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Screenshots of Cartoon Network’s new short, Villainous. It’s about an evil organization called “The Black Cat Organization”, the organization is led by a character named Black Hat, an elegant, cunning and wicked man. Helping Black Hat with his evil plans is Dr. Flug, who’s a scientist that has a tendency to get nervous. Black Hat’s assistant is Demencia, who loves to destroy things for fun. Last but not least, there’s 5.0.5, a failed experiment by Dr. Flug, an adorable teddy bear-like creature and is the complete opposite of being evil.

I just found out this last night and I already starting to like it. Black Hat reminds me of Mike Schmidt from Five Nights at Freddy’s and Murdoc Niccals from The Gorillaz. As for his scientist Dr. Flug, he reminds me of Jeff. Demencia is like Marceline and Amethyst into one.

Anyway, I hope it gets a TV show of it’s own someday. If we live long enough to see it.

shame on you

I know this is a rant in the void, but just as a reminder - killing anyone on a show like Supernatural, where everyone dies anyway, has zero shock value. And killing a character does not grant you automatic glory and grandness and sense of tragedy - that’s not how writing works. Death, in fiction like in life, can be unremarkable and boring, and the fact those two idiots don’t get it - I shouldn’t take it so personally, perhaps, but if you think how many young writers are out there, desperate to work, and if you look at the love and care Supernatural’s new writers have poured into their work this season - I really don’t get why those two have a job at all. Just - enough.

Eileen’s death, like Charlie’s, was unnecessary and, more importantly, badly written. As usual, Buckleming had to bend past canon and characters’ personalities to even get it to work. Like - last month, Crowley assisted Sam and Dean in dealing with a rogue Hellhound, which makes sense, because we know he’s extremely jealous of this powerful weapon only he can control, and also generally likes the Winchesters (or, well, Dean) and wants to feel included. But this week, out of nowhere, Crowley is giving Hellhounds to Ketch, of all people? And why? What possible strategic advantage could Crowley ever have in collaborating so closely with Hess and the BMoL? WTF? Surely he realizes his life is much easier if the American hunters are a bunch of unconnected drunks, and not a network of trained killers 100% devoted to the same evil organization? But, yeah - as usual, Buckleming don’t understand anything about Crowley, or plotting, or pacing, or keeping anyone in character. As usual, their idea of writing a good story is gunning for anyone who’s ‘different’ - man, they must feel real proud of themselves here - killing a disabled woman, what a catch, plus a creepy I’ll raise this thing as my son storyline (fucking again), badly written mind control, badly written women, and their traditional prurient, almost symptomatic, interest in sex and who’s fucking whom. Like, that whole conversation between Hess and Ketch - what the hell does Hess care about Ketch’s sexual partners? She’s apparently at the helm of a very powerful secret society, surely she’s got other stuff to do than taunt Ketch about all the wild sex he used to have with Toni? But, no - this is Buckleming, who still think sex is automatically this forbidden, tantalizing sin, and so we get a front row seat to it all, as usual, including Crowley’s bizarre comment about Cas being the Winchesters’ ‘love slave’, because why not.

(Too bad their obsession with sex doesn’t stretch to discussing issues of consent, or even acknowledging the inevitable-as-death-and-taxes presence dubcon and noncon in their episodes.)

Seriously - this episode was completely and utterly unredeemable. And, again - I get this is Supernatural and people die - I don’t give a shit about that. Let them die, whatever. But again, if you’re going for pathos and tragedy, killing someone is not enough. That’s not how it works. Eileen’s death was all wrong. It made zero sense for her to come back to the US, the one place where we know for a fact the BMoL are active and dangerous. It made zero sense that the BMoL could track her so easily. It made zero sense that she could not warn the Winchesters on the phone - or are you telling me the BMoL wiretapped every single motel and phone booth in America? It made zero sense for Crowley to give Ketch a Hellhound (also, if all you need to control them are tailor-made dog whistles, doesn’t that have huge consequences on, like, everything?). It was outrageous that they used an invisible monster against a deaf hunter - not because it couldn’t happen ‘IRL’, but because by having the Hellhound kill Eileen they sent a clear message about the ‘limitations’ of disabled people - they suggested, quite clearly, that Eileen had trouble fighting back because she couldn’t hear that thing coming, when in reality we know very well a Hellhound would be too much for almost anyone. And finally, it was beyond humiliating to have the Winchesters examine Eileen’s body - because in order to make sure, they would have checked the wounds, right? and to deny her a hunter’s funeral to boot.

