evil has never looked so good

So my brother, Liam, and I were watching Megamind last night.

After the beginning part, my brother pauses the movie and says to me:

“This movie isn’t about a bad guy changing and becoming good.

It’s about how this little kid, has been told all his life that he’s bad.  And no matter what he does or how hard he tries, nothing he does changes anyone’s mind about him, until one day he just accepts it.

How he’s been told he’s evil for so long that he just accepts it.  Every evil thing he does, is because he knows that is what everyone expects of him.  He doesn’t even necessarily like it.  It’s what he thinks he SHOULD be doing or SHOULD enjoy as a villain.

Look at Megamind.  He’s dramatic, he’s positive, he’s fun and easy to get along with.  He’s not evil.

Once he starts seeing Roxanne, he finally has someone who makes him feel good, and he does everything he can to make her happy.  He cares about her.  That’s not evil.

Megamind is about a misunderstood kid, that was never given a chance.

Megamind is about how society, ultimately failed a child.”

Then he pressed play and we went back to watching the movie.

After that conversation, the movie was a LOT sadder…..

Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets/The Most Sacred Oath

I’m guessing you can’t hear me squeal over your own squeals, but I’ll just keep at it a little longer, okay? Okay. 

Man, this episode read like very good fanfiction, and while I’m disappointed Dean never found out Cas used to be a woman (although, they did have a conversation about that, so Steve gets points anyway), everything else was plain amazing. I’m actually tempted to do a recap that’s just shouting words into the void, because, seriously, that would be enough, but - okay, let me watch that thing again and then I’ll write a proper meta.


(Deep breath.)

So, let’s get one thing out of the way: we already know why this story works so damn well, but it’s worth saying it one more time, because this is what the whole episode was about.

A human and an angel: not meant to be.

Ishim said humans are dangerous to angels, and I agree with him: if angels want to understand humans, to truly become friends with them, to live among them - well - look at what’s that done to Cas. Caring about humans is, apparently, different than caring about another angel; it forces you to give up something deep inside yourself. You become - weaker, unhappy. Doubt-ridden. Trapped between two worlds, and fit for neither. And as for humans - if they truly wish to get closer to angels - to speak their language, to know enough about their magic and weapons to be able help them when they’re in trouble or hurt - that literally costs them their souls.

It’s a tragedy. It’s doomed.

But, of course, it’s not completely hopeless. What would be the point of writing a love story if you know from the start nothing can never happen at all? No - love can conquer all, and this episode dangled it in front of us - the angel who chose humanity, who tried to defend the person he loved from his own brothers, and the human who was fascinated with angels and knew enough about them to make it work.

(They had a daughter, sort of, and let’s cry about that for the rest of eternity, because can you see it? Dean loves kids, and -)

Anyway. We’ve known for a while that angels - I mean, the price Cas paid for his loyalty to the Winchesters (his love for Dean) - that’s harrowing. But this idea that humans need to sacrifice their soul to become closer to angels - thanks for that, Steve. I’m fine.

And surely, at this point, there is no other way this could end? Because what Sam and Cas share - yeah, that’s what friendship looks like, but Dean and Cas - right. And so Cas went and said it (“You mean too much to me.”) and Dean just holed up in his room for the rest of the week? He never said a word to Cas? And, Jesus, Cas thinks Dean’s angry? At him? I’m glad this, at least, was spelled out clearly, because apparently some people still don’t get it and read Dean’s emotions at face value and no, Dean was not angry - he was worried out of his damn mind, and he’s got reason to be, because Cas still doesn’t fucking get it: “I don’t regret what I did, even if it costs me my life”.

The idiot - the useless, fucking idiot.

(“Smelly. Dirty. Twice the worry about getting ganked.”)

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Imagine moving into Hell with Crowley and Juliet seeing you as a mom.

Originally posted by lossek

Many hunters would have marked you down as insane for moving into Hell with the king of it, but you saw nothing wrong with it. So what you were in love with Crowley! He never hurt you physically or mentally like some of the other douche bags that linger in your past. He was actually one of the better men you have been with, which says a lot because he wasn’t even human. Being with Crowley has been a good thing rather than bad due to how eye opening it was. Before he came along, you always saw supernatural creatures as one thing, evil. Now, some of the cruelest creatures were your bodyguards and some even your friends. Looking back at all of your previous cases, guilt engulfed your body and mind. What if they weren’t causing any harm? What if they were just trying to get by like you? What if-

“Son of a bitch!” you cursed loudly as the ground came up to break your fall. Now out of your private reverie, reality came up to greet you painfully, but anger replaced that when you saw your king laughing at you sprawled out on the concrete flooring.

