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150 years of Canada means 35 characters! (What? Can’t do a huge group picture yet.)

Took me around 6 hours to make not including breaks and lunch.



-He’s a nerd

-He calls himself a nerd

-He loves school, and isn’t afraid to tell everyone that he does

-He has a cat that he got when he was four or five, which he calls his “evil sidekick”

-He poked a hole in the barrier for a few seconds, just because he wanted more T.V shows

-He has an abusive mom, yet he still smiles

-Carlos is the techie of the group

-Carlos is easily scared

-Carlos is easily flustered

-Carlos is easily adorable

-His mother loves her car and fur coats more than she loves her own son

-He never had a proper, warm bed (let alone room) until he got to Auradon

-He got so excited when he got his first pillow

-Carlos is basically his mom’s slave

-Plus he got bullied at school too

-After befriending Dude, he carried him everywhere and loved him

-Something about Jay laughing with him made his heart warm







-Oh, and he loves his boyfriend Jay

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson | Buy-Now!

Nimona unfolds like a flower, growing from a lighthearted tale about an irrepressible girl with mysterious powers who worms her way into a gig as sidekick to her town’s designated villain into something much richer and deeper. Noelle Stevenson’s spritely line work gives the story even more lift, building a world where temp agencies handle evil-sidekick gigs and fantasy-armored bad guys plot to attack modern-looking city skylines with genetically modified dragons.

LeFou is not a villain!!

I’m sort of frustrated seeing all of these posts and comments about how of course the first openly gay Disney character is a villain. The thing is he isn’t. But he supports Gaston! Not really. He’s enamored by him. We know he’s desperate for Gaston’s attention. That was made perfectly obvious. And you know what? So is the rest of the town. Everyone loves him. That doesn’t make the town evil. It makes them misguided (possibly partly due to a curse they’ve been under for potential decades now). 

He’s his right-hand man because he idolizes his masculinity, not because he shares his beliefs. We see throughout the film how he questions Gaston’s choices, and how he questions his own in following him. During Gaston he says “that’s not fair” to the foreshadowing bit about shooting a creature from behind. When Gaston leaves Maurice to be killed, he pleads against it, expresses his concerns, yet doesn’t support Maurice because the whole town stands with Gaston. He would be cast out (or killed) for disagreeing. Try and tell me no one of us would do the same. He has decent morals, but is blinded by his devotion to Gaston. When Gaston leaves him to his fate with the castle’s inhabitants, he realizes it’s time to change. 

He’s not a villainous sidekick; he’s the crushing villager lucky enough to be a man so he can actually get close to Gaston. He’s not evil. If anything, he’s relatable, and he doesn’t deserve the hate he’s getting as a gay character nor as a gay “evil sidekick”.


I want that child, and I get what I want. 

You and Sam don’t understand. 

I’m not your bloody sidekick!

*steeples fingers* imagine sidekick!adrien turning against Ladybug.

Whether because he’s been akumatized or found out his dad is Hawkmoth or he’s being held hostage in his own home sOMETHING.

Imagine Ladybug freaking out because he won’t get in touch and she hasn’t seen him

But knowing he’s there because the doors that once opened for her keep closing.

*whispers* think about it

So my new friend @starryoak and I came up with some Nurse Offstill/Captain Underpants interactions: 

