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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays were the best! All your favorite show back to back all night long! When CN actually cared…😕

the signs as cartoon cartoons

aries - powerpuff girls
taurus - the grim adventures of billy and mandy
gemini - hi hi puffy ami yumi show
cancer - sheep in the big city
leo - i am weasel
virgo - dexter’s laboratory
libra - cow and chicken
scorpio - johnny bravo
sagittarius - courage, the cowardly dog
capricorn - codename: kids next door
aquarius - evil con carne
pisces - foster home for imaginary friends

Things I Have Been Reading - Aug

Hello you beautiful, wonderful people.  I have spent some time by the pool scrolling through awesome fics this month but before I get to that I have a little something I want to say.  

This month one of my favourite writers and one of the loveliest people I have met on here has seen fit to delete her account due to constant and persistent abusive anons.  I am sure that most of us agree this is not right.  These evil little cock weasels are a tiny but very vocal minority so I would like every writer out there who may be encountering a problem with these asshats to reach out to the writing community because there are more people who appreciate your writing than dipshits intent on discouraging you (even though it might not always feel that way.).  That all being said I would like to dedicate this months Things I Have Been Reading to @wayward-mirage / Toni who I will miss terribly.

Now onto the fics…

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You don’t have to be a hero - @alangel1895 I am deep in a Crowley hole and it’s fics like this that are keeping me in there.  Heartbreakingly beautiful, I could hear this voice in my head as I read it.  Well done sweetie.

Sweet Gesture - @dancingalone21 Jealous Dean? Yep.  Cute fluff? Yep.  Great writing? Definitely.  This one is for all you Dean girls.

Benny x Reader - @sp-oops This fic gave me Benny feels.  Like serious Benny feels.  Even if you’re not a Benny girl go show this fic a little love.

Can I Buy You a Book? - @curliesallovertheplace Sweet Sam in a bookstore.  This is a really sweet little fic that caught my eye and I have to admit I’ve read it a few times so go check it out.

Everybody Wants You - @kittenofdoomage Gabriel smut here for those of you old enough.  I do love the idea that this is all something he has been building up to say.  Enjoy.

The Cruel, Yet Effective Matchmaker - @sdavid09 A little Sammy for you all here and some super cute fluff.  Dean in this is brilliant and it’s just so cute and sweet.

Bringing Up Juliet - @roxy-davenport For reasons best known to Tumblr I can’t tag this author BUT I’ve tagged the fic sooooo, for some cute Crowley with the addition of hellhounds read this!! 

Crowley x Reader - @thewhiterabbit42 This. Is. So. Hot!!!! I am in deep with Crowley right now and this one by a very incredibly talented writer and crazy lady is just perfect and I love her for writing this.

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Cuddles Can Hurt - @imhereforbvcky The build up and the execution of this Bucky fic is beautiful.  The relationship feels believable and I adored the little series.

Attached - @brighterlights This is turning out to be an amazing little Bucky fic which makes me smile whenever I get a notification telling me the next part has been posted.  Fabulous work once more by a fantastic writer.  

Trust Fund - @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse TONY!!! THIS ONE IS TONY!!! This is Tony and soooooo far it’s fluffy and there isn’t any heart ache!!! Yeay!!

A Wish Your Heart Makes - @littlemisssyreid A two part Loki fic with a Cinderella theme.  Oh man, this had me from the first sentence to the last.  Fabulous.

Over and Over - @amarvelouswritings I loved the Every Other Weekend series and this is a lovely little Epilogue.  Bucky is such a shit.

Personal Shopper - @brighterlights I may have squealed a little reading this.  As someone who once worked in a shop I would have LOVED for this to happen to me.  A lovey bit of Bucky for you.

Our Little Secret - @4theluvofall As a Steve girl I found myself thinking Steve is a bit of an asshat and thank goodness for super sweet Bucky.  This series is great and will draw you in, go read the whole thing now!

The Proposal - @emilyevanston This is a series where you can read Tony, Sam or Clint and it is immense! The way each of the boys handle the same situation is fabulous and I highly recommend you read all of them!

