evil wookie


Another bash of photos now as regular warden, I guess you can say.. I got out of my box! I’ll go away now.

That last photo! Do not worry they didn’t know who I was they thought I was Willy wonka so I told them I’m a bootlegged version of Willy wonka! XD

First there’s Rey and Finn and Poe Dameron. And Rey and Finn are alone and without family in the entire world, and pretty soon they both start using the last name Dameron, because he’s their family now, dammit.

And Poe’s happy.

And then there’s Luke Skywalker and it turns out that Rey’s his daughter, and that she’s not alone, she has a father and an aunt (and a crazy evil cousin) and a wookie-uncle, and now she’s Rey Skywalker and that’s great, because Skywalker is almost as good as Dameron an awesome name.

And Poe’s happy for her, and he’s happy that he’s got Finn, who is still Finn Dameron.

Except then they pull off the big raid on the stormtrooper training camp where Finn was raised and they find documentation on FN-2187 and as it turns out, Finn has family of his very own. (Finn Calrissian or is that too much of a good thing?)

And Poe’s happy for him, because how could he not be, Finn has family and a name - in fact, he has an entire name that has nothing to do with Poe Dameron, he’s probably Buzz Calrissian or something. Okay, maybe not Buzz.

And Poe’s happy for him, dammit.

Except Poe Dameron is also sad, because a moment ago he had a Rey Dameron and a Finn Dameron and he really liked that, and now he’s just Poe Dameron again.