Ever since you moved, Juliet had taken a very special liking to you. Instead of chewing your shoes or using your limbs as a toy, she decided that you were the one she was going to get attached to. It was like you were the mother and she was a mere pup. It was cute at first, but now it was getting annoying. Considering the fact you couldn’t see her, it was impossible to tell if she was beside you, behind you, or in front of you. Daily trips to the ground was nothing uncommon.

“Do you find this funny?” you snapped at Crowley as Juliet curled up in your lap. She was clearly too big, but that didn’t stop her from attempting to act like a lap dog.

“A little bit,” Crowley teased with a hint of a smile.


cant believe my tiny baby is growing up to be such a vaguely evil-looking babe
im so proud

anonymous asked:

Come now, Julia, you really think you've done nothing wrong? Sam & Caitriona disagree. They've been shown what you, Lauren & Jess have said about them, about Tony & Mackenzie. There's nothing wrong with calling Tony Cait's PA, purse holder, gay, or Mackenzie an attention seeking babywhore? You made a big mistake by trying to garner pity instead of taking responsibility for your actions. Shipping is fine, insulting Sam, Cait, Tony, Mackenzie isn't. Come clean to your followers about our messages.

and you think your hands are totally clean, right? shippers have done everything wrong but you’ve been nothing but the perfect angel of a fan, right? you ask me to own up to my actions. Fine. I apologized for what I said about Mackenzie and I deleted the post and that was months ago. What more do you want me to do? Calling Tony Cait’s PA is not an insult, nor is calling him her purse holder since that’s literally what he does. He holds her purse and her jacket. Nor is guessing that he might be gay when everything he’s shown me says he might be. If he’s not, well then I’m terribly sorry for assuming such awful things about a person (note the HEAVY sarcasm. apparently being gay is an awful thing in your mind. I’d rather choose to accept everyone for who they are). 

The only thing, in my mind, that I’m guilty of is maybe being too harsh on asshole anons, like yourself. AND YES I am calling you what you are - an asshole. Deal with it. Call me a rude bitch some more, I can’t wait to read that. Maybe I’m guilty of being too quick to judge, being a bit too passive aggressive and sarcastic at times. God forgive me, I’m a human being, much like yourself. I think. I’m allowed to have feelings. I’m allowed to express said feelings and opinions ON MY BLOG without the fear of having my job threatened. 

YOU are the ones coming to harass shippers. YOU are the ones mining for information about us and Sam and Cait. YOU are the ones who brought Tony and Mackenzie and Abbie and every other random anonymous person into the spotlight. YOU. Not shippers, antis. So I’m really terribly sorry we weren’t nice to the people you dragged into this mess. But I am not sorry for shipping. I am not sorry for finding joy in Sam and Cait, both separately and together, and I am not sorry for wanting to believe two people are in love. How dare I, right? Had I known it would end in me writing a police report, I’d probably never have started shipping.

All of you, every single “person” who considers yourself an anti, has crossed a line so many times at this point it’s a fucking miracle karma hasn’t bitten you in the ass in more ways than one. You have stalked, harassed, doxed, threatened and abused shippers for years. Years. I highly suggest you take a good hard look in the mirror before you preach one more time about how shippers are the evil ones in this fandom. The lack of self-awareness in this fandom is absolutely mind boggling. 

And with that, I’m closing my anons. Believe me, this is not what I want to do but for my own sanity I have to for a bit. So anything more you want to tell me, you’re going to have to do it with a username attached. I dare any of you to send me an ounce of this bullshit with your username attached to it. 

The Signs According to Books 1-3 of the Zodiac series


Taurus: Is probably always right. The cool big sister of the zodiac. 

Gemini: 10/10 would invite to a party.

Cancer: Can’t catch a break. Ever. As in, the universe will probably implode before they catch a break. 

Leo: Cares too damn much. Biggest strength, bigger weakness. Impossible not to like; if they stabbed you, you’d apologize for getting blood on their knife-level likeable. 

Virgo: idk, man? Romina Russell was trying so hard not to self-insert, it’s almost painful. Probably 👍🏽 

Libra: A f*cking delight. Coolest people you will ever meet. Also kind, smart af, adventurous, kinda slutty (and soooo good at it 😉). Hands down the best.

Scorpio: Looks like it’s evil. Walks like it’s evil. Quacks like it’s evil. Shockingly un-evil. Low key badass who you probably want on your side when the going gets rough. 

Sagittarius: Pretty and popular, but has no filter. You will never have to question how they feel about you. 