  • CU has a very deep respect for Nurse Offstill because George and Harold like and trust her so much. Whenever they meet he gives her a salute or a sweeping bow. When he does this, she shakes her head in disbelief and exclaims, “Krupp, what ARE you taking?!” And he’s just like, “Take?! I would never take! A superhero does not steal!” 
  • CU: Are you in need of any assistance today, Nurse Offstill? 
    Offstill: You need assistance, Krupp. 
    CU: Are you offering to help my sidekicks protect the world from evil?
    Offstill: Sidekicks?! Krupp, you hate them! Just last week you confiscated their lunches and banned them from the cafeteria! I had to feed them in my office!
    CU: *gasps* I WOULD NEVER!
  • Above is basically how all their conversations go, with Nurse Offstill trying to make him remember that he’s Krupp and CU fervently denying it. 
    Offstill:  Look! See that band aid on your finger?! I gave you that! You got a bad paper cut while confiscating George and Harold’s comics!
    CU: Oh, that. I just assumed it was from evil defeating. 
    Offstill: I bet you think that rash I know you have is from evil defeating too. 
    CU: Is that what that is? *had no idea why he was feeling so itchy* Thank you for telling me, health related citizen! You truly are as helpful as my sidekicks say!
    Offstill: *facepalm* 
  • When CU gets injured and George and Harold can’t get him to go to the hospital, they call Nurse Offstill. “Nurse O? Can you come? It’s a real medical emergency this time.” (They once got her out of a bad date by calling her about a fake medical emergency.)
    -CU once made a crash landing in a cactus garden so Nurse Offstill had to pluck cactus needles out of almost every inch of his body.
    Offstill: So, Krupp, what have we learned today?
    CU: I have learned that my landings must be better calculated! 
    Offstill: *sighs* Good enough. Now take this extra strength aspirin with this tea and go to sleep.
    -The very next week he lands in poison ivy. George and Harold call her and she has to come running with lotion. 
  • CU is in return very protective of Nurse Offstill. Once, he catches her running away from yet another bad date, and…
    CU: Nurse Offstill! You are in distress! Are you fleeing from a monster?!
    *Her date was nice at first but then he turned out to be a far-right Republican. So she ditched him by climbing out the restaurant’s women’s bathroom window*
    Offstill: Yes, but not the kind you’re thinking of. 
    CU: Point me in its direction and I will vanquish it for you!
    Offstill: As much as I’d like to see you beat the crap out of that guy, I also don’t want to see you go to jail. Just forget about it. 
    -And then he insists on escorting her home. “I must see that you make it home safe and unharmed!” He won’t be shaken off so she just gives up and accepts his offer. He’s floating beside her all cheery-faced for the entire walk back to her apartment building and she’s just grimacing and thinking, “This is so, so, SO weird.“

I just noticed Ron & Marco both are Very Similar…
They Both Have High Physical abilities.
(Karate & Monkey Kung fu)
They Both Like Mexican Themed Food.
(Nachos & Bueno Nacho)
They Both Are Sidekicks To Extremely Powerful Main Characters.
(Star Butterfly & Kim Possible)
There Both The “Funny Type” Characters.
(Marco gets blasted with Magic & Ron loses his pants or gets shot at)
They Both Wear Loose Clothing.
(If You Count Hoodies & Baggy Pants “loose”)
They Both Had Trouble With Aquatic Creatures.
(Marco’s monster arm was like an octopus & Ron’s bully basically turned into a lake monster named GILL)
There Both From Disney.
There Body Builds Are Both “Slim”.

        Can we talk about Mai for a second? For most of Avatar she acts apathetic and nonchalant, sort of fitting into the ‘Emotionless Girl’ trope. Almost all of her plot significance is due to her relationships with the royal family of the fire nation, with both Zuko and Azula. She’s an evil sidekick, then a love interest. Her and Ty Lee have a somewhat comical friendship. We see her apathetic, but then we see her struggle to communicate. She’s the quiet, loyal friend despite her complaining. She’s the one who can deal with Zuko’s moods the best (other than Uncle Iroh who can deal with anything). She’s still self contained, but that she puts extra effort in for people she cares about.

       ‘The Boiling Rock’ is where she really steps out of her apathy. She confronts Azula, and her feelings, head on and is willing to pay the price. Thankfully Ty Lee is around to save the day. While we don’t see either of them until the end of the series, their actions are felt by Azula and are a considerable part of what leads to her eventual breakdown. After rotting in jail for a few episodes Mai and Ty Lee are set free. Mai hooks up with her favourite fire lord, Ty Lee makes friends with the Kyoshi warriors, and all is well in the world of Avatar.

       Very funny. Characters don’t change just because the show’s over so it makes sense for their issues to be showcased in the comics. As we see in ‘The Promise’. Mai’s not always the best with her emotions so she tries to communicate with Zuko but doesn’t always have the emotional prowess to get her point across. Zuko, well, he stews in his own angst. Mai feels like she’s doing all the work in the relationship, and she’s not entirely wrong. She craves the communication they both lack the ability to have. She keeps her air of nonchalance most of the time, but we as an audience know she’s hurt, and at some level so does she. So she stands up for herself and leaves. It hurts her, but she knows she has to do it.

