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Why the Disney guys are great

ERIC: He loves his dog. He plays the flute really well and that’s hard to do. Really gentle and sweet. When he found Ariel on the beach he took her home and took care of her. Great smile. Is a chill guy but will also not hesitate to stab and kill an evil sea witch with his boat.

PHILIP: Hears a pretty sound and follows it. Great singing voice. Never realizes that the girl he fell in love with is the princess he’s supposed to marry. Falls so in love that the first thing he does is go to his father and tell him. Has that goofy little hat with a feather. Fought a motherfucking dragon on a cliff.

NAVEEN: Immediately takes off his royal suit into a civilians outfit and disappears playing ukulele. Even though he’s turned into a frog he’s still oozing confidence. Can only mince food, doesn’t know how to do anything else. Made a ring out of scrap even though they’re frogs. Is willing to give everything up as long as Tiana gets her restaurant. Has that nice curl that falls onto his forehead. Unplaceable yet charming accent.

HERCULES: His strength too big for his goddamn body. Goes from zero to a hundred real quick. Even though he can deck a monster in a minute flat he has no idea how to talk to girls. Socially awkward. Good with kids. Can do a push-up on one finger. When told to use his head he took it literally. Punched his uncle, the god of the underworld, in the face.

FLYNN RIDER: Sarcasm galore. The Smolder. Drop dead gorgeous looks. Doesn’t mind that he’s on a wanted poster but does mind that they can’t get his nose right. Is the only one who sees it’s weird to randomly start singing. Can’t fight for shit, barley manages to make do with a frying pan. Has the most ridiculous birth name in Disney history. Got stabbed in the gut but cut Rapunzel’s hair to save her, not at all caring about himself. First words after not dying aren’t “I love you” but “I have a thing for brunettes” because of corse they are.

ADAM: Swooshes his cape around in the shadows like some kind of wannabe batman. Is extra as fuck. Still acts like a child sometimes. Has had no social interaction for years but is trying his best. Gets easily confused. Doesn’t know what to do when he realizes he has feelings for people. Is too shy to tell Belle he loves her. Feels bad the second after he scares Belle away. Would literally rather die then live without the girl he loves. Has the most extra transformation back into a human while everyone else doesn’t.

MAUI: Gets scared easily. Amazing hair. That little face he makes when he can’t use his hook right. Was building a statue of himself in his cave like a dork. Magic tattoos. Can’t fish to save his life. Gave humans fire and wind and coconuts. That smirk he does, you know the one. Great sense of humor. Did everything he could think of to make humans happy so they would like him. Was a total puppy when he got his hook back and fixed.

FERDINAND: So fucking sweet and gentle. Has a name that tells us he doesn’t even need Snow White for animals to follow him around. Sings to Snow White when she’s on her balcony like a modern day Romeo. Knows when Snow White went missing because he kept visiting and goes to look for her right away. Is literally heartbroken when he finds her, thinking she’s dead and is overjoyed when she wakes up. A good boy, a soft boy. Literally has done zero things wrong in his entire life.

ALADDIN: Tricked the genie right off the bat. Jumped right in to help Jasmine with the guards. Steals food but ends up giving it to orphan children living in the street. Is the most selfless person in Agrabah. Quick thinker and can outsmart anyone. Is one of the only Disney princes who actually know how to sword fight. Has matching hats with his pet monkey.

LI SHANG: Sexuality crisis. “You fight good”. Turns a bunch of losers into warriors. Rarely ever wears a shirt for some reason. Tries out his new title of captain alone in his tent all exited like a little kid. Doesn’t give up, not once, on anything. Would literally die for Mulan. Fine as hell.

CHARMING: Gets bored at his own ball. Is a hopeless romantic. Doesn’t care for people who gush over him because he’s the prince, and in fact took interest in Cinderella because she was the only one not doing that. Jumped out a window for Cinderella. Is a super supportive husband. Went door to door looking for Cinderella, determined to find her no matter what. Good dancer.

FELIX: Doesn’t know how to be mean. Considers totally harmless words bad language. Ridiculously short. That video game sound when he jumps. Thinks that by saying Ralph’s catchphrase it will give him Ralph’s power to wreck stuff as well. Can speak qbertese. Dripping with southern farm boy charm. Is a shit dancer but that’s what makes it fun to watch. After accidentally triggering Calhoun he respects her making him leave and never uses the phrase again. Pulls Vanellope back from danger on the rainbow bridge and then makes sure she stays behind him. “Do you think they’ll stop there?” “YES!”

(( If I missed any that you want to see, just let me know & I’ll make a part 2! ))

The Prince and the Sea Witch

Here it is! The mermaid au! I couldn’t resist sorry! And prinxiety is so fun to write.

Pairing: Prinxiety, background Logicality

Summary: Prince Roman of the Mermaid City and the evil Sea Witch Anxiety must work together to put their differences aside to save the ocean from the biggest threat yet. They might succeed, if they could go five minutes without murdering each other.

