evil plastic

warm-up drawing of Ruvik-possessed-Leslie from the latest chapter of @croik ‘s awesome fanfic A Nail Through A Star :) I love imagining the characters in other clothes/hairstyles and this was too good not to draw. Such a cute but angry little man….


Jules: Oh duckie! I think you have become the second thing, besides mommy that I am fond of. 

After smacking self in face with toy… 

Jules: Curses, you evil little plastic contraption! You think that just because you don’t sleep you can humiliate me like this? I will put you back in the toy chest, never to be played with again!  


We made our own dodj or daar (dodge or dare) game board from the Amazing World of Gumball using leftover dinosaurs from our Mabel juice as game pieces. I had to write goober on my forehead! Surprisingly, the game was super fun following Gumballs rules.

-Zola and Mia

there is actually something very sick and twisted and evil about getting plastic surgery but then selling those fit tea’s (which are basically just laxatives) and waist trainers (which damage ur organs) and acting like thats how u did it. not only are u profiting off of the insecurity of young girls which is nothing new but ur selling them stuff that can permanently damage their bodies and blatantly lying


Popular internet image vs. Fanart of Sophie and Agatha that I did in middle school

(every single time I see the molten plastic one I think of my crappy no-concept-of-anatomy probably-Tim-Burton-inspired colored-in-with-crayon modern-AU School for Good and Evil fanart and the point is now you will too)

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today i laughed for like twenty minutes because AU where everything is the same, except loki doesn't know what jellyfish are and when he finds out he's amazed because evil swimming plastic bags.

😂😂😂 Perhaps they don’t have them in Asgard. He would be fascinated enough to try and catch them, so you would have to drag him away, explaining to him you don’t touch jellyfish unless you want to risk a nasty burn. And, if he’s in a playful mood, he would then proceed to pick up a dead one in the sand and use it to chase you across the beach. 😂😂😂