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I’m very disapointed that the fandom haven’t already made this joke yet and that I needed to do it myself.

But here you have it, a very chilled Eclipsa. Uh, by the way, this may be considered spoiler-ish? so yeah, watch out for that….
But if you’re reading this then you’re probably already seen the spoiler, so… whoops?


CS little moments appreciation [11/?]

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Before I begin to talk about this moment, I have to say something about the editing here, because sometimes it seems like the people creating the show don’t really get what they have in their hands with Colin or Jen. The music added to that moment was totally unnecessary and even ruined a bit the master piece of Colin’s acting at that moment.

And that acting was indeed master piece because you can see the process of what I’m gonna talk about below evolving in each single frame.

That look can only be described as the finale battle between good and evil, between love and hate, between heroism and cruelness that went through Killian’s body. If you want, the battle between Killian and the Dark One, to the end, with no survivors (not even him, sadly…). 

You can see how it starts, with Killian evoking from the ashes to see the woman that he loves suffers. He doesn’t want to look at it at first because it is too painful, seeing her hurting while he is so deep within the DO. But then his presence is growing little by little, you can actually see the moment in the third gif where both Killian and the DO are equals, if you want, the moment where Killian was getting up and raising the sward to challenge the DO. Then in the last gif you can spot the moment he overcame it, the moment he was wining the sword fight. The man winning over the possession that was able to control him before.

Killian here chose the man he is (not becoming the man he wants to be, he was already that person) over the power that the darkness gave him. Many haters criticized the fact that he only resist when Emma was in pain, and not when the others were about to be sent to hell (including Henry), well it would have been ideal for him to resist before, but seeing Emma in pain provoked her heart’s protector to raise from the ashes. 

That season’s motive was about using love as a weapon. Killian was weak to fight the darkness when he felt the woman that he loves didn’t believe in him or trust him to resist it. He regain himself when true love brought his real self back to the surface to a final battle between the man he is, and the man he despises most, and it was his weapon to push it away from within himself and defeat the darkness once and for all. Because I don’t agree with Killian’s words, he doesn’t risk his life for love, revenge, or himself. He’s doing it only for love.

The  CS little moments appreciation project

God certainly calls his human creatures toward the same goodness that he displays; in fact, he commands it. However,  God certainly does not coerce it… God commands it, knowing that it is for his creatures’ own good that they should obey the command, but he allows his creatures, nevertheless, to exercise moral freedom in choosing whether to obey… Human failure or refusal to obey the command does not bring the world to an end, nor does it lead to divine disengagement… What happens instead is that God, who is perfectly good, finds ways of continuing to work for the good in a world now compromised by evil… God pursues the good; he does not, by fiat, impose it. He turns the world as much toward the good as he can, while respecting the moral freedom of the human creatures who inhabit it.
—  Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why It Matters  by Iain W. Provan

vishkarcomplex  asked:

i think the problem is that the eye is associated with litterally every evil corperation in the lore and there is constant criminalization of poc people in fandoms in general (ex: how some ppl treat gabriel reyes smh) if the posts implies shes associated with this orginazation (since no one can seem to find the original as of me writing this) then i can see their anguish

thats a fair argument, and yes there is a huge problem in the fandom with the treatment of poc characters like reyes 

i can only remember the eye being in sombra’s short which, as ive said, its a little subjective on her reliability on moral goodness/evilness but if it has been in other places it’s slipped my mind 

the original post (im assuming you meant my post) is here: x  which just speculates that there could be a connection, and nothing much deeper than that and doesnt claim that she’s in an evil organization or a good one bc i literally cant remember where else the eye popped up besides sombra 

One thing I really love about Invader Zim is that there isn’t really a main “villain.” The protagonist of the show is the one trying to take over Earth and the antagonist is the one trying to defend the planet, and neither of them are wholly good or evil (Zim has his tender moments and Dib was pretty sadistic towards Zim at the start of the series)

The show is just a whole lot of shades of gray and not a lot of black and white

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Hey, while I was traslating the fic i started wonder... Why you say that Nightmare and Dream aren't destined oppositive?

