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i’m sad because i just realized that my dream of building a house in the mountains in a secluded area of the forest would be harmful to the local flora and fauna and that i shouldn’t force myself into an area uninhabited by humans just because i’m a hoe for nature that has dreams
anyway i’m gonna go lay underneath a dogwood and rethink my decisions and the consequences that come with being a part of the most destructive species on earth

The Worst Fitnah

It is reported that Ḥudhayfah – Allāh be pleased with him – was asked:

“What is the worst fitnah?” He replied, “That good and evil is presented to you and you do not know which of them to follow.”

— Ibn Abī Shaybah, Al-Muṣannaf, Kitāb Al-Fitan (38565)

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2p America: Runaway Baby - Bruno Mars

2p England: Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez

2p France: L'assasymphonie - Mozart L’Opera Rock

2p China: Don’t threaten me with a good time - Panic at the Disco

2p Russia: Demons - Imagine dragons

2p Canada: Papaoutai - Stromae

2p Italy: Don’t mess with me - Temposhark

2p Japan: Bruises and bitemarks - Good with Grenades

2p Germany: Wildes Ding - Culcha Candela

2p Austria: When you’re evil - Voltaire

2p Prussia: Good enough - Evanescence

2p South Italy: Donatella - Lady Gaga

2p France and 2p England: Best friend - Toy Box

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the whole good vs evil is always a war inside of Zuko?

I thought it was ridiculous. How can I call that a good redemption when good and evil will always be at war within him? It is stupid. Zuko has free will. His family history has nothing to do with his ability to choose his own destiny. That was the whole point of his character arc until Book 3.

Zuko was never a black-and-white good vs. evil character. His inner conflict was because he had a pure heart, but his indoctrination led him to be confused about how he was supposed to live. He was out of balance due to trauma and abuse. He had a destiny that was forced on him to capture the Avatar. I never saw his actions as being motivated by some inner good vs. evil. They were fueled by his own sense of morality conflicting with everything he has been taught for his while life as a prince. His issues came from outside of himself, symbolized by the scar on his face. They did not originate in his flawed character. That is what made him so interesting to me. He was not motivated by evil. His redemption was about him rediscovering his authentic self, which Ozai had made him lose touch with. Not about overcoming his inner evil. That came out of nowhere.

In Book 3, they made Zuko a lot worse of a person than he was in Book 1 and a lot less sympathetic and likable. In Book 1, he was acting out of brainwashing and programming, but you could really empathize and root for him because he was struggling so hard. His pure-hearted inner self was fighting against the outer indoctrination. He just wanted love. He was taught to be ruthless, but he chose to show pity on Zhao, for instance. In Book 3, they basically made him a selfish and cold-hearted person. He was now battling his inner evil, which was different from how he was in Books 1 and 2. I liked him better before. They took away a lot of what made him so fascinating and likable in Book 3. His sense of innocence and purity. It is weird that I found him less likable after his redemption. He was more sympathetic as a bad guy. LOL.

Awww I love chubby people ❤
I don’t have a huge collection of silver Surfer comics but I wish I did. Yes galactus is a giant man his entire body is huge :3

I love Xmen I know a lot of people hate the movies but I love em.

I love Spiderwoman and I love Galactus but he is like a not good or evil type of guy but I think of him as a villain he eats worlds for Christ sake.

My five powers would be Telekinesis,Flying,metal powers like magneto,speed and possibly teleportation:3



Local Man Ruins Everything™ 


a really evil guy but a really good dad pt. 2