Honestly - this entire episode was so very bad and illogical and very nearly unwatchable, and I don’t get why Supernatural keeps doing that - they’ve got the material, the actors, the writers and the crew to turn this show into a fucking masterpiece, and instead they keep doing this awkward thing - how can the people responsible for Baby, Stuck in the Middle (With You) or Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets accept to even consider filiming such filth? What’s the rationale here? What’s their excuse? It’s like they’re selling boxes of stuffed donuts and Hey, only one of them’s filled with dog shit so why is everyone complaining - don’t they get it? This whole thing they keep doing, how they deal with their audience - it’s beyond insulting. 

Seriously, we need to do something here, because enough is enough.

phazerstorm  asked:

I just adore your art style, it's so cute! I'm thinking of making comics myself. Do you think you could give me some tips on angling or facial expressions or overall detail?

Thank you so so much! I really appreciate that! Like, a whole lot. ^^

I’m not exactly sure how much I’ll be able to help you, though I can at least give you some pointers on expressions! I’ll do my best. I’m sorry this is coming a bit late! 

I’m going to use Bendy for my examples, just because he’s super easy to draw and I have him on hand/mind at the moment. But! These can be used on just about anyone.

Keep in mind: this is just my way of doing things. There isn’t one “set” way to create great art! There’s a lot of experimenting, testing and growing when it comes to artwork.

When it comes down to expressions, there are a few things to consider: what are they feeling? How intense is this feeling? How far can, or should you push it? How can you make this feel realistic? In visual storytelling, showing what a character is going through is far more important than telling the reader. In a comic setting, there’s a very fine balance–since you have images to go with the words, but you can’t convey each minute action… At least in a reasonable amount of panels, the dialogue and the images have to work together when they’re used in tandem.

When a character is shouting, you have to push their expression further–it won’t be enough to show them with their mouth slightly open, or with a flat face. Give them wide eyes, or shut their eyes completely with frustration. Open their mouth wide, maybe even get their body language involved if you have enough room. Throw their arms in the air, have them pulling at their hair!

Likewise, if what they’re saying is quiet or somber, soften their expression. Have their gaze ill-focused, or looking to the ground. Their shoulders could be slumped, their brow could be low. Their mouth could be almost, or entirely closed. Or are they happy? Raise their eyebrows, widen their eyes with joy! Bring out that smile! Use as much variety and as many shapes as you can!

Because I’m a visual person, here are a few examples to give you a better idea of what I mean:

(I’m sorry if my handwriting is hard to read)

Which facial expressions are more interesting? Sure, the ones on the left are going through the motions of emoting, but the ones to the right REALLY show how the character is feeling!

Body language is also immensely important when it comes down to expressiveness. Every part of the body can be used to convey a message. The crossing of arms can indicate disgust, or even put a small barrier between two people. Slumped shoulders show disappointment or sadness. Every little movement a character makes can have a massive impact on their overall tone. Here are a few examples like the above:

Even minute changes to a static pose can make a BIG difference! Test around and see what works best.

I’ve noticed that some animators have mirrors near their desk. This is so they can look up at their reflection and make a face into the mirror. They project their character’s feelings onto themselves, that way they can see what sort of facial expression would be best suited to that emotion. Nowadays we can just google this, but it’s still a good idea. Don’t be afraid to look up references whenever you need them. I know I do frequently! There’s no shame in using references!

My friend linked me to this wonderful guide, which goes more in-depth than I did here. Take a look!

I’m sorry I can’t help you quite as much with angles. I feel that I’d need to do a little more research in order to be able to articulate this more fluently. Perhaps some other time I can try and revisit this and go more into depth about perspective and foreshortening, but for now, here’s another great guide that might help you along in the right direction. I use a similar structure for my own drawings! 

Speaking of foreshortening, here’s another tutorial! I don’t use this particular method, but it may work for you!

I know you didn’t ask for it, but I’d like to give you some tips about comic making. If you don’t want them, then I guess you can just stop reading, pfff. Either way I’ll put it under a cut so this post doesn’t take up so much of the dashboard.

