evil joker

No but seriously imagine being a civilian in gotham and trying to start a hobby “i tried to start collecting stamps but now all my co-workers think i’m going to be the next themed supervillain”


The Joker: Hey, Sauron!  Doesn’t your flaming eye have the unique ability to peer through time and space?

Sauron: Uh huh.

The Joker: Well, I need to find Batman.  Where’s homeboy’s man-cave?

Sauron:  Hmmm…Give me a second…Scanning noise…It’s beneath Wayne Manor!

The Joker:  WHOA!  Whoa.  Whoa  Whoa.  Whoa.  Whoa.  Hold on a second.  Are you trying to tell me that Bruce Wayne is Batman…’s roommate?  

Sauron: Uh, yeah…

-”The Lego Batman Movie”   


your legacy will be death and madness.

The people of this city are slaves. They get up everyday and go to work so they can pay their taxes and mortgages, they believe what papers tell them, they fear what  the politicians feed them. See, they are mentally shackled and yet they do nothing about it. But there was someone who understood, someone who spoke out, who stood up to the jailers puppets… a man with no fear.

Tomco Week Day 4: Cosplay

Are they friends, are they enemies or are they…loversFriendenemies?

(NAILED IT XD.., don’t kill me)

I watched Iron man sucks The Lego Batman Movie, I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing my lungs out. I had a blast and has to be my favorite movie just in the beginning of 2017…which is funny that this wasn’t my MOST expected movie that I was going to enjoy, I’m waiting for Guardians Of the Galaxy 2

I couldn’t resist, Joker was such a cutie, and Batman was acting like his normal batman self XD. It’s quite funny how we view their relationship as this love hate “hero against villain” and how they just go well as themselves…

you can’t imagine how much this one was don’t get me wrong I had fun with all my previous works BUT THIS ONE

OMG…I still can’t stop smiling from doing this!

Also, I want to thank the person who drew this to get an idea of tom with a new style…or it would’ve looked A LOT worse XD

Found out this drawing was drawn by seunghyeoni, but found she’s not here but on Twitter, so she deserves the credit ;)

Art (the top one) by me

Tom and Marco belong to Disney

Batman and Joker belong to Warner Bros.

God bless you :3

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speakingintothevoid  asked:

Hey, in your recent Poison-Ivy-wraps-Batman-in-kudzu fic you mention that Harley died, and in Sweet you mention that she was "dunked" by the Joker. Did Joker kill Harley at some point? (Also curious if it's related to Harley's red-rimmed irises)

i don’t know who started the whole ‘joker dunked harley in the same chemical bath that jokerized him’ thing, but i stole it and added in some ‘technically this was murder it just didn’t stick’ - it bleached her skin/hair/eyes, interfered with her ability to feel pain (so she’s capable of terrifying feats of strength that basically tear her body apart because she can’t feel that that’s what she’s doing), and interacted weirdly with her schizophrenia (got rid of her tics, reduced her focus and impulse control, worsened her visual hallucinations and susceptibility to delusions) (it also changed how she responds to her meds which is why it’s so much harder for her to stay medicated)

i added the eyes thing because it seemed like something capable of bleaching joker and harley to look like perma-clowns would have other visual effects beyond the usual joker’s-green-hair. also i thought it would be kinda cool and creepy.

(my theory is that the original joker chemical bath idea came about because figuring out what would and would not completely ruin someone’s makeup is a pain in the dick and saying ‘no they actually just look like that’ solves the problem pretty neatly, and once you’re doing more with harley she runs into the same problem/solution)