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Poirots and their relationship with eggs

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Some sayings in ladino

El komer i el arraskar todo es empesar
Eating and scratching is the beginning
It is necessary to make a first decision to start doing the rest.

Ninguno save lo ke ai dentro de la oia, si no la kuchara ke la menea.
Nobody knows what is inside the pot but the spoon that moves it.
You can not know from the outside what torments a person inside

El D.o ke no mos traiga
May G.d not bring us that
It’s mainly used when you hear someone in a bad situation and asking G.d not to involve you in a similar situation.

Ainaraj ke no te kaiga
The evil eye don’t fall into you
It’s a desire of protection from the evil eye

Ken dize la vedra, piedre la amistad
Who says the truth loses a friendship
Sometimes the direct truth can be thought to deal with.

Kuando el D.o esta kontigo, no te espantes del enemigo
When G.d is by your side, don’t be afraid of the enemies

Berajá i salu ke se te aga
Blessings and healthy wishes for you
This is often used to wish prosperity to someone who started a new project, can also be used at the start of a meal

Kaminos de leche i miel
Paths of milk and honey
Good wishes when you say goodbye to someone

Another sneak peek of evil!Kaneki AU

Mod A and I are tentatively calling it “Goodbye, the end. Hello, the end,” but that is subject to change. Let us know when you think.

“Touka-chan,” he whispers, his legs tremble as he takes a step towards her, and he collapses into her arms, and the weight of him makes them both collapsed on top of all of the other bodies. He looks her over with tired, frantic eyes. She sags into his arms, completely defeated and boneless.

What on earth had happened? She looks around with panic, the pale husks of bodies keeping them from the blood and sludge that covers the ground. Whose blood was it? Bile rises up her throat, she closes her eyes and swallows.

Count to three. She repeats to herself. Take a deep breath and count to three.

There is a small part of her that hopes, wishes, that this is all a nightmare. That she’s hit her head somewhere and had a frightening dream. But her open eyes show her the harshness of her reality. Her husband’s tired eyes take in her whole body, relieved when he finds the blood is not hers.

She finds his relief equally as frightening.

Who would find comfort in so many deaths?

As long as it wasn’t you, her treacherous heart reminds her. You’ve caused this. Every second, it gets harder and harder to accept. Ken pulls the front of her shirt open, the plastic buttons skittering across and getting lost in the chaos. His red hands palm over her belly gently, finding the skin dyed pink from the blood.

“You’re okay,” He murmurs with a heavy voice. “I’m so happy.”

She cups his face gently, making him meet her eyes. Was he okay? The Ken she knew would be devastated and yet all she sees in the heterochromic madness of his eyes.

She closes her eyes again.

He grasps her hands, leaning in to kiss her eyes and then her palms, moving them lower and lower until he sucks a bruise into the swell of her breasts. It blooms red, like a loving brand on her skin.

“Do you want to go?” She asks with a shaky, croaky voice. “I-I’m worried – about the others –”

He shushes her, drawing a finger to her lips as he kisses the side of her face. He smells of blood, hair dark and eyes shadowed with something she was sure neither would ever be able to come back from. The creaking from the destruction around them and the rush of water from the broken enclave of tunnels reverberate around them, creating an inescapable silence that shakes her to her core. He’s bathed in blood and he has baptized her in the same.

He seems to be hardly even listening to what she was even saying. “Kaneki?” She questions. “W-We need to find the others –”

“You’re safe,” he murmurs, like he hadn’t heard her. He kisses the other side of her face, before brushing his lips against her cheek, dragging them to her lips. She stiffens, but allows him this comfort as she sags against him. His hands come to cradle her cheeks as he kisses her. He was always a little taller, but he seems to dwarf her now, and his back has to hunch just to deepen the kiss.

She draws back, “The others –,” she tries again, only to be silenced with another kiss. He tastes like blood.

“I was – so worried,” he admits, whispering against her mouth, “I was afraid – I thought I hadn’t made it in time. I thought –”

He wasn’t showing any interest in speaking about the others at all. It concerns her, but she decides to place her worry on the back-burner for now. He’s shivering against her, eyes glassy with a sheen of unshed tears. “Look,” she says, “I’m okay,” she reassures.

i wanna talk Ken

i wanna know why he leapt to ‘killer angel’.

I mean…….. angel.

In the comparative Dirk-Todd conversation, Todd says 'you really are some sort of Holistic Detective’ - which is the term Dirk used. But Bart’s never called herself an angel. She’s bemused by the term, in fact.

But Ken calls her angel. A proper, old testament, slayer of evil angel. Ken has been looking for this proof, this proof that something otherworldly, protective and righteous, exists.

For someone who is so able with technology, that has a less-than-legal past, he leaps to religion, to faith.

She is what he has been searching for - proof of divine retribution. His angel. And he isn’t scared. He doesn’t run - despite the fact he’s probably broken enough rules, committed enough sin, to deserve retribution himself.


anonymous asked:

You know who would be a better villain than Infinite? Scourge! Think about it, he is the same idea only made intentionally stupid and ironic and could be good meta-commentary on OC culture. What do you think?

Hm. Hmmmmmm.

“I’m an evil Sonic but I love it and I obnoxiously rub it in everybody’s faces” is certainly better than the direction they’ve been going, yeah. Instead of the stoic, stonewalled edge lord, get somebody in there who enjoys throwing his weight around and has fun dunking on Sonic WITHOUT making him in to a goober like the Deadly Six were.

The idea has merit.