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I need a Klance AU where the team (minus Lance) is a part of a secret organization. Lance is an important person being held captive by Lotor the Galra. The team is tasked to save him. Keith’s the first to enter enemy camp. He pretends to be one of them. Lance ends up getting on Keith’s nerves, but later on Keith warms up to him as they plan their escape; Keith mainly doing all the planning, of course, because it’s his mission. Lance has NO idea about it. He thinks Keith’s helping him to escape, because he likes him. (Keith might’ve “accidentally” fallen in love with Lance as he slowly got to know him. He “accidentally” blurts it out one night and they “accidentally” make out *wink*. In the beginning, it was actually all part of his plan to gain Lance’s trust.) But the plan’s revealed when the team arrives to their aid. Insert Lance’s insecurities. Lance starts to doubt Keith’s feelings for him, but as he does he slowly realizes that he has also fallen deeply in love with Keith.

Also, Keith doesn’t reveal his name at first, so Lance just calls him “Mullet.”


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, violence, RAPE ATTEMPT (not too much explicit!)

Summary: You? an average civilian pretty content with your average life. Him? A super soldier who must keep you away from Hydra’s tentacles with the only rule that you can’t never know about his existence, neither his team. But why is a world knowed evil organization after you? Would he break the only rule when your life gets threatened by a not-Hydra related danger? 

A/N: OKAY! My fault, I’m sorry, but protective!Bucky gives me life. There will be reader’s POV and Bucky’s POV, separated by lines. 

Tags: @fashun–deevah  @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @marvel-fanfiction (if someone wants to be tagged or untagged please let me know) :)


You love summer days.

All shinny and warm. The only drawback is that you have to work, but well, you can’t have it all, do you? 

Stretching your arms you turn on your chair to face the big window of your office, from where you are you can see the big buildings that surround your work place. Under your window, people walk and laugh living their own lifes and you smile melancholic when you spot a couple kissing in a bench, lucky bastards.

- (Y/N)! - you jump in your ergonomic chair when the voice of your boss tears you apart from your daydream.

- Y-yeah sir? - you stutter

- If you have enough time as to look by your window maybe you don’t have that much work as to be receiving a salary! - he yells at you

- N-No sir, I do have work, sorry sir! - you get back to work hurriedly under the intense gaze of your boss. Richard, the asshole of the building, who hates you since you declined having “a drink” with him. You don’t have any intention to have anything with that pig, like, never.

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Overheard at Teitan Elementary [2]
  • Genta: Explain yourself, Conan!
  • Ayumi: Conan-kun!
  • Conan: Oi, what's wrong, lot?
  • Mitsuhiko: Wakasa-sensei asked us to find the photos of Teitan Elementary Alumnis!
  • Conan: ...and?
  • Genta: That's the pic of the Kudo Shinichi guy...
  • Ayumi: Who graduated 10 years ago...
  • Mitsuhiko: And he looks just like you, Conan-kun! How is this possible?
  • Conan: ...just a coincidence?
  • Genta: Don't play games with us!
  • Conan: O-okay, it's simple, guys! He's a grandchild of the uncle of the nephew of the daughter of my mother's grandfather's brother!
  • Haibara: Edogawa-kun's family is extremely complicated.
  • Conan: Shutup.
  • Mitsuhiko: Please, be serious, Conan-kun! We all know that you are...
  • (at once)
  • Ayumi: Urashima Taro!
  • Genta: An alien!
  • Mitsuhiko: A time traveler!
  • ...
  • Genta: What are you talking about, guys! He's surely an alien! I saw stuff like that on TV! He infiltrated us and borrowed that Kudo Shinichi's form!
  • Ayumi: Genta-kun, that's silly!
  • Mitsuhiko: Besides, why would he borrow Kudo Shinichi's child form?
  • Genta: Who knows those aliens...
  • Conan: Oi...
  • Ayumi: Conan-kun is Urashima Taro! He traveled on big mr. Turtle's back to the Sea Dragon Palace, and when he came back 10 years passed!
  • Mitsuhiko: But Urashima Taro is a hero of the legend...
  • Genta: Sea Dragon? Is it like eel?
  • Ayumi: Genta-kun!
  • Mitsuhiko: We know that there's a scientific explanation to this! Conan-kun is from the future and they invented a time travel! That's why he was in the photo 10 years ago and that's why he looks exactly the same. Am I right, Conan-kun?
  • Ayumi: But why would Conan-kun travel to the past? And what will happen to Ran-onee-san, if she will learn that her boyfriend is from the future?..
  • Genta: Maybe there's a war going on in future and he came here to prevent it? I saw it on TV with dad!
  • Mitsuhiko: Genta-kun...
  • Haibara: Then how about this explanation? His cellular structure was forcibly redone by a mysterious drug and he shrunk due to the ingenious invention of a biochemical teen prodigy who worked in a secret evil organization?
  • ...
  • Mitsuhiko: ...you watch too many science dramas, Haibara-san...
  • Ayumi: Yeah... that sounds even less possible than Genta-kun's Alien theory, Ai-chan...
  • Genta: That's funny, Haibara!
  • Conan: Oi-oi...