The Fuse - @imamotherfuckingstar-lord You don’t need your heart do you? No? Good, go read this one then.  I love how realistic this feels even though it hurts my heart.

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Star Trek:

Darlin’ - @musingsongbird I can say without a shadow of a doubt I now have this kink.  Leonard McCoy is a life ruiner as this fic proves.

Out of your mind - @pinkamour1588 Angry and protective McCoy is my current fave and this little offering to the writing gods hits that perfectly.

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Other Fandoms and Fics:

Company of Fools - @jotink78 OhmygoodnessIlovethisfic!! Fluffy Fili coming your way with this one.  The miscommunication and interactions between characters is so much fun.  Go read it!

Imagine: Fili Getting Concerned over Your Injury - @rainydaydream-gal This is the second part of this little imagine about my favourite dwarf.  A really cute and sweet piece of Fili here for you all.

The Midnight Lovers - @imaginedilestrade ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! LESTRADE!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! It is entirely possible that I binge read the first 14 parts of this late one night and ended up having a melt down in the wee hours of the morning when I found myself left on a cliff hanger.  You really need to read this guys!! 


Parts: 14/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Summary: Alexander Hamilton spent the last decade of his life perfecting Miranda, a musical surrounding the life of Lin-Manuel Miranda, that will be hitting Broadway in just a week. Everything is perfect; or so Alexander thinks. One actor is proving to be a bit of a handful and Alexander can’t figure out how to deal with him.

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 2899

Dedication: @gum-and-chips for her nice comment on the last chapter!

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The painter spent years perfecting their art. They would paint every day in their studio, applying color to the canvas. They created so many paintings that their house was filled with them. One day they received the chance to put up an exhibition and they agreed. On the day of the exhibition, they came to say a few words and saw just how many people had attended. They began to cry.

The curator asks them why they were crying. “I never expected so many people to love my art,” the artist replied. “It’s like they love it as much as I do.”

“I think he’s dead.”

“Not my mafia man!!”

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I’d just like to take a moment to talk about the other, other groundbreaking thing Frozen did. No, not “You can’t marry a man you just met.” No, not sister love beating out romantic love. No, not the burning lesbian incestuous subtext.

Frozen is the first Disney movie that isn’t about good versus evil. The Duke is a red herring, but actually so is Hans. He is an evil horrible weaselly little weasel, but he doesn’t drive the main conflict. He’s parasitic. He doesn’t create the central problem, and defeating him doesn’t solve it. The real conflict isn’t between good and evil, it’s between love and fear.

Elsa, Anna, their parents, the trolls: all of them created the crisis, but none of them are villains. This is practically unheard of in any mainstream Hollywood film, let alone one from Disney. And that’s a revolution we should be celebrating.


Parts: 10/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Summary: Alexander Hamilton spent the last decade of his life perfecting Miranda, a musical surrounding the life of Lin-Manuel Miranda, that will be hitting Broadway in just a week. Everything is perfect; or so Alexander thinks. One actor is proving to be a bit of a handful and Alexander can’t figure out how to deal with him.

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 2211

Dedication: @doodlethebarisax for offering me extra motivation

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A/N: Coffee date, anyone?

The Witch of the East was a terrible witch who everyone knew was terrible. She had done awful things, they said. Unspeakable things. Things that would scare you. If you tried to ask anyone exactly what they did, they couldn’t say. But it was terrible, they could assure you of that. If you asked if there was anything good about her, no one could say a thing. Nobody knew anything.

But she was terrible, they could assure you. The Witch of the East came from a terrible family, after all. And she’d done bad things in the past. Have you met her? She had an awful personality. It proved how horrible she was. Even if no one spoke with her, they all knew what she was like. So the Witch of the East continued to be a terrible witch who everyone knew was terrible.

Alexander sat anxiously in his apartment, checking the time periodically. He had done what George suggested and asked Jefferson if he wanted to come over and get coffee. Alexander had considered going out for coffee but he was worried about them getting into a fight and making a scene like they always seem to do. Sure, going to the store was fine the day before, but they had spent maybe fifteen minutes in one another’s company. If Alexander was going to attempt to get on Jefferson’s good side, they would have to spend hours with one another and frankly…Alexander couldn’t see that going well.

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