Capricorn: The Gandalf of the zodiac. The Dumbledore books 1-6 of the zodiac. Listen for they are wise. Human personification of cuddling up next to a fireplace with a blanket and cocoa on a cold winter’s night. 

Aquarius: The root of all evil. Everything that has ever or will ever be seductive. A dream you could get lost in. Knows you better than you know yourself. 

Pisces: Kind. Selfless. Good. Cinnamon roll. Literally too pure for this world–it will probably get them killed. 

Ophiuchus: Oh, you poor thing


“J-Hope is bright guy, laughs a lot and has become hopeful like his name. J-Hope has good energy that effects everyone in a good way and I think J-hope is awesome. And people think he’s always nice and innocent. But, inside his smiley face, there’s an evil living there. J-Hope winds me up all the time but never stop smiling even when he does that. But you can never punch someone who looks so happy like that.” – Jimin

Little M’s simple edits (6/) (©)

Jimin about J-Hope’s mean side

J-Hope is a bright guy, laugh a lot and has become hopeful like his name. J-Hope has good energy that effects everyone in a good way and i think J-hope is awesome. And people think he’s always nice and innocent. But, inside his smiley face, there’s an evil living there. J-Hope winds me up all the time but never stop smiling even when he does that. But you can never punch someone who looks so happy like that”.

One Piece 858 thoughts

Finally I find the time/mood to make another review! And couldn’t be a chapter for it. 

My wifi hates me, so not many images today. Let’s start with the wonderful, glorious, cover - The first one, because we even have two. To all the people who said Luffy shouldn’t forgive Sanji, the rest of the crew is still angry with him… here’s your answer. The crew has many different characters and responses on all kinds of situations, but this doesn’t change: they have the utmost respect for their captain and will follow his judgement. 

This is actually something that evolved after the timeskip: Luffy is now clearly more mature. The death of Ace had him forcefully realize that adventure and friendship  is all good and so on, but at some point you must stop and think. Luffy before timeskip was about to tell Usopp to leave the crew and lose Zoro’s respect. Luffy, now, asks questions - to Sanji - and listens to answers - that he thankfully understands as lies. 

As for the second one… well. 

You lost because you didn’t win

English-speaking people must have a difficult time realizing how it feels to learn a bit of English in middle school and starting to write random cool phrases that mean eveything but als kinda notjing worth saying like “I love you” or “Be yourself xoxo” on each other’s diaries. It’s a teenage thing - or maybe not, since I still write poems on my walls -, it’s a phase, it passes. Apparently Oda- sensei isn’t out of it yet. And likes tautologies. 

By the way I lpve this cover because it literally supports every ship possible with Nami: Sanami, Zonami, Lunami… but in particular SANAMI BECAUSE THE FRICKING NUMBER ON HER SHIRT IS A 73. Whatever. Leave me alone. Other than that, as per @sanjiafsincedayone‘s posts we know that 73 and 32 rapresents Sanji and Nami. So I guess the other numbers have some meaning as well. 

I don’t really get the point of this page… to show that the wedding is approaching - as per the clock…? - nor the point of this new character. Oda generally gives everything a meaning, but sometimes he doesn’t… I think. 

Pekoms is being held prisoner back by Jinbei’s crew not to let him spill a word of the plan to Big Mom - this dude is way too loyal, that witch doesn’t deserve him. I like seeing some strange races every now and then and I just looove Praline’s design, I’d let her step on me - something she couldn’t do, given the fact she has no legs lol - but every time I see her, I fricking wonder: HOW DID BIG MOM GIVE BIRTH TO A MERMAID. To be more specific: HOW DID SHE CONCEIVE HER

But One Piece is kids-friendly so I guess we’ll never know, uh…

Big Mom leaves her  underlings quite a bit of freedom, letting Bege even have his own castle. Vito the evil fanboy - in contrast to Bartolomeo the good fanboy - meets them and tells them to have a bath. And Luffy’s the one staying focused on the most urgent matters, can you believe it??? But Sanji and Luffy look at each other and agree they do quite stink LOL

The boys get some fanservice and we get some hints and recap. For us hardcore fans of One Piece this is quite useless, but since all the friends I have that don’t read OP say it’s because it’s too long and there’s too much stuff to remember …I guess it makes sense. And with what Carrot says here, I’m more and more convinced she’ll join the crew - or at the very least be with them for a while longer. 

Lola’s was asked in marriage by the the Giants’ prince, Loki - named after the Northern Mythology god of deceit Loki, but this is tumblr and Tom Hiddleston exists, I don’t really need to tell you right? -, here goes the double gag, cause

A. She was asked in marriage - because of her personality I guess, but jokes aside, she was really a good girl

B. They still understood Lola=/=Chiffon, I don’t know how.

And by the way for the Sanami shippers here, Nami is impressed at the mention of a prince

So my theory of Mama needing Ceasar’s help because of her hatred towards giants was partially correct. She wanted their army and now wants to get the Vinsmokes’. Also, she’s an abusive parent, but nothing new here. 