Let me get this straight, Gaara. The abuse your father inflicted upon you. The fact that he made your uncle betray you. That you grew up thinking your mother hated you. The fact that you spent your entire childhood in constant emotional pain. The part where you ended up terrorizing your siblings and killing people who annoyed you. The part where you stalked and terrorized fellow children because they were loved and you weren’t. THAT YOU WERE KIDNAPPED BY AN EVIL ORGANIZATION AND MURDERED FOR THE DEMON SEALED INSIDE OF YOU.

All of this. All of it was worth it. Because you got to meet Naruto.

Have you considered switching love interests, Naruto? Hinata and Sasuke got nothing on this devotion tbh.


some Unovan Formes

I’ve got more on the way.

Unovan Mr. Mime -Dark/Fairy- “Mr. Mimes brought to Unova seem inexplicably drawn to the sewers. Populations living there have lost the ability to create invisible objects and force fields, but have developed many other strange powers, such as hyperflexible joints, the ability to climb sheer surfaces, and the ability to create colorful “balloons” made of mucus”

Unovan Igglybuff, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff (sorry i don’t feel up to writting individual enries) normal/fairy, “Although they lack the sleep-inducing voices of their bretheren, their rubbery bodies are even more elastic and durable. They are popular among Unovan youth as television characters”

Unovan Poliwag-psychic- “This variant of Poliwag is a rare sight in Unova. However, people always seem to know when one is nearby due to their strange psychic powers.”

Unovan Poliwhirl- psychic-  “their telepathic abilities cause them to broadcast their emotions and the emotions of others. Somehow this has made these rare pokemon very popular in the region.”

Unovan Poliwrath- psychic- “Recently, evil organizations attempted to gain popularity by adopting this rare pokemon as their symbol. Due to the strange nature of its powers, which spread like a sort of mental virus, this backfired spectacularly.

Unovan Cacnea- grass- “Crossbreeding with local Maractus has made them more docile as well as more colorful, and they are popular as pets. They stuff themselves with loose straw in order to appear larger”

Unovan Cacturne- grass/fairy- “This domesticated breed of Cacturne is often employed by farmers to protect their crops. They silently patrol vast cornfields and repel invading pests and intruders.”


New Love (Part 1)

Summary: It’s been 4 years since the love of Bucky’s life died a horrible death in the hands of Hydra. He has slowly moved on, forming a new relationship with Natasha and his heart has started to heal. The Avengers are dispatched on a mission only to discover that Y/N was never truly dead. Y/N returns into Bucky’s life but she is no longer the same woman he fell in love with. Bucky is forced to make choices between the woman that he loved and the woman he is falling in love with.

Words: 1237

Author’s notes: This was an idea I had while experiencing writers block. Let me know if you guys want more or if you want to get tagged.

Originally posted by ofallingstar

Bucky remembers her. He remembers her beautiful blonde hair, the way she lit up the room when she smiled, and the way she glided when she walked, as if she was floating. She was beautiful, kind, and pure. She came into his life like a meteor, lighting up the dark sky and making everything beautiful. Her healing abilities proved to be essential during missions, she was able to touch another person and heal their wounds instantly, the team couldn’t count the number of times she has saved each one of them.

The found her while searching for a cure for Tony’s dying body and even though Doctor Strange was reluctant, he led them to a small town on the outskirts of England and showed them a young, primary school teacher with a special ability. She moved in 2 days later, and soon enough, Bucky fell in love with her. She was his rock, the only person that could bring him out of his programming and lead him back to himself. He knew she was the woman he was going to marry and have children with, because she was the only one that saw him for who he truly was.

