evil updates!

Me: I should go to bed early so I can be a productive member of society.

Also me: *scrolling through fan fiction at 3 in the morning*

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And i have to wait 4 months for freaking context.

3-29-17 Because we all know Star would be the best person in the world to come out too.

Edit: So after a complaint about making Marco too light skinned, I attempted to darken the coloring. The colors are more faded because I switched from my tablet to my computer, and the contrast literally doesn’t translate very well between the two.  

Despite Everything, It’s Still You.

…. Right?

For @askgasterfamily  ‘s late birthday and also because I love Evil Gaster.  His character is so well executed and so incredibly deep that, despite being evil, I still feel for him.  I still sympathize.