Here’s just how big Sanji’s heart his. Personally, I would side with Chiffon, I don’t think she’s cruel or anything, many would side with her, and I can tell because so many thought not only Sanji would let his family die, but even kill them himself. And instead…

They beat him. Verbally and emotionally abused him. His own father tried to kill him, and now are using him… and even so…

Getting to the gag stuff - which, as always, I love - Brook did in fact have a fierce battle, Luffy! And yet again, how is the level-headed one… I’d never thought I’d put “Luffy” and “level-headed” in the same sentence ….

What the hell is up with your bodies!

We all ‘ve been wondering hon. W’all ‘ve been wondering. 

Next up, the Mafia runaway! I love how they look, so 20′s … but why didn’t they give Sanji a suit as well? I know it’s what he wears all the time, but he’ll end up looking unelegant in comparison, and I cannot have that. Carrot’s so adorable with her hat, but Pedro just feels terribly uneasy, you can tell, and not because Ceasar’s sitting right next to him. 

Ahhhh he’s wearing shorts! He couldn’t be that elegant I guess. Pity. 


For once!


Is no-one going to say anything at Luffy wearing two hats? Okay…

And then the mess happens. Poor Jinbei. He’s astonished. 

Yup.  We all wonder. 

substition bride with Nami please? 

anonymous asked:

One the reasons we are really against evil Lena is because we now know that she's an angel and because of her relationship with Kara. But also I don't think I'm the only that assumed that she was gonna be evil when the character was announced and Katie was casted. If we hadn't met this Lena, if we were still there where we didn't know would you rather have the Lena we have now or evil Lena since the beggining? Cause evil Lena could have been great and Katie would be amazing playing that too

Ohhh good question anon!

I admit, I was one of many that also assumed Katie was going to play a baddie. She plays them so well and puts so much heart into the characters. Even when some of the first pictures were released it was still easy to make that assumption. I mean….

She definitely has that look, yeah? Part of me would have been totally down. I’m used to loving villains anyway and Katie would have rocked it. However, if we had never met good Lena… Hmmm, knowing what I know about Supergirl I think it is really important to let Lena be good. At this point, Kara needs someone like Lena. A good Lena brings a great dynamic to the show and also gives the show the opportunity to further the notion of women supporting women. I feel like too much time has been spent deferring and at times even reversing the strong feminist-based message that made the show what it was during season 1.

So at this point, when you see Kara, who no longer has Cat Grant, and is constantly sharing scenes with the likes of M*n-El, and has been slowly converted into the hand-holding, babysitting, love interest that thinks it’s okay to just be Supergirl and have a boyfriend, and is at times being belittled by Snapper Carr it is really really important for her to have a positive female influence like Lena in her life. Lena has not only proven to be an angel, but has been one of the people – one of the women that has supported and validated Kara Danvers since the beginning. Yes she has it in Alex, but she needs it from more than just her sister. This is especially so since Alex is also being developed further and has branched into a great story of her own. She can’t just be a crutch. Kara can never have too many female supporters. As a matter of fact, Kara really needs it. The show really needs it and if they are smart, they will keep Lena the way she is. She has been so well-written and to throw it all away at this point would be nonsensical.

So yeah, initially I did like the idea of Katie playing another bad girl. I love when she does. But I think even if she had been bad, she still would have been complex and not just a single-dimensional villain serving a short purpose. I think they would have spent time on her story and I most likely would have thought, ‘Wow, what if she weren’t bad? She and Kara would be amazing if things were different!’ So good girl Lena it is!

I’m rambling now, but I recall Katie once saying that she didn’t think she made a convincing good girl. She said that she felt you had to be an excellent actress to convince an audience that your character is good and she didn’t know if she was capable. Pretty sure she has proven herself wrong there! Look how she has grown!

Thanks for the ask anon! I love early morning thinky thoughts!! 💗

A Playbutton or This?

You remember how you said you wanted a YouTuber AU for Captive Prince.
I have been thinking.

I can hear the fandom declaring Laurent as a fashion vlogger, beauty guru type person, because he’s got the face for it, and the holier-than-thou attitude that you might expect from a model, and to them I say what book series have you been reading. If anyone is going to be gently judging other people’s clothes for a living, it’s gonna be Damen. 