The team never allowed Y/N to fight alongside them and she didn’t want to either. Y/N didn’t believe in violence but understood that it was sometimes unavoidable, especially when it came to the Avengers. Yet, they still needed her to go accompany them on missions, just in case someone got injured and needed a healing touch.

The team was prepping for a mission in the quinjet while Y/N sat beside Bucky, holding his hand so tightly her knuckles turned white. The mission was dangerous, the most dangerous Y/N has ever been on. HYDRA has taken hold of a mysterious alien entity and the Avengers were about to storm their base and retrieve the mysterious black matter. The base was loaded with HYDRA agents, and they were expecting the Avengers to show. Bucky brought Y/N’s knuckles to his lips and kissed it gently, she smiled at him, touching his cheeks like she always did before every mission.

“I swear I’ll be ok. I’ll come back and we can go see that play you’ve wanted to go to. What was it again?” Bucky asks as Y/N rests her head on his shoulders.

“Beauty and the Beast.” Y/N whispered, smelling his scent.

“Right. Because it matches our story.” He laughs. The team was ready to go and Y/N waved them goodbye. She held Bucky’s hands and kissed him gently.

“I love you James Buchanan Barnes. Come back to me.” She whispered as their fingers parted and he disappeared out of sight.

The events the preceded were the worst moments of Bucky’s life. The cloaking device on the quinjet malfunctioned and HYDRA agents found its location. Thinking that the Avengers were still inside, HYRDA agents detonated bombs, which caused the quinjet to explode. The cry that came out of Bucky was nothing but horrifying. When the team arrived at the explosion site, there was nothing but flames and Y/N was nowhere to be found. The missions had been a failure and when SHIELD agents examined the remnants of the quinjet, they found pieces of human bones and burned flesh, they were too mutilated to properly ID but it was assumed to be Y/N.

Bucky retreated to who he was in Bucharest, quiet, and completely defeated. The only person that made him feel good was dead, and he no longer knew who he was. The nightmares came back in full force and he lost control of his anger. Everything set him off and for his own safety and those around him, he was sent to Wakanda for rehabilitation.

4 years later, the wound that was Y/N’s death has slowly healed. Bucky still had nightmares, but they came less often and even though he still thought of Y/N every day, the memories were no longer laced with pain and longing. He didn’t see it coming, but Natasha and Bucky became close, it started off as friendship, which overtime slowly blossomed into romance. They were two assassins, victims of evil organizations with their own dark past, so it was natural that they understood each other more than others understood them.


It has been 4 years since the Avengers received knowledge about the Monolith and every time they got close to taking it away from HYDRA’s hands, something goes wrong or their mission got compromised. Taking back the Monolith was personal to all of them, it has caused so much pain and Hydra has started to send people through it again. Inhumans were disappearing everywhere and it’s believed that the Monolith not only transports people to Maveth, but to other planets as well.

SHIELD agents have been undercover for nearly 3 years and word has been send out about the Monolith’s location. Every SHIELD agent and Avengers member were ready to take the HYDRA base down and finally end the hunt. To everyone’s surprise, HYDRA was not expecting the ambush and they were easily taken down, the Monolith was finally captured

 Bucky was talking to agent Coulson when agent Fitz ran into the room, eyes wide and out of breath.

“You need to see something.” Fitz said as he ran back to the other room. Everyone looked at each other and fallowed him. The room was covered with pictures, maps, and diagrams across its walls. There were pictures of every inhuman that had gone missing over 4 years and beside it was a map of different galaxies with a red dot on it.

“I think these are the inhumans HYDRA has sent through the Monolith and the red dot indicates where they were sent. As you know, HYDRA sends them to gain information on what the world is like or to bring back creatures that could destroy us. Simmons and I were looking at it and we found something unbelievable.” Fitz, still shaking from what he and Gemma found walked over to the far corner of the room and points at a photograph. It was a photo of Y/N and beside it was the map of where she was. Bucky’s heart nearly stopped, he suddenly felt cold and his heart began to beat so fast that he could hear it in his head.

“So, I think Y/N was one of the first people they sent to another planet. Judging by this picture she seems to have been sent into another galaxy and thanks to Thor, we can identify that she was send to the planet of Xandar.” Bucky walked towards Y/N picture and touched the small red dot on the map. She’s alive, she’s alive, was all he could think. Natasha watched as Bucky reacted to the news, she her heart sank as she saw him, barely breathing and completely engrossed on the map. He didn’t even look at her, or notice how her face fell at his reaction.

