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Not Just Yet - Zach Dempsey

can you do a zach dempsey imagine where y/n and him are together and she is a nice sweet innocent girl and they are making one night and she doesn’t want to go any further bc she wants to wait until marriage to have sex and she’s afraid that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore but he does. Sorry if that’s weird.

It’s not weird! Thank you for requesting ^.^ This is my first 13RW imagine so yaaay. I love Zach <3

Words: 1,440

Warnings: fluff fluff fluff / making ouutttt  / lil’ bit of swearing

“And then… we did it,” Jessica’s blush tainted her cheeks a dark red, as she described yesterday’s date night with Justin Foley.

Your eyes widened. Jessica and Justin had already had sex? They’d only been together for a few months. It’s not that you had an issue with that, it just surprise you. You and Zach had been together for almost 2 years, and you still hadn’t had sex. You had decided to wait until marriage to lose your virginity, hopefully to Zach or if for some reason not him, someone as great as him. You couldn’t describe how lucky you felt to have a guy who respected your wishes like he did, especially with the crowd that he hung around with.

You couldn’t help but feel guilty though, when his friends bragged about their “summer conquests” in front of him. Sometimes you felt as if you weren’t even good enough. You wouldn’t be surprised if Zach thought that way too.

“Congrats Jess,” You forced an enthusiastic smile, and she giddily skipped along the school corridor.

You stopped by your locker, reaching in to exchange some textbooks, when you felt a pair of arms snake themselves around your waist. You turned around, only to come face to face with the guy himself. Zach Dempsey.

He was grinning down at you, wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed before reaching up on your tiptoes to place a chaste kiss on his soft lips. He rested his forehead against yours, before pecking you on the nose, causing you to giggle childishly. 

“How’s my girl today?” He took your hand, fingers intertwined, as you walked around. You blushed at his words, only causing him to grin wider.

“Stressed. How about you?” You sighed heavily, staring down at the ground. He stopped, turning to you with his eyebrows furrowed adorably and with a frown on his face.

“How come?” He played with your hands therapeutically, tracing circles on the palm.

“Bio. I’ve got a big test coming up and if I fail like last time it’s going to bring my average down, it’s my worst subject Zach,” You whined, resting your head on his shoulder. He tilted his own head to press a soft and lingering kiss on your forehead.

“Well lucky for you, future Marine Biologist here!” He pointed to himself, feigning a cocky attitude and you rolled your eyes playfully. “Are you free tonight? I can come round and help you study.”

“That sounds like an excuse to spend time together,” You raised an eyebrow at him, although to be honest, you would much rather hang about and cuddle with your boyfriend than study biology.

“Maybe,” He drawled mischievously and you smiled at him, grateful that he could take your mind off of your problems. You reluctantly slipped your hand out of his and began to walk off to your next class.

“See you at 7, lucky for you it’s pizza night,” You called over your shoulder, leaving Zach grinning like an idiot in a busy crowd of high school students.

“(Y/N), over here!” Jessica waved frantically at you as you stepped into your French class. She had reserved a spot for you next to her, and you sent her a grateful smile as you dumped your bag down beside her and sat down. “Okay, so I’m having an existential crisis and thought why not get over it by a little hot chocolate date tonight?” She tapped her fake nails on the desk excitedly.

“I actually can’t, I’m studying for the Biology test with Zach tonight,” You replied and Jessica’s jaw dropped. “What?”

“It’s just… he was going on about it earlier but I didn’t think he was actually gonna. Damn Dempsey,” Jessica seemed to be muttering more to herself and you didn’t want to play the pronoun game.

“What’s it Jess?” You folded your arms and gave her the ‘mum friend’ look.

“Wait, just to check, he was the one asking to come over?” Jessica had now grabbed both of your hands, squeezing them excitedly and you didn’t really know how to react.

“Uh… yeah, I uhh, think he was,” You didn’t sound 100% sure, but that didn’t stop Jessica from squealing.

“Okay, okay so Zach was talking to us earlier about how you guys were like, waiting for the right moment to have sex and that you two had a really good thing going on right now and shit. He is definitely going to make a move and try and go all the way tonight!” 

You paled slightly. Zach knew that you wanted to wait, perhaps he’d just phrased it wrong. Perhaps Jessica and co had gotten the wrong end of the stick, or come to irrational conclusions. You loved Zach with all of your heart, but you were sticking to your morals. The only thing that was going to happen that night, was studying.

A few hours later, you’re pressed up against your bedroom door, sloppily kissing your boyfriend of two years. His hands were roaming your curves, exploring your figure whilst yours were tangled in his ruffled, matted hair.

