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When I was in high school the policy was that you couldn’t have hats or backpacks in the hallways, they were to be stored in a locker.

So one Friday I’m walking into school with a group of my friends and a couple of us are going to the same section of lockers. The evil vice principal, forget her name so I’ll say Mrs. G, who gave all my friends (and myself) a hard time constantly was in the front of school ‘welcoming’ students. Obviously since we’d all just gotten there we still had our bags with us.  She sees us with our bags and shouts over the noise in the hall to “go to our lockers and put away your bags!” A younger me, already at the peak of authoritative resentment for having been lawfully contracted to wake up for school at the crack of dawn every day and relinquish my constitutional right to freedom, decided to utter a counter retort. Only when I said “where does it look like we’re going stupid” some magical force had quieted the hallway just enough for my voice to be loud.

Immediately I was faced with a life changing decision, accept the consequences of my actions and wait for her to waddle through the crowd, or option B. So I bolted up the crowded stairs- the 2 lines of students heading up or down the narrow stairs had apparently all heard my dilemma play out and were sympathetic because the stairway parted like the red sea with everyone shifting to the side. My friends and the rest of the hall of students assisted my escape, closing the path back up as I’d gotten through.

The rest of the day I avoided Mrs. G. Since she probably didn’t know my name I made it through all my classes without getting called to the office. I was home free, a celebration for my friend group.

I got to the school basketball game that night and low and behold one of the 2 vendor/ticket people you give your name to was Mrs.  G. From that day on she knew my name.

TLC High School head canon/AU

Not your normal high school AU, but rather the Rampion Crew as high school teachers

Cinder- The shop/mechanics teacher. Has a crush on the cute principal, but doesn’t act on it because she’s thinks it’s unprofessional (but really she’s too scared to make a move).

Kai- The Principal of Commonwealth High and he has a pretty big crush on the shop teacher. Very afraid of the principal over at Lunar Academy.

Scarlet- The botany teacher, often seen with the hulking PE teacher. After school she also coaches the women’s judo team (and they kick ass every year) 

Wolf/Ze’ev- The physical education teacher. Coaches football during the fall and wrestling in the winter. Likes to eat from the botany teacher’s garden (especially the tomatoes).

Cress- The shy computer teacher who also volunteers as the school’s IT person. Programs the handsome econ teacher’s computer to randomly break down, so she can come and fix it for him. Vocal director for the Spring musical.

Thorne- The econ teacher. He often teaches his students how supply and demand works (his favorite example is with soap and spaceships). Stops by the shop frequently to visit his best friend, but takes the long way so he can walk past the computer lab.

Winter- The psychology teacher who is also volunteer coordinator. She often brings animals to work with her to soothe her frequent panic attacks. Visits the school nurse very regularly. 

Jacin- The Health/anatomy teacher as well as the school nurse. Very sullen except when his favorite patient comes to visit (and when the IT girl comes to fix the computers). Head of security for the Spring musical. 

Iko- The ecstatic art/drama teacher who always visits the shop and the main office (to get the scoop on the cute principal for her best friend). Director and head of make-up/costumes for the Spring musical.


Levana- The evil principal at Lunar Academy who is trying to take over the position of superintendent of the entire school district. 

Seperation AU Chapter 3

            “Ughh…” Krupp groaned, opening his eyes slowly.

            I must have taken a nap, He thought, glancing down at the book laying open on his lap.

            He rolled his eyes, not yet getting up from his awkward lap-position.

            I must be getting old, falling asleep while reading a book. He thought angrily. He’s exactly old enough, as a matter of fact!

            But as he started to pull himself up from laying across the couch, he realized just how tired his body felt.

            His back ached, his arms hardly had the strength to pull himself up, and something told him his knees wouldn’t be able to take it long if he stood up.

            “What…?” He mumbled, rubbing his head. Nothing happened to him beforehand, he was simply reading his book. Why was he so sore?

            As much as his head hurt, he still heard childish yelling outside his front door.

            “-don’t know man, we tried water already!” One voice cried.

            “But what are we supposed to do?! What if he’s stuck like this?!” Another, slightly higher and more scared voice asked.

            They tried to open the door, but it was locked.

            “Huh?” The first voice asked, “Since when does he lock the door on his way out to fight crime?”

            Now, mind you, Krupp immediately recognized the voices. It was the same two voices he heard in his nightmares, of chasing them around forever: George and Harold.

            He figured they had Captain, by the way they were speaking. If he didn’t have such a headache, he’d yell at them until they left him alone. However, he wasn’t ready for anything loud.

            He opened the door, staring down angrily at the two boys. They were dragging a sleeping Captain Underpants behind them in a small red wagon.

            “Ahh!” George screamed.

            “I’m seeing double!” Harold said, pointing up to Krupp.

            “No you’re not!” Krupp shouted, but immediately grabbed his head, and quieting down, “Just bring him in, and be quiet!”

            The two boys glanced at each other in pure confusion, but slowly nodded and walked in, dragging Captain Underpants along with them.

            “How are you two…” George started, pointing back and forth to finish his question.

            “You know just as much as I do.” Mr. Krupp shrugged, going into his kitchen to get some Asprin, “So what’s wrong with him? Too much laundry detergent?”

            “Fabric softener,” Harold quietly corrected.

            “I don’t know,” George said, “He was doing fine, but he suddenly passed out! We don’t know what happened.”

            Krupp stared down at the wagon, and how Captain Underpants was comically twice as large, all of his limbs falling out of the wagon. He looked exhausted, but for no reason.

            He rubbed his temples, and the boys watched him nervously.

            “You two, go home.” Krupp ordered, pointing to the front door.


            “Go.” He repeated, giving them his typical evil-principal glare.

            They gulped and quickly rushed to the door.

