evil frog

Apparently the creator of Pepe the Frog has just killed him off in a comic because he’s so upset by his use as a white supremacist symbol. Open casket and everything.

This is hilarious, yeah, but reading Matt Furie’s explanation is weirdly heartbreaking. He’s clearly emotionally invested in Pepe and finds him a meaningful expression of himself…

“The characters in ‘Boy’s Club’ will always be a part of me. Andy the wise guy, Landwolf the party animal, Brett the fashionable dancer, and Pepe the chill frog — they are all tweaked reflections of my own values and sensibilities. Their personalities unfolded and blossomed as time went on, but just like the person in your life that you love the most, one day they will die. And death can be as beautiful as life, because it’s what makes life important.”

damn dude I’m sorry the Internet turned your stoner frog son evil


So, she has a closet full of secrets FUCK THE FINGER IS STILL A FINGER. Uses wild magic and even creates her own spells in her shity notebook. She is unresponsible. Has no basic magic knowlege.

Epic Fail??

My reaction:

Come on….she is not evil, just incredible wild

But i don’t want to know what will happen if Moon gets to know that has been hanging out with monsters more that once. Even….

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This ain’t gonna end well….