evil joe

Ready to pounce on an unsuspecting prey!

When I first saw that intro of Joe where he landed on a G. Jaggi I was like “Dude… that’s brutal” And today I’m like: “This is still brutal.”

On a sidenote, I remember the time when I played MH Tri and met Joe the first time.. ah good days.. no wait.. actually.. he was really scary and every time his music started to play I was really really scared and still I am to this day. Still a great monster xD And at last I learned his moves so I won’t die instantly when meeting him xD

Trying to get back into drawing, finding my “style” which will never happen but at last I like drawing. Right? .. right. xD

  • random person: *compares Donald Trump to Voldemort*
  • me: YESSSSS.
  • my thoughts: Except he's not a Slytherin -- he's impulsive, rash, hot-tempered, and puts a lot of value on his public image and how people see him...plus he shows no resourcefulness, self-preservation, or loyalty to his inner-circle, since he had multiple divorces and only seems focused on himself. So basically he's an evil Gryffindor! ...Wait. What about Hillary? SHE shows resourcefulness, cleverness, and loyalty to her inner circle...plus she is methodical in her decision-making, can be incredibly flexible, and will kiss up to people to get her way. And of course she was vilified by people who mistook her cleverness for deviousness--OH MY GOD, HILLARY IS A GOOD SLYTHERIN HOLY COW.
"every hour, every minute"

-Barry to Iris
-Iris to Barry

she fucking remembered. how much do you want to bet that he sings that to her sometimes when she can’t sleep. or jokingly in the shower. fuck. me. up. it’s going to be their first dance song. if it’s not. so help me god. I will go to Vancouver. and make shit happen.

Boy’s Show vs Girl’s Show by @joeywaggoner

I seriously don’t understand why when some parents are OK with girls watching so called “boy’s show” while making fun or not liking boy’s watching “girls shows”. If you like/love a show, watch it! Who cares if a girl likes Transformers, G.I Joe or Action shows, and who cares if a boy watches My Little Pony, Star vs the Forces of Evil (which is what the boy is watching in the second panel) or less actions shows! There’s way more guys watching MLP and Star vs. than girls and there’s a big female fandom for so called boy’s shows and I see nothing wrong with it!

Never let somebody tell you “you’re too old to watch this” or “It’s a girls/boys show, you can’t watch that” If you love these shows, watch them! 😉

Things that have made 2016 less shitty

-Stranger Things
-Gilmore Girls (when it comes back!)
-Joe Biden memes
-Evil kermit memes
-Harry Potter book
-And movie
-The pandas are growing
-Same with Tigers
-Alex Aiono and William Singe collab
-I graduated high school
-I saw P!ATD live
-And 5SOS

*Add your own and just pray 2017 is better*