         Then we get ‘Rebound’. Mai is living with her aunt and little brother. She’s not over Zuko, but she’s able to tune her feelings out enough to get through the day. Kei Lo comes along, and she’s willing to try something new. She’s not feeling it, but she knows she needs the distraction. Aaaaand it’s a trap. Her dad’s become a fanatic of the New Ozai society, and they try to kidnap Tom-Tom. It’s every bad memory hitting her at once. What does she do? Rescue her brother and get the hell out of there. More and more we get to see her motivations and mental processes. No matter how upset she is at Zuko, she knows he’s the only fire lord who can save the country from corruption. Even at a high personal cost she believes in him.

        ‘Smoke and Shadows’ came out and Mai is anything but emotionless in it. She charms Kei Lo for information, plans a counter attack agains the New Ozai society and follows through with it, defends Zuko, confronts her father, makes peace with Kei Lo, and protects her family to the best of her ability. She keeps a cool head and is able to compartmentalize. But she cares. She has all along, and now we finally get to see her express it. I hate when people say she has no character development, if anything I’d say she’s growing into a foil for Katara (I’m dying to see those two interact). I honestly cannot wait for the rest of these comics.

craigmillarflyingcastle  asked:

Ok I've been stalking your blog for an hour now and first of all your art is so amazing and I'm just in love with it but I also read about a crack ship/ brotp between Hankcock and Buggy and I'm so curious on the reasons and I don't know if you actually have elaborated it yet. If you did I'm sorry to ask you again

hahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaah oh boy I never thought this day would actually come

Well, sit over there, child, this will be long

IN EVERY SINGLE AU I HAVE, Hancock is this crazy stalker who wants to murder nami and every woman that comes near luffy (though all of her hatred is placed on Nami) 

SO, she first started with MASTER PLANS drawn by herself to kill her(this is the first one)


of course, she failed miserably and came up with other ideas (which failed, too) here you have some examples:


and after a really long discussion, Hancock convinced buggy to be her ally/partner/evil sidekick

(of course this is an AU guyys, everything can happen, even this kind of atrocity)

AND SINCE THAT MOMENT, Buggy became hancock’s evil sidekick/ servant!
He helps her with her useless plans and shit (he’s also her personal assistant).

I don’t ship them, it’s a 100% nonsensical crack ship but still, personally I found this relationship quite funny!


Women in Kingsman

We have Roxy, a badass and intelligent woman who is adaptable but incredibly loyal. Her and Eggsy’s friendship is so incredibly pure and wonderful. Even her presence at Kingsman, a completely male dominated profession, isn’t remarked upon. Her worth is not questioned based on her gender but is based on her merit, her skill and her willingness to succeed. Not once is she cut down for her being a woman. She is not shoe horned into a romantic subplot with any of the main cast. Her and Eggsy’s relationship is one based on support and trust, on a mutual understanding and maybe fear in training. And that is so damn refreshing.

We have Gazelle, the evil sidekick. But she is ruthless without being psychotic. She cares for Valentine, in her body language and steps to protect his delicate sensibilities. Even her touch on his face before she goes to fight Eggsy speaks volumes to who she is as a person. She may have swords for legs but she is undeniably loyal and willing to lay down her life for him, for this cause and for what she believes is a better good. She has a motivation besides sexy alluring evil sidekick. She wears tight suits but never revealing. She is not gussied up to attract or distract the heroes.

Princess Tilde, who stands up to Valentine. She refuses to be bullied by fear and scare tactics. And even though it ends with Eggsy presumably going into “congress” with her, it’s done in such a light hearted way, you can’t help but appreciate that it’s just a good old “the world didn’t end lets celebrate” fuck! Because I believe her owning that situation and being the one to say “I’ll do more than kiss you” when sweet Eggsy just wants a kiss from a Princess, is amazing. Because she controls that conversation and she is the one who owns her sexuality.

Michelle, Eggsy’s mom. A woman who lost her husband and fell into a bad crowd because of grief. And she knows but she still tries to protect Eggsy. She tries to defuse situations, to get her son away. Tells him to go. She is not at her best but she still listens to Roxy and follows her orders to lock the baby away. Eggsy still loves her and she loves Eggsy. She’s made mistakes but sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you planned. Until your son gets a job at a tailors on Savile Row.

Imagine VIXX going clubbing and getting wasted. N is busy crying and drunk-blabbering to himself about how Leo doesn’t love him. Hyuk is busy flirting with Leo, too drunk to notice that Leo was asleep. Ken was singing ballads in the dark corner of the bar while Ravi and Hongbin were nowhere to be found. Probably planning world domination.