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Can I still be a Villain if...

A lot of people keep asking what actually makes a Villain. I can’t fully answer this question, even I don’t have enough information.

But, a lot of people think that they are able to define what doesn’t make a Villain.

And I think most of them are wrong to do so. You define what kind of Villain you are, so why should anybody say you’re not, simply because they don’t feel and think like you.

So, this is my list of: “Can I still be a Villain…”

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Valentine's Day for Villains

To those in love, we raise a glass. Long may your fey love last.

For those apart from another, join us at our table, let us dine together.

No villain or minion or demon or witch or mad scientist or monster or ghost is outside our love should they choose to sit at our table. Stop at our home in the sweet village of Peyroux as soon as you are able.

If evil or eldritch bears witness to your black heart, our love you are invited to take part.

With every breath (for those of us yet alive) we serve the Darkness we all so fear and love, in worlds below and realms above.

Happy today, wherever and however you may be, from the darkness of the Abyss and the Evil Supply Company.

anonymous asked:

Hello, my favoritest Evil Supply Company. I love the new mad science prints, and I had a question: will you ever sell any that feature the female half of mad science? My henchwomen and I have worked diligently to ensure that the next generation knows that mad science is not just a man's profession, and we'd love to see some prints of lady mad scientists. Thank you, and keep up the evil work!

Yes, they are currently in the “research and development” phase.