You can read the full thing here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10829247/chapters/24032991 Prologue: Unloved
Once upon a time, there was a little mermaid. She was young and stupid, and thought that her beauty could get her anything she wanted.
Most of the time, she was right.
But she was wrong where it mattered the most: love.
For the little mermaid had fallen in love with a human. However, the human did not return her love. He was married, and he loved his companion dearly.
The mermaid could not bear the rejection. She tried everything from seduction to dark magic, but nothing could move the human to return her love.
Consumed by jealousy and driven mad with desperation, she did the unfathomable and stole the firstborn child of the human and brought it with her to the depths of the sea.
The human was heart broken, and his vast sorrow triggered a powerful curse to befall the mermaid. She lost everything she held dear and was banished to the deepest part of the ocean.
The little mermaid turned to dark magic for survival. As she grew, so did her magic. It was not long before the merfolk were calling her the sea witch, and coming to her for help in matters of all kind.
But the magic had changed the mermaid, and she extracted terrible payments from the people that came to her. Often, her magic did more harm than good, and the mermaid gained power from the misery around her.
Soon, it was her magic, along with the sea king’s, that was holding the merfolk world together.
Despite the power, the sea witch died unhappy and alone, longing for the one thing she couldn’t have and the one thing that had changed the course of her life forever.
She died unloved.
But this is not her story, this is the story of the infant she stole and transformed and raised in secret in the darkest part of the ocean. The child of the man she had once loved. The child she took care to groom into a nervous, antisocial wreck. She made sure that the child would never be loved, and by doing so, completed her revenge against the one who had rejected her.
The child who inherited the magic and the title of the sea witch after she died.
He was known as Anxiety, and this is his story.


Just a little theory here. Not trying to read too deep into anything, just my thoughts. This all comes from her Coachella show and ARTPOP motifs, starting with the opening interlude.

The Tentacle: Not only was there the visual, but the music itself was very electronic and heavy. But with the visual, itself, a tentacle to an octopus is trying to make it way out of (or into) her throat and ARTPOP had the motif of mermaids, to which Gaga posted about “The Little Mermaid” from time to time. Ursula, the evil octopus sea witch, stole Ariel’s voice and silenced her, metaphorically in the same way her management and backstabbing team tried to do to her with the release of ARTPOP.
Now, she’s also fighting with the tentacle, which I think could mean the philosophy of ARTPOP won out, potentially expelling the tentacle from her body. Note that she’s also brunette in this visual, which she also referenced in ARTPOP through Mary Jane Holland and the later artRave performances of Swine where she would tear her wig off and let her real hair (she’s naturally a brunette) loose.

Sexxx Dreams visual: (I’m so grateful she performed this and ARTPOP got the recognition she deserved at Coachella). If you noticed the background video while she performed Sexxx Dreams, you’ll see that she’s still a brunette, and she appears to be in chains (“we’re both convicted criminals of thought”) throughout the song with the same black and white idea from Swinefest, so, potentially, part of the intended visual from the ARTPOP era?

The Cure: Big one here! The Cure (which is her brand new single and you should buy/stream it wherever you can, it’s great) was on the early “leaks” of the ARTPOP tracklist, which we all thought/probably were fanmade. The song itself has an EDM flare to it, with some R&B, synth pop undertones, i.e. the overall genre of ARTPOP. Could it have been meant for ARTPOP/ACT 2? I think so. Lastly, she’s been working on new music without even having toured Joanne yet, so I feel like something is coming.

Joanne/AHS Hotel: Now, I know you’re all like “What the fuck is Joanne doing here?” But I just have a feeling that Gaga NEEDED to do an album for herself, to get back to herself and heal, which I feel is the main theme of the album. After wrapping up the artRave, there was an interview where she spoke about looking back over her past and viewing her past eras and selves during that time as a cadaver. Then, at the 2016 Golden Globes, with the inspiration she got from Hotel where she said it brought her back to the art of darkness. Having both of those things in mind, I can see elements of that in Joanne, but I feel like she had something more darker in mind, not necessarily TFM dark, but we would see a different side of things after ARTPOP which was “darkness wrapped in colors” and I was surprised when we got something like Joanne.

Philosophy of ARTPOP: Lastly, after all that we got of ARTPOP was said and done, (especially the G.U.Y video which she paid out of pocket with for some of your ungrateful asses) I think its safe to say we were all waiting for something next, like it felt like ARTPOP as an era ended prematurely, especially with the Act 2 hints. Say what you want, we may have not gotten a certain song or single or video or extended version or what the fuck ever, but I don’t think with every fiber of my being that this bitch would just let an entire album’s worth of music (or 6, for that matter, considering she wrote at LEAST 90 songs for ARTPOP) just die down the drain. She’s too good to her creativity and to us for that, without even mentioning that she leaked the demo for Aura and some others and threatened to leak all of Joanne if her label made her sign exclusive release deals. Also, she stated in the 2014 SXSW keynote that there’s a whole other record of ARTPOP that we haven’t heard yet and she was just enjoying listening to it with her friends. So much from the ARTPOP era has leaked within the past 6 months, from the MJH and Venus demos and stems, to Red Flame, to other concept ideas. There’s something there.

Just my thoughts on the whole ARTPOP ACT 2 tea, and while I really hope she releases it, I just want her to do what makes her happy. And if you made it this far, thanks for reading through this fucking list.

Do You Have To Do That? (14/15)

Pairing: The Avenger Team x Reader // Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Swearing?

A/N: Please remember, Thor had to have permission to be with Jane. Also Siren’s are not able to create life with a mortal, those who do have a tenancy to be evil, sea witches or Hades types.
Anything you don’t understand feel free to message me.

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Parts 1-13

“You are?” One of the woman look Steve over as he crosses the room towards you. You place your hand over your mouth to stifle the giggle on your lips.

“Steve Rogers.” Steve nods.

“The mortal.” Another woman grins clapping her hands together.

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Just to clear some things here, Crystal and Raven are cousins and the “witch” family is pretty…..big with the Oz witches and Candy for Hansel and Gretel, Coral for The little Mermaid and Feather for The Swan Lake and maybe Beauty and The Beast….

AAAAAnd the “Queen”’ family is a little suspicious because nobody wants to pass the “Queen” name to their kids…weird