“Is she still alive? Can we bring her back?” Agent Coulson asks as he studies that other pictures on the wall.

“I got Jemma back from Maveth, I think we can figure out how to bring her back. HYDRA has provided each Inhuman with a communication device and I think we can send a message to her to let her know. That’s if she still has the device. HYDRA didn’t really think over the fact that the Inhumans could just stop fallowing their orders once they got to the other planet.” Fitz said as he looked at Bucky happily.

“Do it. Whatever you have to do, just bring her back.” Steve says as he watched Bucky and Natasha react differently to the news of Y/N.




Originally posted by imarielarriaga

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, making out

Summary: You? an average civilian pretty content with your average life. Him? A super soldier who must keep you away from Hydra’s tentacles with the only rule that you can’t never know about his existence, neither his team. But why is a world knowed evil organization after you? Would he break the only rule when your life gets threatened by a not-Hydra related danger?

A/N: I don’t know how much chapters this series will have, but I clearly know how where want it to go :)

Tags: @fashun–deevah  @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @marvel-fanfiction @melconnor2007  @blueskies-love @-tulipsunflower-  @elisa-ramirez14  @the-girl-without-a-face @netflixa @alyssiamking  @fashun–deevah @laughandwrite  @wordacadabra  @genlovesdcb (if someone wants to be tagged or untagged please let me know)

 One gun , Two guns


The knock on the door repeats and Bucky’s body tenses upon you. You push him away softly so you can stand up and reach the door. 

- Wait - he says grabbing your arm 

- What? - you ask confused

- Are you expecting someone? - he doesn’t look away from the door 

- No… but, maybe a neighbour needs something? - you shrurg

He keeps staring at the door, his body tense and prepared to jump if necessary. The knock repeats, louder and impatient. Bucky ducks his head and whispers in your ear - Ask before open. You are getting a bad feeling about all of this. Why such a fuss about an unexpected visit? You do as told

- Who’s there? - you heart beats a little faster waiting for a response

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anonymous asked:

fitzsimmons + 10 if you're up for it? :)

things you said that made me feel like shit’ – okay, I know this is super cheating, but I just couldn’t bear to have Jemma or Fitz say something like this especially with current canon haha. So it’s a different kind of heartache!


“I hate you!” James screams, his face scrunched up in the devastating combination of impotent fury and heartbreak that only the very young can manage. “I hate you and I wish I’d never been born!”

Every cell in Fitz’s body seems to still; synapses refuse to fire in his brain. Is this parenthood? he wonders. He hadn’t known letting a piece of your own heart free into the world would mean there was the possibility of it returning ashamed and angry and wishing for annihilation as some nuclear option solution.

“I think you should go to your room now,” Fitz says, voice even and unflinching. “Just go to your room and stay there until you’ve calmed down.”

James turns and runs, stomping so loudly that dirty dishes rattle in the sink. He slams his bedroom door shut and Fitz winces at the echoing sound.

Fitz presses his fingers against the bridge of his nose, feeling slightly dizzy at how quickly the situation had spun out of control. He replays his own words in his head and can’t see where he might have avoided the escalation. But of course he’s missing something. What other explanation could there be?

He walks to James’s bedroom door and knocks softly. When there’s no response he rests his forehead against the wood and closes his eyes.

“I just want you to know that I love you, James,” he says. “Nothing will change that, okay?”

“Go away!” James yells, and so Fitz does. What else is there to do when your own son hates you? What more can possibly be said?


When Jemma arrives from a late shift in the lab, the usually-cheery house is eerily silent and dark.

“Fitz?” she calls. “James?” She’s not worried, per se, but living the sort of life she’s lived has given her an edge. Sometimes, she still sees monsters lurking in the corners.

She finds Fitz first, sitting at the kitchen table with his head resting against his arms. She can sense sorrow thick as molasses pooling from him.

“Fitz?” she asks again, more softly this time. She sits down next to him and rests a hand on his shoulder, which finally causes him to look up. She can tell he’s been crying and her immediate reaction is to worry about their son.