Therefore, I declare Damen a beauty guru who focuses primarily on clothes (though if you don’t think he has Things To Say on other stuff, you should watch search through his channel for a series he calls The War of Makeups). Everyone assumes that he is, at first glance, some online fitness instructor, or at a stretch maybe a DIY person. Someone who wears a lot of flannel and films himself as he hikes around swinging axes impressively at trees.

Everyone is wrong, and Damen kind of really enjoys the double-take everyone always does when he introduces himself. Because, like, his channel name is pretty recognizable. CaptiveDamnen (he is so proud of that channel name you have no idea) is a big deal in the community, it’s just the person that no one is expecting.

Laurent, on the other hand, is definitely a sketch comedian. Probably writes and performs everything himself, very clinical, very professional. He’s a competent video editor, because he’d never enter into a project without at the very least understanding every aspect of it, but he also probably hires a film major named Jord to help him shoot and edit so that it looks perfect. Whenever he shows up to meet and greets he manages to leave without a hair out of place.

Damen spends like half a live show the night after a big YouTube event trying to answer people’s questions about what products Laurent must use to be able to mingle with literally a thousand fans and still look like he’s ready for a professional photo shoot.

Damen, on the other hand, is very home-grown YouTube. Not that it’s shittily done, not at all, but it doesn’t have the slightly unrealistic veneer that Laurent has all over his videos. He shoots and edits himself ninety nine percent of the time.

While Laurent does excel at playing every single part himself, he also has a common costar by the name of Nicaise. No one quite knows why, because while Nicaise is a good actor and quite frankly stunning to look at, he’s probably the most evil person in the world in real life, and he makes absolutely no attempt to hide it. Fans have spent years trying to figure out the puzzle that is Nicaise and Laurent’s relationship, ever since Nicaise appeared in one of the earliest videos as a tiny, angelic looking, extraordinarily bratty child of nine. He’s not related, Laurent has never made any mention of any sort of deal between them, and Nicaise was there from the beginning so he can’t possibly have been looking to ride on Laurent’s coattails, because that was long before Laurent, and indeed the YouTube platform, had any pull anywhere.

Damen, on the other hand, most often collaborates with a fellow YouTuber, a-


Shit. Dude. Shit. Like, the sketch comedy thing makes sense because Laurent is, like, the king of wearing a different face, but I’ve already written an actor AU, and, like, Laurent would also totally be a gamer.

Like, he doesn’t look the type at all, but he is absolutely 100% the kind of person who would adore the competitive, strategic world of online gaming and he would kill as a cool, sarcastic commentator navigating his way flawlessly through level after level of the most complicated, mind-fucky games.

He still edits everything with surgical precision, his entire setup is always crystal clear and perfect, and he still gets an obvious professional to edit the videos. Nicaise is still his incredibly bratty occasional costar who nobody can figure out the purpose of, other than to look pretty and call Laurent names and purposefully get him killed.



Damen most often collaborates with a DIY YouTuber, Nikandros, who helps Damen out with the more crafty projects that require equipment that Damen doesn’t really want to go out and buy, in exchange for Damen going through Nik’s closet and finding him good date outfits while Nik stares bewilderedly at Damen’s back and very clearly does not absorb a single tip Damen gives him. Their combined audiences apparently adore watching him quietly putting a pillow over his head and giving up in abject defeat while in the background Damen keeps up a light patter of information about how it’s not his closet that’s wrong, it’s the way he’s pairing his clothes.

Damen claims that he’s an expert strategist, which is why he’s able to work the magic that he does. He says that it’s not so much an inborn “girly” knowledge of what colors suit each other as it is understanding the component parts of an outfit and how they all play together.

Damen says this at a YouTube event panel, where he and maybe fifteen other YouTubers with completely different channels have all been herded onto a stage to discuss the common links between them as members of the YouTube platform, rather than as individual creators. Nik is sitting beside him, and makes furious cutting off motions as Damen declares himself a strategist, to the amusement of the whole crowd, leaving Damen to let his sentence trail off in confusion as he looks left at his friend and doesn’t notice the icy glare coming from his right from the probably rightfully proclaimed king of strategy himself, Laurent of the channel PrinceVere.

He keeps on not noticing until Laurent leans into the microphone and says, “Expert strategist?” with enough polite poison in his voice to make the entire audience go OOOooooooooooooo as one.

Damen turns around, still so incredibly confused, and says, “Yes, I am a strategist,” and then, looking rather derisively at Laurent’s clothing choice, “You might not think of clothing as a winnable venture, but I do.”

