Disney Princesses and Their Antagonists


Keep Your Chin Up

Towards the end of Cinderella, after her daughters have unsuccessfully tried to put on the glass slipper, Lady Tremaine lies to the Duke that there are no other women in the house, saying, “There’s no one else, Your Grace.” Have any of you ever noticed that, when she says this sentence, not only does she shake her head no, but she also sticks her chin upwards?

To me, this gesture does not mean that she afraid of looking the Duke in the eye because she is telling a lie. In fact, not only does Lady Tremaine appear to be looking at him even when he is off screen, but it is very clear that, as long as she has things laid out perfectly and can get away with it, she is not afraid to lie at all. Instead, her gesture is really a sign of her snobbishness (since some snobby, wealthy people stick their chins up to show how they think are of greater importance than others) as well as her arrogance and confidence in lying to the Duke.

Remember, by this point, Lady Tremaine had already grasped the key in her pocket, so she thinks she still has it with her; therefore, she is completely confident that Cinderella has no chance of escaping her room and that she will get away with telling this lie to the Duke.

But then when she hears Cinderella calling and sees her at the top of the stairs right before the Duke walks out, Lady Tremaine is completely shocked and confused at how Cinderella escaped, then tries everything to keep her plans from being ruined…but despite her efforts, she is ultimately unsuccessful.

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