“He’s fine,” Fitz says, as if reading her thoughts. He jerks his head over his shoulder, in the vague direction of their son’s bedroom. “We got into an…argument.”

“Oh, Fitz,” Jemma says in sympathy. James was normally the sweetest, most well-behaved boy, tender enough to melt your heart, but in the past year he’d decided yelling was the best way to air his frustrations.

“I’m absolute shite at this,” Fitz whispers, burying his head into his arms again. “I have no idea what to say to him.”

“You are not! It’s just a phase…I hope.” She realizes at the same time that Fitz scoffs that she probably hadn’t been very reassuring.

“He said,” and here Fitz lowers his voice even more, as if what James has said is some demon that can be brought forth by simply uttering its name, “he said he hated me and that he wished he’d never been born. That’s…Jemma, he’s eight and his biggest regret is that he exists.”

Jemma’s heart clenches tightly and she chokes on the inhale. Talk of regrets is, all these years later, still a delicate balancing act in their household. She rests her head against his arm, gripping his elbow with her hand. “Fitz, that’s not his biggest regret. He was just throwing a tantrum. He said the same thing to me the other week.”

At this, Fitz looks up, his normally bright eyes dulled with pain but questioning nonetheless. “He said that to you? You didn’t mention it.”

Jemma scrunches up her face, realizing suddenly that she hadn’t. “Of course I was going to,” she shrugs. “But then your mum came to pick him up and he was happy as ever when he came back. And we were in the middle of that big project. It just slipped my mind.”

“It slipped your mind?” Fitz repeats incredulously, as if he can’t imagine how something so awfully momentous could have fallen into the background of their lives.

Jemma smiles, running her hands lightly through his overgrown curls. “One of the boys at school was yelling at his mum the other day. I think they’re all feeding off each other a bit. Anyway, honestly, I don’t think it’s a huge deal. Children say these things. Didn’t you ever say something like that to your mum when you were a kid?”

But even as she says it, even as Fitz’s eyes widen at her question, she knows he never did. Fitz and his mum had been each other’s only allies. It had been the two of them—against his father, against a world they wanted to believe was beautiful despite its cruelty, despite how horribly it had let them down. No, Fitz would never have told his mother he hated her, would never have even thought it.

Jemma wraps her arms around her husband, as if she can shield him from everything. From bullets, from evil organizations infiltrating their lives, from an eight-year-old’s careless words.

“I love you,” she says, peppering kisses along his face. “I love you and James loves you and you are an excellent father. We’ll talk to him together, okay?”

Fitz melts into her, nodding carefully. Jemma sighs. Marriage and parenthood were her two favorite things she’d ever experienced in a lifetime of amazing experiences, but how was she to know letting pieces of your heart reside in other people could amplify your own sorrow?

Jemma places a kiss against his forehead, breathing in the scent of home, knowing her heart had never completely been her own anyway.


Fitz jerks awake, not entirely certain where he is, when he realizes his son is standing at his bedside.

“Daddy?” he whispers, voice thick with tears, and Fitz sits up in concern.

“What is it, James? Are you okay?” Next to him, Jemma hasn’t even stirred.

James shakes his head at the question and throws himself into Fitz’s arms, crying wretchedly into his chest. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t mean it. I don’t know why I said it. I love you, I promise.”

Fitz draws his legs up so that James is cocooned in his arms and rocks him gently, like he’d done when he was young. James usually fidgets out of his grasp if he feels he’s in any way being treated like a baby, but now he relaxes into Fitz’s embrace, nearly boneless with relief.

“I love you, too, James,” Fitz says against the top of his son’s head. His soft hair reminds Fitz of when he’d been just a baby, of cupping his perfect head in his hands and being terrified and enamored beyond belief.

“You’re my best friend,” James says quietly, and Fitz loses the battle with his own tears at the admission.

“It’s okay,” Fitz reassures him. “It’s going to be okay.” They sit this way for a while, Fitz gently stroking his son’s hair, before he realizes that James is about to fall asleep in his arms.

“How about I take you back to bed?” he asks, but James grips Fitz’s waist tighter and shakes his head.

“Okay,” Fitz says, pretending to think carefully. “How about you stay in here tonight, and tomorrow we make Mummy pancakes so she doesn’t get cross with us?”

James nods and allows Fitz to carefully lift him from his arms and place him in between his parents. Fitz shifts to his side so he’s facing James and kisses his cheek. “Let’s just go to sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning.”

