evil half brother

my kink: azriel dipping his head in silent thanks or letting a ghost of a smile appear on his lips or when slight color blooms on the cheeks of his golden brown skin anytime someone compliments my fav overgrown bat bc he is too cold and hard on himself and deserves to feel loved and cherished despite what his evil step mother and half brothers told him !!!

reasons why an au where breezepelt and the three grew up together would be good

- more interactions between the four of them in a positive, healthy light, finally getting rid of the stupid trope of “evil half brother” that wc looooooooooooooooooooooves so much (ex. of said trope: firestar n scourge, brambleclaw n hawkfrost, graystripe n darkstripe, lionblaze/jayfeather n breezepelt)

- breezepelts character would become more fluid if the hunter team actually showed him in a good way instead of just “well hes just alone so…do the math…” like finally. show us how he would be if he had siblings to be raised with.

- instead of attempting (and failing) to make a “father tries but fails” character w/ crowfeather (and i say fail bc the hunter team was trying to make him into some sorta sad fatherly figure when crowfeather is actually abusive), the hunter team could show him wanting to adopt the three to do one final nice thing to leafpool, and to give nightcloud the kittens she lost (its implied that nightcloud had more than one kitten), but that he obviously couldnt handle the responsibility, and give the three + breezepelt characterizations w/ dealing w/ a father like that


- FINALLY have an outside of thunderclan pov that doesnt die, show how the other clans work

- leafpool wouldn’t be tortured w/ seeing her kittens everyday, and would be able to grow outside of that and crowfeather

- squirrelflight wouldnt be guilted into taking care of kittens shes not sure she’d want and she can have time to work on her relationship

- breezepelt being happy and having brothers and a sister to be raised with to make up for only having a mother who cared about him

- hollyleaf & breezepelt being basically twins: looking the same aside from diff eye colors, jayfeather & breezepelt bonding thru grumpiness and how much they just dont care, lionblaze & breezepelts rivalry being branched on

- the end it’d be a good au

Thoughts about Spn 12x19


It’s easter and I have the day off (yeah), which is why you get my episode review earlier than usual, but also there isn’t a trasncript of the episode online yet, so… I have the write this from my memory… about an episode that is called “The memory remains”. Pun intended.

So. Overall I liked this episode. It made me worried about both Sam and DEan’s fate and about Cas, so thank you very much John Bring. It felt like a classic Spn episode with a classic small town murder mystery. Some of the parallels were very on the nose, but overall they still worked. So let’s dig into it.

The case

I love small towns and I love small town muder mystery stories. Which is why I like Riverdale (it’s on Netflix guys, you should check it out) and I couldn’t help to see some similarities with Riverdale and this episode. I just thought about all the parent characters in Riverdale and how their kids have to live through the consequences of the mess they made. You know, their legacies. And man legacy was a huge theme this episode. The sheriff tried to stop the murder legacy of his family. He tried to do better. The same way Sam and Dean try to do better, with both their hunter legacy (John’s upbringing) and their MoL legacy. Both John and MoL divided the world in black and white and because of it Sam and Dean needed to learn the hard way that it is not as easy as this. Just in this episode it was revealved the real monster was a human all along, both under the mask but also as it was the family who summoned the God in the first place.

I wonder if the fact that the bad guy was the evil half brother means we see the Winchester’s half brother (Adam) again as well. Dabb has a thing of resolving long lost story arcs, so maybe (also Michael was mentioned in the previous episode). The evil half brother whose name I forgot (Pete?) also accused the sheriff that he only got the crap whereas his half brother lived in a mansion. With Adam of course it was the other way around: Sam and Den got the crap aka the hunting life, whereas Adam got a normal life with a normal dad. Until he was eaten by a ghoul and brought back to life to serve as an angel’s condom. But you know, details. But I couldn’t help of thinking about one of @mittensmorgul metas where she wrote that for Sam the hunting life is the crap that comes with being with his family (you can’t have the one without the other).

Also, I couldn’t help but think that victim number one was a Winchester parallel as well. They named him Jared, which defenitely wasn’t a coincidence. The sheriff told Sam and Dean that the boy’s mother went away and his dad was an abusive dick. And then the sheriff told them it is hard to get a kid out of an abusive environment. Which for one thing is true if you don’t have enough evidence. But I think was also defenitely meant as a meta comment on Sam and Dean’s childhood. I don’t think it is a coincidence we got this in the same season we saw Dean’s dislike for the Child Protective Service (12x04). They probably had their suspicions but never enough evidence and the Winchesters moved around a lot. For Dean it would have meant they would split up his family and he could no longer protect Sam, so he wouldn’t be very cooperative. I think the sheriff’s line that Jared fell down the stairs a lot reads like this as well, that maybe Jared lied in order to protect his father.

