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My Guide To Jason Peter Todd

This includes Post-Crisis only (Crisis on Infinite Earths was this crazy DC event but it’s not important). You may see some Pre-Crisis scans around (particularly about a girl named Rena ugh), but ignore them. Pre-Crisis Jason Todd was a blonde Dick Grayson clone, intended to fill the gap while Dick Grayson ascended to the role of Nightwing, and nothing like the Jason Todd we know of today. We should call Pre-Crisis Jason something like Jimmy to avoid confusion but I don’t make the rules.

Jason Todd is the second Robin and the current Red Hood, unfortunately more well known as the glass case in the Cave (or the “good soldier”) that everyone breaks during tense moments. Don’t trust anyone who says he was a bad Robin because they’re wrong and should feel bad.

I’m sure you can find these issues all over the internet without my help, so without further ado… 

Bolded are the comics that I definitely recommend for him.

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