evil ken

After reading Yamiga123’s KanouHide theory, I did actually realize that Ishida makes people who are related look very much alike. I mean, look at this:









And finally Hide and Kanou.

Usually, i’m not a fan of “they’re related because they look alike” saying, but considering that Ishida is making people who are relatives look very alike, I think it’s plausible that both Hide and Kanou could be related.



HelloCosplay Daughter of Evil Rin Kagamine Vocaloid dress!

I bought this dress from HelloCosplay a few years ago and I’m ready to retire it. I’ve worn it a few times but it is still in great condition! It comes with a lace up back and a zipper on the side. The black bow in the back can be detatched as can the rose on the front. This dress is not long, I am only 5′2 and it touches my ankles. This is for the dress ONLY, Petticoat not included.

My measurements are 32-30-34 ( I think the size I ordered was a medium) but the sizing really depends on how tight you lace it in the back. I am asking $100 + shipping US only. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Remember how jelpi released this teaser photo … well I don’t think this hand is N’s alone … if you look at the second picture that I circled you can tell how the skin tone changes from the top of the barbed wire to the bottom of the barbed wire. I think that the top belongs to Leo because he had his right hand wrapped up during Dynamite promotions and said that the bandages were important in an interview which leads me to believe that the top part is his while the bottom belongs to the original evil eye (N) the 2 men clearly have something going on since the last page of the Zelos album was Leo and N starting each other down (last picture) UPDATE: N’s evil eye during Dynamite promotions were green to match his contracts but this evil eye is blue ~~ another hint that I could be Leo