            “And stop breaking into my house!” Krupp yelled out as they left, however quickly regretted it.

            “How much Asprin can I take?” He mumbled, checking the bottle.

            As he tried to read the way-too-tiny print, he heard groaning from the living room.

            “Owwie…” Captain whined, and he had apparently fallen out of the wagon while Krupp was in the kitchen.

            “Morning,” Krupp greeted sarcastically.

            “What happened?” Captain asked, rubbing his still closed eyes, “Was there an attack from Diarrhea Dinosaurs?”

            “No, stupid,” Krupp said bitterly, “We both passed out, apparently.”

            Captain continued to whine quietly, and held his hand up high in the air.

            “What?” Krupp asked.

            “Help me up…” Captain requested, sounding an awful lot like a four-year-old.

            “No!” said Krupp, “You help yourself up!”

            “Please… please, please, please, plea-”

            “Okay! Just shut up!” Krupp shouted, slapping his head. Why did he have to share a body with the world’s most annoying brat?!

            “Thank youuuuu” Captain hummed, still holding his hands up.

            Slowly, trying to swallow his pride and just deal with it, Krupp grabbed Captain’s hands and yanked him up quickly. He wasn’t trying to make it comfortable, after all.

            But suddenly, there was another bright flash of white light. 

matilda is one of the best movies ever u can fight me on this:

  • there’s only one man in this with any significant dialogue
  • ms. honey is the perfect example of how to be a good and kind teacher even when u have a past that causes you a lot of pain (cough severus snape)
  • matilda is just?? an adorable child? she deserves so much
  • the movie ends with ms. honey adopting matilda and generally living a very happy life afterwards as a single mom and i think that’s amazing
  • lavender is hilarious, anyone who puts a newt in the water glass of an evil principal is someone i greatly respect
  • i could reasonably argue that ms. honey is gay. like, there’s absolutely no reason for her to be thought of as straight and i believe that matilda grew up with a gay single mom who loved her very much, this is something i won’t budge on
  • seriously this movie is a work of art please watch it if only for the cake eating scene since that’s probably the most iconic movie moment in the past twenty years no joke

Reeeeallly want to do a doodle series with this title. I mean lookit these misfits. They’re adorable.

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“In every generation one slayer is born. Because a bunch of men who died thousands of years ago made up that rule.”

Yes. A bunch of men enslaved endless generations of young women to do their bidding. Young women, because they’re seen as impressionable and easy to control. Forced to fight humanity’s fight, be destined to die young, and live a horrible life.

Then the men turned into watchers, other powerful men put in place to maintain control over the enslaved women…

But this is where things get a bit more complicated.
Because it was an oppressive system put in place to fight another oppressive system.

Let’s start with the types of evil a slayer fight.
Mostly the demons and vampires are metaphors of sexism in today’s society. Such as men using their physical strength to establish power in a multitude of ways. To be dominant by being typically masculine.

Now lets take a moment to think about a slayers powers. The first and biggest one being the added physical strength, which is seen as a masculine trait. This puts a slayer on even grounds as most evils in a physical fight. But isn’t this fighting fire with fire? Yes. And this is where Buffy Summers come in.

BtVS is a very feminist driven show. But I feel like a lot of people completely missed the point of Why.
It’s not cause Buffy is a women with superpowers, in fact this is an oppressive aspect in a lot of ways. It’s how she uses them that’s empowering.

Buffy is unapologetically girly. Not just her appearance and the way she speaks, but her behavior. She lets her emotions rule her, she sees them as a total asset and not as a weakness.

But these things don’t get any respect. If you’re girly, you’re an airhead. If you’re emotional, you’re irrational. Being feminine is one of the most shameful things you can be according to society. If you want to shame a man, put him in a dress.
Feminism is a lot of things. But part of it is destroying the idea that you’re less worthy of respect due to your feminine traits.
And Buffy Summers takes this idea and crushes it under her stylish yet affordable boots.

There is a big war of emotion vs logic in the Buffyverse. And at the end of the day emotion always wins. Which isn’t just beautiful, it’s feminine.

The council have for thousands of years pushed logic logic logic on their slayers to maintain control over them.
It’s a cold and inhumane way to look at the world. But yet it’s viewed as the correct and respectable choice in most life situations.
This world teaches you to push your empathy aside when it’s one of the most important attributes any human can have.
So while it’s extremely satisfying to see our short and girly Buffy kick big evil butts, the emotional aspect of it don’t get enough recognition. In fact it’s often seen as silly. Isn’t it strange that having a strong moral compass is seen as silly?

Everything around Buffy is trying to control her. Trying to make her feel like she’s supposed to fall in line and push down her feminine and empathic traits. The vampires/demons, the council, the knights of byzantium, evil hell gods, principal snyder, even her friends.
It takes a lot to stand up and fight back. To take charge, stand tall, and demand respect. Especially when you’re a woman, because we’re expected to be submissive and apologetic. The fact that Buffy demands authority continuously without compromising her feminine personality is something to truly admire. And it’s truly rebellious due to social standards and gender roles. It’s also something I believe a lot of us wish we had the courage to do in our own lives.

A slayer is such an interesting thing…
A slayer is a feminist. Created and leashed by misogynistic men in order to fight patriarchy. Not enough to overrule it, of course. But enough to keep it from ending the world, while still being the more powerful force.

Buffy Summers takes this leash, burns it, and turns a vision of Chosen Many into reality. This is the uprising of the feminist movement in the Buffyverse. 

“There is only one thing on this earth more powerful than evil, and that’s us.”


Then in the comics: The slayers end up getting negative associations and a bad reputation. Sounds eerie familiar doesn’t it?

republican pundits either look like the evil vice principal character in any 80s movie or the establishment bad guy in any movie that starred jimmy stewart