evil nails

  • Hook: It would help if we knew who we were looking for.
  • Belle: His name is Gideon. He's my son.
  • Hook: Your son is an infant.
  • Belle: He was, but he was kidnapped by his grandma who's evil and also the Black Fairy. She tortured him in a realm where time moves differently and now he's all grown up and he wants to kill Emma to steal her Savior powers.
  • Charming: Wow.
  • Belle: I know it sounds crazy but--
  • Charming: No, not that. Hook, who had that in the pool?
  • Hook: That would be Grumpy. 'Kidnapped by, until now, unmentioned magical relative and molded for evil purposes.' Really nailed it. He is going to clean up.
  • Belle: I'm sorry, you bet on how my son would turn evil?
  • Charming: No, we bet on what magical shenanigans would go down once you gave birth. It happens every time there's a new baby here. I had "Gideon immediately falls into a portal for the sake of irony."
  • Belle: Unbelievable.
  • Hook: And yet, here we are.
Witch Tip:

Paint your nails black to banish negativity. Bonus points if you also paint sigils onto your nails.

An idea: If someone negative comes your way, secretly point your finger at them and flick them away! (Best way to do it secretly is to have long sleeves or jacket/hoodie pockets.) Bonus points if you throw an evil eye their way too. (If you’re into a little cursing.)

Sensitive Skin (Connor/Evan)

Summary: Evan’s cast is finally off, and Connor is glad to have a new patch of skin to touch. (Inspired by this post and this headcanon I was sent- hope you enjoy!)

Evan was nothing short of ecstatic to be getting his cast off. For months his arm had been practically useless, and it was so freeing to actually be able to do things with it.

Plus, it was a little weird to be walking around with his boyfriend’s name written in giant, black letters on his arm. Connor was a little sad to see that go, joking that it was a way to “show everyone you’re mine” (which had made Evan blush like crazy).

But overall, the lack of cast made things a lot easier. Now they could actually cuddle without the clunky white plaster in the way.

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The Battles of Hubert: Hubert vs. the Evil Nail Clippers.

Hubert finally vanquished his long-hated enemy🔪🔪🐹