Mr. Ketch

When he first tod Sam and Dean about the case I thought it was a trap, so he could kill them on the job and made it appear like an accident. Instead they examined the bunker, that appearently has no security system whatsoever. Sure, it is warded against all kinds of supernatural beings but not against humans. And after the Stynes they should have known better. Though I’m pretty sure they will find the microscope underneath the table, as they usually keep their guns there as well.

Ketch keeping a photo of Mary (THE photo as well) was such a beginner’s mistake though. As if Dean won’t notice. And they way he looked at it while listening to Dean and Sam complaining about him… pretty sure he won’t be their next step dad. i’m not sure Ketch is able to genuine love someone so I would rather say he is obsessed with Mary and might believe now her sons are the only thing holding her back from being with him. Mary sure has a shitty taste in men (first John, now this).

The brothers

First of all, we should start every episode without Cas showing the brothers worry about him for five minutes at the minimum. It’s the law. And I think this opening scene was important to interpret Dean’s behaviour for the rest of the episode. Cas doesn’t answer/calls back, Dean can’t trace his phone or find him through the system. For all he knows Cas could be dead. Sam (because he knows) tries to reassure him, telling him Cas will be fine, because he always is (so he is defenitely not fine) and that Cas went missing like this before. And that is the point, isn’t it? Cas has a habbit for disappering and not answering. And Dean is tired of it. He is tired of waiting. He is tired of being afraid something might have happened to him, that he could be dead and they wouldn’t even know. Or worse: that Cas doesn’t care enough to call. That, just in like in season 8, he gets Dean’s calls and prayers (because of course he prays to him) but doesn’t bother to answer them. Next week will show is why. There has been already some speculation if Cas was brainwashed again, so we will see.

But as I said I think it is important to know Dean’s current emotional state regarding Cas to understand the rest of the episode. Of course I’m talking about the waitress here (and for the record that coffee line only worked because you are cute Dean). If Cas would have been around or had at least called? Dean wouldn’t have glanced twice at her or even flirted with her. I think the whole thing was a reaction of Dean being hurt by Cas’s absence. The same way he had sex with Suzy in 9x08 after he said goodbye to Cas in 9x06. So however odd it sounds, Dean having sex with the waitress confirms my reading of Dean having romantic feelings for Cas. It is rebound sex at its best.

Not much going on with Sam, so fast forward to the end: Sam and Dean’s legacy. Now this is the part that kept me worring. They left their mark on the table (confirming that the bunker is as much a home to them as is the Impala) and talk about a next generation of hunters living there. And about leaving the world a better place than it was. Which sounds like a death note. Not that they want to die, but that maybe this is where it is headed? I’m not even talking about this season’s end but the show’s end. And man, I’m longing for a happy end for the boys. Meaning they live and don’t sacrifice themselves or something. Maybe (finger’s crossed) they retire from hunting and that is the reson we will see other hunters (Claire?) sitting at the tible, looking at the initials in a possible spin off. For now it confirms that they try to do things a different way than the generations before them, more saving, less killing (and the psycho brothers line of  “Hunting people. Killing them. The family business.” was defenitely meant as dark mirror here). Doing things a different way hopefully also means the show won’t end in tragedy (the way it would have if it had ended after season 5 like it was originally planed) but instead we get our happy end. Heaven knows the Winchesters (and the audience) deserve it.

Some other things:

- I think that was the first time the Colt wasn’t shot in slow motion (@wigglebox)

- How adorable was Dean calling a saytr adorable?

- Season 13 arc confirmed: Why is Sam’s hair so shiny.Until next week =)

I don’t like how separating Isak into snake and soft Isak makes it seem like he is two different people and therefore not responsible for his own actions.

He is a flawed character and that is how we should treat him, not like him doing something bad was just momentarily his evil snake half-brother


Patrick Wilson To Play ‘Aquaman’s Evil Half-Brother ORM

Patrick Wilson has been set by Warner Bros and director James Wan to costar in Aquaman. Jason Momoa plays the title character, and Wilson will play the fish whisperer’s super-villain half brother ORM, also known as Ocean Master, in the DC film that Warner Bros will release October 5, 2018. In the comics, Aquaman’s human half-brother is a rival for the throne of Atlantis, and wreaks havoc on the high seas and beneath them when he doesn’t get his way.

