Knight Without Honor

Word Count: 340 out of idk yet
Warnings: Death, Evil Stepmothers…, Princesses? I’m not good at these
Pairings: Bucky x Reader 
Summary: Royalty; It was in your blood. Your family had been ruling for generations. Your mother passed before she could birth a son, but your father remarried in hopes of having one more chance. Life is an adventure, especially when you’re a rebellious princess with an evil stepmother. 

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Your dress swished around your ankles as you ran down the long corridor, your stepmother’s screams echoing off the walls around you, sending chills down your spine.

“Come back here! Come back here this instant!” She screeched, and you held your breath, trying to keep as quiet as possible.

But a yelp of surprise tore its way from your throat when you were sent flying to the floor, the material of your gown getting caught on your heel. The pain that bloomed in your knees and hands was enough to have tears clouding your vision.

The shrieking behind you grew louder and you scrambled to your feet, propelling yourself forward even though you were exhausted.

“Princess,” You heard someone whisper and your breath caught in your throat, “Princess!” And suddenly, there he was jogging toward you, always your knight in shining armor. His clothes were tattered and yellowing, his face matted with soot and dirt, but you still saw his beauty.

“Bucky,” you breathed, clinging to his arms to steady yourself.

You nearly jumped out of your skin at your stepmother’s next words, “I will find you, girl!”

You turned back to Bucky with wide, fearful eyes. He glared down the corridor before pulling you along.

“This way,” he said as he tugged you into the servants’ quarters, plunging the two of you into darkness. You blinked heavily to adjust to the lack of light, wondering if it was always this dark. “She won’t find you here,” he whispered to you, lips nearly grazing your ear.

“Bucky, don’t leave me, please.” You urged, frantically grabbing at his thin shirt.

He stilled your shaking hands by encasing them in his own, “I won’t leave you, I promise.”

He led you down the dark tunnel, guiding you this way and that, warning you of hidden stairs or holes in the floor.

“We must leave,” you panted, “I cannot stay here. She’ll kill me.”

“I won’t let that happen.” He grunted, eyes narrowing with determination before pulling you forward at a quicker pace.


Disney Princesses and Their Antagonists


Keep Your Chin Up

Towards the end of Cinderella, after her daughters have unsuccessfully tried to put on the glass slipper, Lady Tremaine lies to the Duke that there are no other women in the house, saying, “There’s no one else, Your Grace.” Have any of you ever noticed that, when she says this sentence, not only does she shake her head no, but she also sticks her chin upwards?

To me, this gesture does not mean that she afraid of looking the Duke in the eye because she is telling a lie. In fact, not only does Lady Tremaine appear to be looking at him even when he is off screen, but it is very clear that, as long as she has things laid out perfectly and can get away with it, she is not afraid to lie at all. Instead, her gesture is really a sign of her snobbishness (since some snobby, wealthy people stick their chins up to show how they think are of greater importance than others) as well as her arrogance and confidence in lying to the Duke.

Remember, by this point, Lady Tremaine had already grasped the key in her pocket, so she thinks she still has it with her; therefore, she is completely confident that Cinderella has no chance of escaping her room and that she will get away with telling this lie to the Duke.

But then when she hears Cinderella calling and sees her at the top of the stairs right before the Duke walks out, Lady Tremaine is completely shocked and confused at how Cinderella escaped, then tries everything to keep her plans from being ruined…but despite her efforts, she is ultimately unsuccessful.

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