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okay but question

how do circle runes work??

like did valentine actually make an entirely new rune specifically to be his special shadowhunter-style dark mark?? if so, how??? like i thought runes were super special angel language stuff, and only super special angel blood clary can make them. so. what the fuck

or is it like, a rune was specifically designed to mean “for racist evil people” like raziel specifically designed a naturally occurring voldemort mark! seems legit

i guess the most likely answer is that the rune actually means something else, and is for some other purpose, and valentine adopted it to suit his means. after which point, it’s meaning was sort of lost (not lost so much as ignored) and it became a symbol of hate, like the swastika, which originally meant like, peace or something?? but is now associated with hitler and really bad things

anyway, if that’s the case… i have so many questions oh my fucking god

why is it so simple and straightforward when others aren’t? most runes are all elegant lines and criss-cross patterns or whatever, but nooo this is just a fuckin circle. okay then. why the fuck not

and what did it originally mean? did valentine choose it for its meaning? i mean like, “infinite” would make sense, because, you know, circle. and valentine would probably like something pretentious like that. but what the fuck would an infinite rune do?? seriously?? that’s an honest question, because i actually have no fucking idea

if not that, then what? and whatever it is, can people just like, not use it anymore? what if it’s something really useful? like valentine chose it because it’s super practical or something and now shadowhunters just straight-up can’t use it. like ever. i mean, for totally understandable reasons, but still.

or is it just some old, random and useless rune?? like valentine was like “no one uses this anyway so now it’s mine” and really the circle rune means like, “fantastic shaving ability” or “flaring your nostrils like, really well”. and all circle members can just flare their nostrils super good

or are there just a bunch of runes that don’t mean anything and valentine was like “oh, that one looks dope” and decided to make on his Symbol of Evil? where are these useless tattoos stored? is there some book in idris called “useless runes for dummies” or something??

or even worse, there’s just a bunch of runes that no one knows the function of because they’re just that damn Old as Balls and valentine chose one and hoped it wouldn’t kill him when he drew it?? and now every circle member is slowly getting rune cancer or something

or it’s still utterly useless and they just haven’t noticed that when they get on their tip-toes, it doesn’t hurt as much, or when they wear nail polish it always looks good and never chips and they’re like so boss what do it do and he’s like fuck if i know just draw it on your damn neck. right in plain sight, where everyone can see it. draw the Symbol of Evil …k boss

or is the circle rune just a symbol, not even a proper rune? like you could draw a dick on someone with a stele and as long as they had angel blood, it would take and leave a mark (if that’s possible, you can bet your ass jace has done that as a “prank”) so valentine was like “what should i do for my Evil Symbol?? ah yes, a circle, that would look dope” and he just drew a fuckin circle on his neck because why the fuck not? it looks cool, doesn’t it jocelyn?? yeah babe it looks totally badass see i told you lucian both of you have terrible taste

how did his followers react?? so, boss, what’s our Evil Symbol?? is it a hydra?? or a skull?? is there a snake? pls tell me there’s a snake get this: it’s a circle. pretty fuckin badass, right?? we can even like, call ourselves “the circle”. damn i’m a genius that’s lame shut up lucian you smell like wet dog that doesn’t even make sense it will later in the timeline

like honestly what the fuck even is the circle rune

i haven’t slept in forever and this all i can think about why am i such a big nerd

Yana and editor K’s tweets about the Circus arc, Musical (2017) and GFantasy

Source: X, X

English translation:

Yana: 8 years have passed since I wrote the Circus arc. I’ve just remembered that while drawing it, I tried to elaborate on the theme “there are certain things that don’t turn out well no matter how hard you try” (which is actually an improper theme for the entertainment industry) as well as the theme of “the seemingly reversed right and wrong”. Even though Sebastian [a demon] is the main character of this series, all arcs of Kuroshitsuji are supposed to be a paean to human beings.

Yana: The Circus crew were mercilessly eliminated by the servants. You might feel sorry for them but actually, they came to kidnap [a child]. Be it the manga, anime or the musical, I received the feedback that people rather empathised with the Circus crew and thus felt distressed [by their fate]. I guess Sebastian and Ciel really must have looked like the bad guys. Though, actually, they’ve never really been good-hearted to begin with… (lol)

Editor K: That scene in the musical [version of the Circus Arc] where Sebastian and Ciel laugh at Joker, who has just threatened them [to kill anyone at the manor]… They had such “bad guys” vibes, I was really surprised!

Yana: Oh that scene! I’m so thankful to Mr. Furukawa [*Sebastian’s actor] and Mr. Uchikawa [*Ciel’s actor]. They looked very evil indeed (lol) I mean this as a genuine compliment, of course! In that moment Sebastian and Ciel were actually the heroes who punished the serial child kidnapper… …at least in that very moment…

Editor K: It was shocking to see how an adult and an actual child were laughing in the same evil way.

