Evil Other Mother Original Animation Puppet

LAIKA Studio put up 250 of their film pieces up for auction. Portion of Proceeds to Benefit The Art of Elysium Non-Profit Arts Group.

This is the Evil Other Mother! This outstanding three-dimensional, camera-used, handmade replacement face puppet features the real face of Other Mother, as we see her at the end of the “game.” Coraline has to use all her wits to outsmart Evil Other Mother and get back to her real parents in her real life. Terrifying puppet with real metal hands and an elaborately rendered nylon mesh dress, painstakingly screen-printed in metallic paint. Approximately 20" tall.

  • Rumplestiltskin:I became evil because I wanted to protect my son from fighting in a war that he would most likely die in.
  • Regina:I became evil because my mother orchestrated my entire life to give me power I never wanted, going so far as to murder my true love right in front of me to ensure I would enter a hastily arranged marriage.
  • Cora:I became evil because my desire to no longer be powerless drove me to remove my own heart and take away my ability to love.
  • Hook:I became evil because the Dark One killed my lover and cut off my hand, leaving me determined to destroy him no matter the cost.
  • Pan:I became evil because the pressure of taking care of my son finally got to me so I choose eternal youth instead of him.
  • Zelena:I became evil because my foster father abused me and my sister was getting all the attention despite being less powerful than me.
  • Ingrid:I became evil because my unusual powers isolated me and caused me to accidentally kill my sister, leaving me determined to find new sisters like me who would accept me for who I am.
  • Ursula:I became evil because my father wouldn't let me visit the human world, and when I finally did, the first person I met used and betrayed me.
  • Cruella:I became evil BECAUSE I FUCKING FELT LIKE IT.
  • Charming:Wait. So Gold's plan to turn Emma dark is to have her kill a known criminal who's threatening Henry's life?
  • Author:Yeah.
  • Charming:But that's not evil.
  • Author:Sure it is.
  • Charming:No it's not. Killing someone for personal gain or for no good reason is evil. Killing someone who's trying to kill a child will get you a medal and a parade.
  • Author:But killing equals bad.
  • Charming:It's not that simp--look. What's Cruella's happy ending again?
  • Author:Regaining the ability to kill people.
  • Charming:Yeah, I'm still thinking we should have a parade on stand-by for when Emma gets back.