evil twin even more jesus


Evil Twin “Even More Jesus”

93 A-

Even More Jesus (previously labeled Aún Más a Jesús) is an Imperial Stout. Aromas release a dense backdrop of dark roasted malts, coming across like chocolate fudge and coffee. A noticeable edge of dark fruit adds a hint of grape juice. Finer touches of vanilla blend with alcohol disguised as bourbon.

The palate begins in a flood of dark chocolate and cherry juice. Sweetness collects in the middle like burnt caramel, accumulating into suggestions of sticky molasses. Hops give the bitter kick to balance with flavors of sweet chocolate chips. Coffee rounds out the underbelly for a mocha-espresso combo. Rich, fudgy malts grow dense, but are kept thin by means of high alcohol. As the chocolate begins to wash away, the finish delves into hints of licorice, plum, and port wine. Hops resurface with earthy, bitter qualities, followed by an outline of orange zest. Lingering notes reveal a deeper layer of cocoa, smoked oak, vanilla, then a touch of spice. The mouthfeel falls flat on carbonation for a chewy, ultra-smooth texture akin to heavy cream. Oil and sugar coat the mouth, then close in slick alcohol.

You might consider this a dessert beer. Compared to the standard Double Stout, aside from the usual coffee/chocolate, this tends to stick to the sweet, fruity spectrum. Uncluttered by hops, and highly influenced by alcohol, I get a Russian Imperial vibe. Overall, I would prefer a darker roast, which may help better conceal the alcohol. Regardless, I think it’s a strong, tasty double worth trying at least once. The hefty ABV makes it a good sipper you might want to share with a friend. I recommend it only to those with a passion for the darkest of brews.



Brewed by Westbrook Brewing, South Carolina


Siren / Evil Twin BA Even more Jesus VIII, 12.4% abv bourbon barrel aged imperial stout.

Siren’s head brewer Ryan Witter-Merithew is a bit of a beery badass. Born and raised in North Carolina he started his career at NC’s Duck Rabbit brewery before moving to Denmark where, when working at Fanø, he set up the non-profit craft brewery Grassroots with Sean Hill from Vermont’s fabled Hill Farmstead and Claus Winther, the manager at Fanø. It’s here he worked with some of the biggest names in the gypsy brewing movement including Brian Strumke of Stillwater Artisanal Ales, and brothers Mikkel and Jeppe of Mikkeller and Evil Twin respectively.  

Things changed again for Ryan a couple of years back when Darren Anley decided to start up a small US style craft brewery in the UK to produce progressive and experimental beers and needed a top tier head brewer. Ryan’s desire to avoid traditional styles met Darren’s vision perfectly, and so he set sail for merry old England and the soon to be hallowed halls of Siren Craft Brew. 

And so to this particular beer. Ryan and Jeppe had worked together on the early batches of Even More Jesus and a return collaboration was destined. Featuring muscovado sugar and liquorice root, the very limited release Even More Jesus VIII was a stunner. Some of it even made it into bourbon barrels for aging where Siren continued to play about by chucking a whole lotta coffee beans in with it. The result is what you see above. Half a litre of wax sealed liquid temptation. Time to see what it’s all about.

The wax seal puts up a fight, loath to give up it’s stewardship of the darkness inside. I go to work with a knife. I am merciless. The wax defeated I pour the sump oil like liquid into my glass, take a whiff, vanilla, liquorice, cocoa, and heavily roasted coffee. Mmmmm. 

I raise the glass to my quivering lips. Imagine dry rubbing a whole lotta dark stone fruits in ground coffee then stewing it all in vanilla pod infused molasses. You then take the fruit out and drizzle melted dark chocolate over the top and garnish with shaved liquorice and burned caramel shards before eating it with spoons carved from oak and charred black.

This is everything I wanted it to be and more. It’s mouth coatingly think and smooth as my oiled tush. There’s plenty of medium sweet, fruity notes here working with the deeply roasty malts before a dose of bitter hops arrive to finish things off. That bourbon is potent throughout but doesn’t overpower the other flavours the way it does in some barrel aged stouts, rather it adds more layers to the already intricate brew. It’s rich, intense, boozy, complex, and downright luxurious. Buy it if you see it. Cheers Ryan, Jeppe, and everyone at Siren, you lot are awesome.