Yana: The Circus arc is an arc where even I as the author can’t judge who was right and who was bad. Back when it was serialized in the GFantasy magazine, anime season 1 was airing in full swing. I’m really grateful to Square Enix for greenlighting this story *under such circumstances. [*Note: Since the atmosphere in the Circus arc was much darker than in the anime, it could have led to confusion for the new audience who got into this series through the anime.]

Editor K: They immediately reject the slightest depiction of underwear, but on the other hand, give full approval to a dark plot like that in the Circus Arc. The GFantasy [editorial department] is such an interesting place, isn’t it?

Yana: Come to speak of it, the drawers and corsets which I always draw so enthusiastically have never been rejected either. GFantasy really is a nice place.

Editor K: Indeed!!

Yana: Sebastian might be amused by the human beings who fight to protect their own world, and laughing at them from a demon’s point of view in the current musical version of the Circus arc. However, in the animated movie of the Luxury Liner arc, which will be released in January next year, he’ll find himself rolling over the floor and vomiting blood due to his self-imposed challenge to maintain the aesthetic [of a butler], so please look forward to it, too. *advertises bluntly*


♡Proofread by lovely @minacchin


In which Marcus gets amnesia and forgets he used to be an asshole

“Abby!  Abby!  Get a load of this. Thelonious is cracking me up.  He’s trying to convince me we all used to live in space.”

“We did babe.“


“Yeah, why do you think we all now currently live in the wreckage of a crashed space ship?“

“I thought it was just a bold design choice.“


“But then how could I be an advocate for peace and harmony among all nations if we all lived together on one tiny spaceship?“

“You weren’t, babe, you were kind of a dick.”

“I was?“

“Yeah, you were a dictatorial authoritarian who threw people in jail for disagreeing with you.“

“Um I think you’re referring to Pike.”

“Kane, did you forget the part where you had Jake Griffin executed?“

“That doesn’t sound like me at ALL.  Why would I do that?“

“Because the ship was running out of oxygen and he wanted to tell everyone, and you were afraid there would be riots.”

“Hmmm.  Sounds like a tough call.  What did Clarke say?  I always consult Clarke on sensitive political matters.”

“You arrested her, Kane.“

“Uh, hello, why would I arrest my stepdaughter?“

“Kane –“

“Why would I ever do something that would cause physical or emotional harm to someone who is so important to me?“

“Ooooooh, this is gonna be awkward.“


“You’re forgetting about the part where you had Abby whipped, aren’t you?“

“Babe why would you tell Thelonious about that?”

“No, babe, he doesn’t mean in a sexy way, he means like in a ‘public shaming’ kind of way.“


“You did, babe.”


“Kane –“


“Kane, you tried to have her floated.“

“Ha!  Good one, Thelonious.”

“It’s true, babe.”

“That doesn’t sound like me at ALL.  Did I have an evil twin in space?”

“No, it was definitely you.  I remember pretty clearly since I had to hobble out of Medical with an open wound to get to the airlock and stop you.”

“Uh, I think you’ve been taking one too many of those happy pills, Thelonious.  My best friend Indra would never have let this happen.  Wait, why are you looking at each other like that?“

“Babe – “


“I’m sorry babe.“

“So I really tried to kill you?”

“It was a long, long time ago, babe.  It was like … almost six months.  We’re good.”

“I’m so sorry babe I can’t believe I did that.  Wait, was I distracted because my kids were in danger?  How many kids did I have then?”


“None?  Not even a single Blake?“

“I’m sorry, babe.”

But then why would I even have a beard if it wasn’t to make myself appear more fatherly?”

“You didn’t have a beard then, Kane.”


“Shhhhh, okay, babe, it’s all right.“

“I hate space me.“

“I know, babe.  I know.“

There is no ask option, so i can’t anonymously tell you about the person I love, but I’m just going to say it anyways.

Her name is beautiful, it’s rare. I love it, and i like the way it sounds. Her smile and laugh lights up the room and it’s a beautiful sight to witness. I love how she cares for anyone.and everyone, forever giving them 110% and always being there for them regardless of how she feels. She’s selfless.
She’s quite persistent, always asking me if im okay, and i love that. I love how she’s always caring and will go out of her way anyday to make anyone feel better. She’s hypocritical, but I love that. I love everything about her. She is quirky, often goofy and weird at times, always grabs the chance to make a bad pun. Puns that make me smile and shake my head. She has the ability to make me smile and feel loved, and im grateful that I have her by my side. I’m never taking her for granted. I’d rather look at her forever than look at the stars because she’s just wonderful and she is so hard working, because of that, she deserves everything she truly wants in life. Nothing less. She can be quite evil sometimes, but she really has a good heart and wouldn’t hurt anyone. I love her.

