evil talking babies

“People may say this character is evil, murderous, has done literally every nasty thing possible, hurt a lot of people, is a general piece of human scum, but deep in my heart they are a smol innocent sweet cinnamon roll and they must be protected uwu~”

I keep seeing Mimikkyu all over my dash and I want to protect them all so I’m making a headcanon post cause I love them and the posts keep making me sad and -

Headcanon that the little guy evolves when shown enough love and affection and doesn’t feel the need to hide under the disguise anymore. That’s all. I want there to be a brilliant moment when it feels safe and secure and loved. (Like for all I care, nothing happens in the evolution other than taking off the disguise)

Unless they like wearing it cause it makes them feel nice, cause you do you, little guy, I ain’t taking that away from you. (And I will gush at all the fanart I’ve seen of Mimikkyu dressing up as different pokemon because that’s also adorable) But if it’s purely for affection from trainers I want it to get the support it needs. 

…I’m sorry, I’ve grown attached to the little guy.

you know how jemma and fitz are tagteaming their presentation in seeds, and it cuts away for a little bit so that we can see ward interviewing seth?

the last thing we hear jemma say before it cuts to that interview is ’it makes sense to reflect back on our history.’ then when it cuts back to their speech, it’s fitz kind of concluding ‘and shield was founded after the ssr was able to defeat the nearly indomitable force known as hydra.’

you know which chunk of shield’s history came just before that? that would have been jemma’s part of the presentation?

jemma simmons literally got to make a presentation about peggy carter. 

Zelus had stepped into an empty classroom and reached for the bottle of firewhiskey in his bag when he saw it. His best mate’s face looking right at him from the front page of the Prophet. His eyebrows furrowed together as he read the article, taking a moment before it truly processed. Death Eaters Escape Trial. But that couldn’t be Xander, right? There was no way in hell he had been caught in the first place. “No, it’s not possible.” He snatched the paper and skimmed through the words, his tight grip wrinkling the paper. His jaw clenched one he was finished, anger controlling his veins. “Fuck!” he screamed before his leg connected with the table beside him, knocking it over and drowning out the noise of the door opening behind him.