evil vs evil

If your wondering how i think Tom will react to Star’s crush on Marco, and the potential it will ruin his relationship with Marco, i want you to know i personally am not worried about Star’s crush doing much.

Because here’s the thing, Tom can’t go back to hating Marco for jealous reasons because of Mr Candle Cares, Tom is fully aware he might never get back with star and knows she’ll do what she wants no matter what.

You can read it on his face, he knows fully well if Star and Marco date, he has to accept it. There’s nothing he can do.

Ok, he might be upset, but him throwing away his friendship with Marco because of something that’s not even Marco’s fault to begin with…..sounds ridiculous.

I could see Marco being potentially worried about what Tom will think, but I feel like Tom will accept it when he finds out.

The guy is supposed to be moving on with his life, this would be sending him back to square one and ruining all his character development.

If it throws any kind of sore spot in their relationship, it’ll most likely not last very long if Tom truly cares for their relationship.

I think it’s more likely that he’d be upset about Marco and Star getting together and both ditching him then being jealous again.