TMI from Sebastian/Jonhatan’s pov:

City of let’s just pretend I don’t exist.

City of I’m getting really tired of all this waiting,father.

City of oh,hello,I’m actually your evil half-demon brother.

City of ha-ha,you think I’m dead.

City of there’s nothing better than an united family.

City of I’m coming,distruction is out there.

Patrick Wilson To Play ‘Aquaman’s Evil Half-Brother ORM
EXCLUSIVE: Patrick Wilson has been set by Warner Bros and director James Wan to costar in Aquaman. Jason Momoa plays the title character, and Wilson will play the fish whisperer’s super-villa…
By Mike Fleming Jr

EXCLUSIVE: Patrick Wilson has been set by Warner Bros and director James Wan to co-star in Aquaman. Jason Momoa plays the title character, and Wilson will play the fish whisperer’s supervillain half brother ORM, also known as Ocean Master, in the DC film that Warner Bros will release October 5, 2018.

Birth Of A Beauty: A Day in Life of CEO Han Tae Hee (Ep. 18)

Bumped into ahjumma and le evil half-brother in front of the company building.

They left me alone, confused and devastated, witnessed by my one and only secretary. 

Bumped into ahjumma again in the office. We argue over things, she’s a bitch and I am angry. 

Still angry. Better bury myself in works to forget ahjumma.  

Or better start trying to make some rice balls. I’m a CEO but why do I have to get my own ingredients? This company sucks. 

Gees. Why I have to bump into ahjumma again?! And why that dude keeps following her? I’m gettin’ angrier. 

Found the test kitchen! It’s dead cold and no one is here. Gotta find a new chef. 

Foster sister said there’s a new chef in the cold test kitchen. I was worried, but le evil foster sister told me to just let the chef freeze to death. 

Can’t do that coz I’m a good guy so I bring some coffee to the kitchen. But no one seems here so Imma turn the stove off. 

But suddenly ahjumma appears. Apparently she’s the chef.

So Imma watch her from behind while pretending not to watch. Gosh she’s so pretty but I have my pride. 

Rice balls are done. Time to taste it. It’s good but I’ll pretend that it’s not just to piss ahjumma off. 

Treating ahjumma’s burn. She’s so careless when she is angry. I can’t see it but I believe my evil half brother is peeking in jealousy from outside… 

Promoting the rice balls. I’m an awesome CEO so I do it myself and I succeed. 

Attending the directors’ meeting to nominate the new CEO candidates. 

I’m about to do my speech but le evil half brother takes my spotlight. She brings in ahjumma and claims all my hard works as his. The directors buy his speech. 

I’m speechless and I hate ahjumma even more. I think she’s a spy. 

Back in my office. My foster sister tries to comfort me but she’s too noisy. Imma just find ahjumma and confront her. 

Found ahjumma. I told her that now we are strangers! She’s about to cry, I don’t give a shit. 

Went to grandma’s place to say sorry. She kept blaming ahjumma. But later I found out from grandma that my foster sister is going to reveal ahjumma’s fake identity in her talk show… 

End of the day. 

Any Spartan who’s ever planked knows that they suck. They’re painful. They’re sinister. They are the evil half-brother of the burpee. 

But today, Gabi Ury, a 16-year-old from Colorado, managed to hold it for a full 80 minutes. She now holds the Guinness World Record for longest plank held by a female.

Talk about strength! If Gabi isn’t a Spartan yet, we need to make her one! Please contact us if you are a friend of Gabi’s as we’d like to extend her a lifetime pass to race with Spartan

Now, back to your plank. Today, you’ll hold them a little tighter for a little longer! AROO! 

Patrick Wilson To Play Aquaman’s Evil Half-Brother Orm

Patrick Wilson has been set by Warner Bros and director James Wan to costar in Aquaman. Jason Momoa plays the title character, and Wilson will play the fish whisperer’s super-villain half brother Orm, also known as Ocean Master, in the DC film that Warner Bros will release October 5, 2018. The character has some of the sibling rivalry elements found in Loki. That is Thor’s half brother who has figured as the heavy in numerous Marvel films, in the form of Tom Hiddleston. Orm is at least as disagreeable and more powerful: in the comics, Aquaman’s human half-brother is a rival for the throne of Atlantis, and wreaks havoc on the high seas and beneath them when he doesn’t get his way. Amber Heard as Mera, is playing Queen of Atlantis.