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I’m not going to lie, I did squeal and almost faint out of happiness when they focused on the ring on the arrow. It was beautiful and perfect and I had tears in my eyes.

Somewhere out there in an alternate universe and a different life Outlaw Queen was endgame. Regina and Robin were happy and engaged.

…But it also pisses me off that it wasn’t the real Regina and Robin who got to spend the rest of their life together. It pisses me off that Sean and Lana thought they were going to be forever also. That recent responses to questions at cons show that they both hoped that Robin and Regina’s happy ending would have been together.

Why did Adam and Eddie show us what could have been and not just have given us the real thing?

I literally sobbed when Wish Robin came out of the tree and hugged Regina. The OQ tag exploded with the same comments of happiness. Sean didn’t have to be in the rest of the episodes. He just had to turn into the real Robin again. But it didn’t happen.

I’m conflicted because I absolutely love EQ and Robin of Locksley together. However, it kills me that Regina and real Robin (the people who deserved it more than anyone) didn’t get their happy ending.

It’s like a good drink with a bad after taste. Dark Outlaw Queen makes me happy for a while, but then I get sad because Outlaw Queen didn’t happen.

And since I’m in the middle of having massive Regina feels…

Can we just talk about how horribly she was cheated out of a decent curse?!  Because from the Welcome to Storybrooke episode, it seemed as if the curse had all of Storybrooke’s citizens living the same day over and over again, and while that’s does keep them from happiness in a way, they also have no idea that they’re being kept from their happiness.  They wake up and they’ve completely forgotten about the day before, and they live it again.

But Regina had to go through TWENTY EIGHT YEARS of the same shitty day happening over and over and over again, and always remembering.  I feel like she probably went through this phase where she would see how many different ways she could kill Mary Margaret, but eventually even that would get old because that damn woman would just come back the next day and be the bane of Regina’s existence all over again.

There is no way that Rumple could have possibly been up front with her about how the curse really worked and Regina still think it would be a great idea.  She didn’t even know that the curse would be broken in 28 years!  No one could possibly agree to have themselves put in a time loop that lasts FOREVER, no matter how much they hated the person put in there with them.  Just imagine how unbearably awful those 28 years had to have been!  The whole thing was far more of a curse on Regina than anyone else, and Rumple clearly knew this.  He needed the curse to happen so he could get his son back… he didn’t give one damn what 28 years of living through the same day while knowing what was happening could do to a person.

Tell me again how he deserves redemption and happiness and a family, when Regina doesn’t?

realityhasnoplaceinmyworld  asked:

"I don’t believe that the truest Evil Regal would hand the Evil Queen, Snow White’s head on a platter." - THANK YOU FOR THAT. so many are blind to that fact.

Those that truly love her, know that’s not what she needs. It won’t take her pain away, it won’t fix what Snow has made her feel. It would bring one smile, one moment of elation to replace a lifetime of heartache. She needs us to believe in her.



Hey y’all, I’m Samantha ( call me Sami ). I’m at the ripe old age of (almost) 25. I live in the United States, (more specifically, the mostly tolerable area of the) deep south). So yes, I’m southern, but also hella gay. My accent is mostly nonexistent. I don’t have a glamorous job. I work as the lead line cook at a Mexican restaurant, and it is stressful as hell. I’m single and have two cat babies -Hermione and Trix. When I’m not being a workaholic or on Tumblr, I’m probably playing video games. I also enjoy cosplaying, singing (terribly), and talking to people, editing, and sometimes writing, and of course, watching Netflix. Evil Regal forever. I almost went to Spooky this past weekend, but I didn’t get to go and now I’m forever sad. 


It’s the best untold love story on television, tbh! Seriously, how romantic does it sound: Two women: one former evil Queen, the other the Savior, finding love through seasons of wacky villains, combined magic strong enough to move moons and create portals, and they share a son! Sign me up! 

I started watching when I flipped through the channels one day and saw an episode from the Neverland arc. The idea of a show about fairytales intrigued me so I immediately went to watch it. I wasn’t planning on shipping Regina and Emma, but like most OTPs, they just sneak up on you, and before you know it you’re crying at 3am over their amazing development and obvious unrequited love (or is that just me…)

I saw the tension in the first episode, but this is the infamous scene that made me start shipping them hardcore:

“You have no idea what I’m capable of.” + eye sex + Emma in her underwear. (That’s where I sold my soul to the ultimate OTP)


You all are the most amazing and special snowflakes I have ever come across in any fandom ever. Everyone is so talented and gorgeous!!! Like, I know if I need to find an edit or a gif or a fanfic to read or anything, you all deliver! Seriously, I cannot praise you all enough! You are all brilliant and I’m so thankful to be a small part of this group. Thank you all again for making a girl feel welcome! Can’t wait to see where this ride takes us and maybe meet some of you someday.


she always smiled and was kind and gorgeous and also fred came and they spoke for a minute cutiiiies
a fucking rude guy was like “ugh don’t take pictures” f u
she is really as awesome as people are telling she is
her face is perf, her hair was so well done, her outfit was awesome, she was totally spontaneous and funny and natural during the q&a, well absolutely wonderful!
sadly i could only take the autograph because the photos were so expensive, but i kind of regret not taking a photo
evil regal forever!