2015′s Most Stylish Movie Villains

While 2015 may have had more frightening or imposing villains (say ‘hi’ Immortan Joe!), I’d wager that baddies don’t come more stylish or aesthetically pleasing than this lot. And what is evil if it doesn’t take the time to present itself properly, eh?

5. General Hux, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Black (or really, really, really dark grey, if you prefer) military gear has rarely looked as impeccable as it does on General Hux. While less ostentatious or glitzy than the other looks on this list, Hux’s wardrobe is striking on account of its polish and severity. And I can’t help but love that snazzy little cap of evil - it’s perfect for delivering the spittle-drenched Hitler First Order Youth revival speech.

Costume designer: Michael Kaplan

4. Lucille Sharpe, Crimson Peak

The costuming of Crimson Peak is as exquisite and morbid as the film itself. Lucille’s gowns are perfect metaphors for her corrupt, tortured soul, with the rich, mouldering fabrics of her dresses paralleling the decay of the titular ancestral pile. Gothic torment and psychological disintegration have never looked this good.

Costume designer: Kate Hawley

3. Victoria, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Victoria is a real big cat of the villain, slinking around with absolute confidence and self-assurance. Her costumes are to die for, elegant while recalling the experimental edge of ’60s fashion. Period costuming can go for slavish faithfulness at the expense of imagination, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. avoids that trap brilliantly by affording its arch villainess an appropriate but adventurous and diverse wardrobe.

Costume designer: Joanna Johnston

2. Stepmother, Cinderella

The costumes in Cinderella are some of the most exquisite creations ever committed to celluloid, and as much as I adore Cinderella’s butterfly dream gown (literal butterflies fly off it, people! It’s seriously like a Barbie I once had!) her stepmother’s wardrobe trumps it as a collective testament to her exquisite taste. The stepmother’s clothes are simply magnificent, and while she can justly be faulted for her character she is blameless when it comes to her sense of style.

Costume designer: Sandy Powell

1. Balem Abrasax, Jupiter Ascending

Who else could be in first place? While all of the villains of Jupiter Ascending have impeccable threads, no one in the film is more fabulously dressed than Balem Abrasax. He has not one, but two throat-covering collars embedded with planets and constellations. He has a flowing glitter cape designed to highlight his immaculate abs. He has Roman-esque bejewelled sandals. He has a punishingly tight rubber shirt. In short, his wardrobe has everything and IT IS GLORIOUS.

Costume designer: Kym Barrett

But those are just my thoughts. Are there any magnificently garbed villainous types I’m missing? 


Grimtrix:“ Joyous day,  Greylock has Rudistan. Uuuh and look Von Rocha took Zumaria. I don’t see Cedric, no surprise there. Come Wriggley an evil sorcerer’s work is never done!”

Can anyone tell me again the reason why he was called Grimtrix the GOOD? because I can’t see all this goodness now. Why he so evil? Will he ever  return during this season ? I hope so because I want to learn more about  him!

By the way why only two of the members of the Order were shown taking over their respective kingdoms? I was curious to see where Morgana went!! Has she  taken over Camelot?And how was Merlin able to defeat her without the DRAGONCLAW WAND? Merlin himself said that he was no match for her without that wand

John Steinbeck on Good and Evil, the Necessary Contradictions of the Human Nature, and Our Grounds for Lucid Hope

“All the goodness and the heroisms will rise up again, then be cut down again and rise up. It isn’t that the evil thing wins — it never will — but that it doesn’t die.”

Speaking of the happy new year, I wonder if any year ever had less chance of being happy. It’s as though the whole race were indulging in a kind of species introversion — as though we looked inward on our neuroses. And the thing we see isn’t very pretty… So we go into this happy new year, knowing that our species has learned nothing, can, as a race, learn nothing — that the experience of ten thousand years has made no impression on the instincts of the million years that preceded.

John Steinbeck

anonymous asked:

you could like, ask yourself really deeply why you prefer Rey with evil white dudes than good MoC, though, and really self-analyze the answer. doesn't have to ever be public. but probably should occur.

jesus christ

look: i have written rey with finn repeatedly. i PREFER rey with finn. my tumblr has SO MUCH rey/finn on it because they are my beautiful starchildren. and i have written one (1) fic with rey shagging hux 

but no you’re right, you’re absolutely right, that one fic makes me the absolute Worst and I am the most problematic and i should just never write again.