡Vayan a ver la traducción al foro del sitio del cómic!

So http://evilapple513.tumblr.com has made yet another insanely good advertisement banner, but more to the point, he’s made thumbnails for me of *every prominent character* in Bravely Default to use for YouTube thumbnails when I start posting the series on Feb. 14th; seriously, amazing stuff.
You should check out his artwork at his tumblr, and of course his webcomic based off of LSD (yes, LSD, the game) at http://www.blackbox513.com/comic/lsddream-emulator-pg01/ as well as all the other neat stuff he’s got.

The stream will be at http://www.twitch.tv/azuritereaction and the videos will be posted at http://www.youtube.com/azuriteYT :)

So EvilApple513 decided to make an official icon for our Era of Errors Patreon with both of us based off of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure characters.

I went with Joseph Joestar as his Part 3 incarnation, cause I mean, for god’s sakes his ability is *based in breaking cameras, film, and television*, and you can’t forget how he goes totally nuts.

EvilApple went with his son, Josuke Higashikata, because I’m assuming that’s his favorite character, not because he wants me to be his dad or anything, hahaha

This picture’s so epic though that I used it for the Era of Errors Tumblr and honestly while it would shoot me in the foot (cause it’d eat up more of his time), EvilApple should seriously take up a job doing caricatures of people because I mean, look at this.


I’ve heard you are sick and I would draw you this small fast-made comic strip.
I’m so sorry to left you at these horrible currer who are nem and my incomprehensibles scripture and english (I have habit to put french word in english)

So good recuparation ! Wish you feel better !
Sweet Dreams ~


http://www.eraoferrors.com/chapter-1-page-8-alexs-plan/ NEW ERA OF ERRORS PAGE: VOTE FOR IT AT http://topwebcomics.com/vote/14939/default.aspx CHECK OUT THE PATREON & HELP AT http://www.patreon.com/eraoferrors

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