Ah, right! Something that occurred to me, which is partially what inspired me to write the little story, was that them being opposites–one being evil and one being good–never really made a whole lot of sense.

@jokublog said that it would be impossible for Dream to ‘turn to the dark side’, and even if he did, Nightmare would apparently turn ‘good’, if I’m remembering correctly. But… what…? Yeah, I never really got it.

Nightmare and Dream both used to be good. In the two of them being opposites, I think what they’re referring to is the brothers being the positivity guardian and the negativity guardian. It has nothing to do with morality, since Nightmare ‘turned evil’ and nothing happened to Dream.

I think that, hypothetically, Dream could follow the same path, especially since it’s been shown that Dream being consumed by hopelessness could be possible, seeing as how he’s been weighed down by his obligations. And in that very situation, Nightmare might take the opportunity to remove his only remaining weakness–his brother’s power–by getting Dream to stop fighting against him… by getting Dream to join him.

Day 13: Values

How does your OC define “good” and “evil”? “Right” and “wrong”? Do they bother to consider such things at all? What are your OC’s priorities? What’s the first thing they consider when making a decision? Are they Dark side or Light side? Somewhere in between?

Morality has taken Tallia a long time to figure out. She doesn’t give much thought to large scale philosophy, mostly judging things in the moment and on a situational basis. There are certain things she knows are wrong, inherently, mostly thanks to Vette’s influence. But she doesn’t have many hard and fast rules.

Since trying to turn her life around she’s found she just has to ask herself two questions before acting.

The first one’s easy; who will this hurt? If she can live with whatever the answer is, she’ll do it, whatever “it” happens to be. If she can’t, she won’t. 

This question was what stopped her from killing Jaesa’s former master and parents. She knew what the pain of losing loved ones was like… she couldn’t inflict that on another person no matter what her master ordered of her. And it’s why she was willing to let dozens of Mandalorians die by withholding information, unable to risk what would happen when they turned their sights on another planet like Cathar.

The second one, what would Vette do, isn’t as simple to figure out without influence. Even then, if she knows for sure what Vette would do, it doesn’t always mean that’s what she does. And often, she doesn’t have an answer for what Vette would do.

This question was what made her decide to give to the needy the excess money the Alliance made during their heist on Arcann’s vault… it’s also why she slaughtered three hutts, backtalked Baras until he ordered her execution, and nearly strangled Quinn to death.

On a strictly action based morality system, Tallia has reached Light 5. She should really only be at about Light 3, perhaps even light 4, given how much of her early game on Korriban through Balmorra was a complete bloodbath of misplaced anger and lashing out at the undeserving. Saving as many people as she has can’t bring back the people she knows she shouldn’t have killed.

On a meta level, Tallia is unashamedly a darksider. Though she hasn’t entirely rejected the light, the dark is what’s natural to her- channeling her raw emotions into pure power. 

To anyone who believes it’s what you then do with that power that really matters, Tallia would be considered more enlightened than many Jedi, as several people including Masters Timmns and Aerasuni have pointed out to her. But on a system that condemns all the dark thoughts roiling around in her head and the rage that burns in her heart, Tallia would be considered one of the great masters of the dark side.

Essentially, Tallia’s alignment is based on how other people see the world.

The real question is, how would you define her?

Death laughed – and it was not the least sinister, but a rather honest, candid laugh. Almost like a child’s.

“But of course I am not! How could I be ugly when I am your Death, my darling Alvar? As for elegance, I only try to suit a person’s idea of myself.”

“Vain, are you too?” Alvar defied.

“Not the least like you in that particular matter, Alvar. I am your Death, I am not you.” Death shook its skull. “I do not care for things such as beauty. Beautiful and ugly, tall and short, wealthy and poor, young and old, good and evil… I do not accept no such impoverishing oppositions, nor any divisions. No matter what gender or creed, I accept you all. In the end, I embrace you all. You are all welcome into my arms, no exceptions whatsoever.”

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a really evil guy but a really good dad


a really evil guy but a really good dad pt. 2