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01x02: Emma Drifts

Summary: During one of Regina’s secret wanders out of the palace disguised as a commoner, she meets a young blonde peasant Emma who got lost in the forest and asks Regina to guide her into the village. The two girls bond quickly and the princess can’t help it but wonder whether the similarities between her new friend and the tavern girl who is supposed to be her True Love is a coincidence or an act of faith.

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i could be drunker

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This pic means more because Lana was not scheduled to work today. She made a special trip to where Jennifer was filming just so they could take the photo of them wearing there sweaters. If that doesn’t show love and respect for the Swan Queen fandom than I don’t know what does.

ADDED COMMENT 11/26/14 - Before anyone decides to send HATE to Lana, take a look at this photo. She took time out of her DAY OFF to go to the set to take this pic with JMO for her fans to show her support for the SQ fandom. As far as I’m concerned, certain members of the SQ fandom have gone to far. You DO NOT deserve Lana’s support. I will always ship Swan Queen weather they become canon or not but I’m done with this fandom.