cinderella: redo

so i was watching cinderella while doing my nails and waiting for them to dry which was clearly a Mistake because now i can’t help but think -

the evil stepmother was always evil, okay. say her abuse of her own daughters was different than that of cinderella’s - but it was still abuse. giving them impossible expectations, telling them they were never good enough, never pretty enough, never smart enough. and then she gets married, and anastasia and drizella are ecstatic because this man seems kind and warm and maybe just maybe he can temper their mother, maybe with him around she won’t be so cruel. so they’re on their very best behavior in the beginning, they do just as their mother taught - they trot out their best upper court manners in an attempt to get their new stepfather to like them. but it just comes off as cold and snooty and they’re trying, they are, they’re just bad at it. and they see how he is with cinderella, the smiling girl their own age, and they are jealous. they don’t mean to be, they try not to be, they know it isn’t becoming of young ladies. but she gets hugs and kisses and affection and they get rulers slapped on their hands when they reach for desert and sharp jabs to their sides when they slouch and - soon they hate cinderella, not for anything she’s done, but for what she has and they dont

but then her father dies. and it’s all a tumble of things and cinderella is crying and they’ve lost their only chance at escaping their mother’s clutches and it’s terrible. and everything settles and there’s no reason to be jealous anymore but resentment is hard to let go of and they don’t know what to do. they’re only kids too after all. and they’re so terribly bad at comforting people, they can do flowery words and know all the right bows but cinderella is so sad and they just don’t know what to do with that, because they’re supposed to be sisters but they’re not even friends

and slowly but surely their mother starts abusing cinderella, starts making her a maid in her own home, and she’s their mother, what are anastasia and drizella supposed to do? she rules them with an iron fist, and cinderella doesn’t even like them anyway, it’s none of their business.

except one night anastasia crawls into her sister’s bed in the middle of the night and wakes her up. “i was thirsty,” she explains, eyes wide and shiny, and they’re bad at this with other people but drizella has no problems with pulling anastasia into her arms. the younger girl clutches her sister and continues, “i was thirsty and i went down to the kitchen to get some water and - and cinderella is still up! she’s doing the dishes, and she should be asleep, mom is going to make her make breakfast in the morning and -” she cuts herself off with a hiccup and whispers, “it’s not fair.”

“life isn’t fair,” drizella says, echoing one of their mother’s favorite phrases. but her sister is staring at her with wet eyes, and it’s not like their mother is likely to get up before sunrise anyway, she hates waking up, so she pulls herself and anastasia out of bed and off they go.

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10 reasons why Weiss won’t die

For everyone who needs it right now: 

  1. There is just too much of her story left to tell. 
  2. Kara talked about looking forward to going more into the relationship between Weiss and her sister. We didn’t get that yet, did we? 
  3. It would be a shitty death for a main character because the whole scene is focussed on Jaune. Her death would have nothing to do with her or her arc. 
  4. I think the whole scene is just about triggering Jaune’s semblance. Which could be healing. Would be a good moment for that semblance to kick in, huh? 
  5. It would be really expensive to change the name of the show and the logo to RBY.
  6. Winter wouldn’t work well with team RWBY as a replacement for Weiss at all, neither would Whitley. But who else is left whose first name starts with a W? 
  7. Weiss is Snow White. Who got killed my the evil stepmother and then brought back to life by a prince (or the dwarfs just dropping her coffin, depends on which version you’re refering to). It would totally make sense for her to (almost) die and come back to life. 
  8. If they really want to kill someone they will stab them through the chest. Blake got stabbed through the gut too and she’s pretty alive or at least if she isn’t that would explain her absence from the main plot. They explicitly showed that the spear hit her side, probably only damaging her liver or her lung. Also Sun, Blake and Ghira got stabbed in the past too and survived it. 
  9. Who is Jeff Williams going to write epic rock ballads about if Weiss dies? 
  10. Main characters don’t die right at the beginning of big fights and finales. 

So don’t worry. She’s totally going to be absolutely fine. 

Astrology symbolism

Libra - Snow White

  • 7 dwarves / Libra rules the 7th house
  • Venus mirror glyph / Evil Queen’s Mirror 
  • Commanded to cut Snow White’s heart; Venus the lover is the ruler of Libra
  • Evil Queen wanted to be the most ‘beautiful’ symbolised by Venus 

Gemini - Charlie & The Chocolate Factory 

  • Trickster theme: deceit with winner of 5th Golden ticket, Slugworth, Willy Wonka entering with a cane and throwing it away to fool the crowd
  • Wonka’s ‘split personality’ on display in his room full of half figures - a half bench, mirror, ornament etc; to symbolise half of himself

Peter Pan

  • Peter and his ‘shadow’
  • Neverland, retaining eternal youthfulness 
  • “Lost Boys” being multiple personalities 
  • Wings of Mercury 
  • Hook’s hand cut off by Peter Pan, Gemini ruling the hands 

Sagittarius - Aladdin

  • The Genie of fortune symbolising Jupiter 
  • The essence of Sagittarius being ‘truth’ and Aladdin attempting to deceive this (masking himself as sovereignty). Genie instructs Aladdin that he must tell the ‘truth’ 
  • Use of various culturally rich items 
  • The carpet that can fly anywhere like the Sagittarius who travels everywhere

Capricorn - Cinderella 

  • Born into an early life of reprimand and duty like that of Capricorn
  • The evil stepmother, the critical side of Saturn who is oppressive and obstructive
  • The fairy godmother, the eventual blessings of Saturn, granting every wish, the Saturn alchemist  
  • The strict timing of the clock striking midnight, Capricorn being the ruler of chronos 

Cancer - Wizard of Oz

  • “Theres no place like home” 
  • The fairy godmother reflecting the Cancer archetype 
  • Meeting the Scarecrow without a brain, as she attempts to retain Gemini’s memory and the cowardly lion as she prepares for Leo in the next sign 
  • The ‘wizard’ being Cancer’s sister sign Capricorn, greatly feared and revered in the shadow 
  • The Dark Mother archetype of Cancer reflected through the wicked witch


The Twelve Months (illustration n.1)

I’m working on a series of illustrations for my portfolio. I choose a couple of fairy tales. This is the first illustration of the russian tales titled The Twelve Months. I struggling so much on this series but the story is very magical so i’m incredible happy.


Villains from various Disney films. Most are associated with Princesses.

Snow White - 1937
Cinderella - 1950
Alice in Wonderland - 1955
Sleeping Beauty - 1959
101 Dalmatians - 1961
The Little Mermaid - 1989
Beauty & the Beast - 1991
Aladdin - 1992
Pocahontas - 1995
Hercules - 1997
Mulan - 1998
Atlantis the Lost Empire - 2001
Princess and the Frog - 2009
Tangled - 2010
Frozen - 2013
Moana - 2016


The Face behind The Witch

Lucille La Verne: Evil Queen Stepmother- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Eleanor Audley: Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty

Martha Wentworth: Madam Mim - Sword in the Stone

Pat Carroll: Ursula - The Little Mermiad

Donna Murphy: Motther Gothel - Tangled