evil mind controlling spirit

Haikyuu characters playing a tabletop rpg

Whelp, this got out of hand quickly.

Akaashi: the cleric

This is the healer that is perpetually angry with his stupid party members for wandering into traps and getting their asses handed to them. He quietly fumes the entire time. Do they not know how much a resurrect spell costs?

“Bokuto-san, could you stop dying for five seconds so I can heal the rest of the party just once?”

Bokuto: the shaman

He picked the class because he thought it would get him an owl familiar. Spends the entire time trying to get said owl familiar. He’s also the one that wanders into traps and picks fights with store owners and core npc’s. Tsukki suggested he rename his character to Leeroy Jenkins and while he didn’t understand the reference, he did like the name. Now there’s a half naked shaman called Leeroy. He goes ‘Hoot’ a lot. Claims it’s in character.

“This is a game, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Let’s go fight that giant bear!

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Free advice to Superman writers.

Dear writers hired by DC to make/develop future Superman stories, if you are thinking: 

“Ugh! Superman again. This clown is impossible to write. Too powerful! Too goody two shoes. It’s so booooring.”

And the following ideas are the only you can come with:

1. “I know! Let’s make him evil! Like an alternate reality or something like he lost his mind! Worst: he lost his connection with humanity because (someone he loves) is dead!”

2. “I know! Let’s make him have an infection, an intergalactic disease or anything! Or…or let’s have him possessed by an evil spirit or mind controlling foe!”

3. “I know! Let’s make him find someone as powerful as himself or more, who he trusts an befriends, but later he discovers is evil!”

4. “I know! Let’s make him fight a superior enemy and, when everything seems lost and he’s about to give up, a common mortal saves him and saves the day!” Variant: “Batman(ka-ching!) or Lois Lane with temporary superpowers saves him and saves the day”

5. Let’s under no circumstances include humor or let him solve things using his brain. Because “Superman is only muscles, what would he need intelligence for if he has super-strength”

Please don’t

Go write about anything else…any other hero. Leave Superman the fuck alone. 

During the past decade(s) this were the most used (abused) plot lines of every Superman story, and, quite frankly, many of us readers are fed up with the same over and over. Have in mind that you and writers like yourself are directly responsible of the decreasing in popularity the Man of Steel has suffered lately.