Jemma moves in her sleep suddenly and James widens his eyes, putting a finger to his lips to shush his father. Fitz nods in agreement and they both hold their breath. A moment passes, and then another, and then Jemma turns until she’s curled up protectively against James, still sound asleep.

James grins over at Fitz and then snuggles closer to him. They’re both asleep within minutes.

Realizations || Alex - Part 1

AN: I’ll be using the pronouns she/her for Alex on this first part, because she’s still figuring herself out, and hasn’t given pronouns a thought yet.

Also, shout out to @queergirlwriting for being so inspiring!

Coming to terms with her sexuality hadn’t exactly been easy, but Alex thought that it had gone well enough and she knows how lucky she is to have so many special people in her life who were nothing but supportive of her.

But most of those people simply accepted her, while Maggie knew exactly what she was going through. “Read up on LGBT+ issues, it’ll be good, Danvers. You’ll see that you aren’t the only one who’s going through all this. You aren’t alone.” Maggie had said, making Alex roll her eyes.

“I know that, Maggie, you’re here. I’m not alone.” she had replied.

“I know, babe, but you need to know that there’s an entire community out there who will support you. You might not feel like it now, but you need more than one person as your safe-net, okay?”

Alex had crossed her arms and huffed stubbornly. “I’m gay, Maggie, I know there are a bunch of other people like me out there… J-Just look at how big our Pride Parade is…”

Maggie had mirrored Alex’s stance, crossing her arms, and narrowing her eyes at her girlfriend. “Okay… But being part of this community is more than just being gay, lesbian, or bi. Babe,” Maggie sighed, “You lived your entire life trying to fit in a box, and now you’re just starting to peek out of it. There’s a whole world of concepts and issues that you probably haven’t even heard of, okay? Just- just read up, educate yourself, and I guarantee you’ll find clarity for things you hadn’t even given too much thought about, alright??”

Reluctantly, Alex had nodded in agreement.

And that’s how she had found herself up until four AM, three nights in row, reading up on sexuality and gender. It felt good; some stories had made Alex cry, others had filled her with hope and joy, and she really did feel a connection with people she had never even met.

A couple of months had passed since then; life had been going as well as you could expect when you deal with bad guys and evil organizations on a daily basis, but everything was worth it, because Alex got to go home to Maggie every night.

“Tough day, babe?” Maggie asked, handing Alex a glass of wine, and giving her a sweet kiss.

Alex kissed Maggie back, and gladly accepted the drink. “Just the usual stuff.” she said, trying to shrug it off.

“C’mon, Ally, you know you can tell me anything.” Maggie said with a smile, but it soon disappeared when she saw Alex frowning at her. “What? Did something really bad happen?” She was getting worried.

“Uh…no… you just…” Alex worried her bottom lip, trying to make sense of her discomfort. “You just…y-you called me Ally…”

Maggie tilted her head, frown still in place, “You don’t like it?”

“I…” God, why was she being so annoying about a nickname? Alex mentally chastised herself, but her stomach had dropped at the new name, and that feeling was just too damn familiar… “It just… It makes me feel the same way when my mother calls me Alexandra… I’m sorry, Maggie, I’m just being a pain. Forget I sai-”

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NDRV3 Transcripts: Ouma’s Prison Mode Ending

So, many people have asked me about Ouma’s prison mode lately–the ending in particular! I’d like to get around to actually translating all his prison mode events if possible at some point, but for now @shinjiroaragaki and I are bringing you all the ending!

They provided me the transcript and I’ve translated the full thing to English. Since it’s a relatively short event, I’ve included icons for all the sprites in the formatting. There’s a Google doc version as well, although this time around it’s pretty much the same as this post, just minus the Japanese text.

Google doc link!

More translated transcripts.

Since we both worked hard on this translation, it’d be great if people could spread it around and reblog it if possible!

Although it’s bonus mode content, this ending is highly insightful to understanding Ouma’s character. It provides glimpses as to how Ouma behaves in a scenario where no murders occur, what Saihara thinks of him when he’s not putting on such an antagonistic act, and how even Ouma doesn’t really fully understand himself all the time.

I hope you all enjoy! Here’s Ouma’s prison mode ending, alternatively titled “Saihara decides to hold Ouma’s hand until he stops being such a bratty liar.”

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