Small whimpers and moans would spill from mouths as you knew the actions that drove one another crazy. You would tug on the roots of his hair, he would attack the sweet spots on your neck and jaw with passion.

His voice was rough and lust-filled as he whispered in your ear.


You did just that, wrapping your legs around his waist, slipping your tongue inside his mouth desperately. The two of you battled for dominance before he pulled apart and let you go to roughly pull off his shirt. You took a moment to appreciate his muscular build before advancing towards him with fire in your eyes. He hastily pulled you onto your bed, and you let your hands trail his toned chest, leaving quick kisses as you went. He pulled you forwards into another searing kiss before flipping you over so he was on top.

His tongue slipped back into your mouth like a puzzle piece and you groaned in response, your nails reaching up to claw his back. As you were distracted by his fiery kiss, Zach’s hand slowly crept towards your bra clip. When you felt him tug on one of the straps, you abruptly broke apart, panting heavily.

Your face was flushed red and you grabbed a pillow, hiding your look of shame from your boyfriend. Zach sat up awkwardly before pulling the pillow from your grasp and carelessly chucking it behind him. He laid down beside you, pulling you into his embrace and you let him, snuggling into his shirtless side.

“What’s wrong babygirl?” He whispered softly, and you melted at the consideration and care in his voice.

“I’m…I’m not ready to go that far yet Zach, remember?” You sighed, hoping he wouldn’t be annoyed at you. He stayed quiet for a while and you were cringing, knowing you’d screwed something up, before he wrapped an arm around your waist.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), heat of the moment I guess,” He chuckled, scratching the back of his neck as he sat up and rested against your headboard. You crawled over, so your head was lying on his lap and he affectionately played with your hair, an action that seemed to always soothe the both of you.

“I just feel so bad, because you wanted to go all the way tonight but I’m just want to wai-.” You began to ramble but he interrupted you.

“Wait… what? I wasn’t planning on having sex with you tonight. I respect your ‘waiting until marriage’ approach,” He looked confused, and so did you. “Where did you get that idea from?”

“Well, Jessica said-”

“I told the guys this morning that we were waiting to have sex until we were both ready and that we have a good relationship so I don’t want to mess that up by trying to force the idea of sex on you,” Zach explained and everything suddenly made a whole lot more sense.

“Ooooh, I get it,” You nodded and Zach snorted. “I am so screwed on this Biology test.” 

“Dork,” He shoved you off of him playfully and you jumped right up, shoving him back. He grabbed you by the waist, pulling you closer to him so he could give you the dreaded tickle assault. You squealed and laughed uncontrollably as he attacked your sides with his evil fingers.

“I LOVE YOUU!” You managed to stumble through your heavy laughter. Zach stopped, smiling up at you lovingly before clasping your cheeks and placing a gentle kiss on your swollen lips. 

“Love you too babygirl.”

I liked thiisssss <3

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honest mortal instruments titles for the main six


Book 1: City of This Blond Dude is Hot (Also, Who Took My Mom?)

Book 2: City of Damn It, He’s My Brother & My Best Friend is Dead

Book 3: City of I Should Probably Stop Kissing My Brother

Book 4: City of He Isn’t My Brother, But Now He Keeps Trying to Stab Me

Book 5: City of I Switched it Up and Stabbed Him

Book 6: City of I Somehow Ended up the Queen of Hell for a Few Seconds


Book 1: City of Hey, Why Can this Redhead See Me?

Book 2: City of I Fight Werewolves Because I’m in Love with My Sister

Book 3: City of I Kissed a Lesbian But It Didn’t Help (Also, I Died)

Book 4: City of Lilith Interfering with My Relationship with My Not-Sister

Book 5: City of I’m Jealous that Evil Me Fingered Clary in a Downworld Club

Book 6: City of I Finally Get Laid Because I Brought a Condom to Hell


Book 1: City of This Redhead is Ruining My Life

Book 2: City of I Do Not Have a Boyfriend & His Name is Not Magnus

Book 3: City of Just Kidding, But Why Didn’t He Call Me Back?

Book 4: City of Oh Wait, I’m Not There

Book 5: City of I Fucked Up My Relationship

Book 6: City of Too Many Heteros (Also, Izzy & Simon Need to Stop)


Book 1: City of Jace Has Feelings???

Book 2: City of Jace Should Probably Stop Kissing His Sister

Book 3: City of Everything Is Terrible

Book 4: City of Simon Cheated on Me, So What Weapon Should I Use on Him?

Book 5: City of Team Good! (Also, Should I Still Kill Simon?)

Book 6: City of Everyone Gets a Happy Ending Except Me


Book 1: City of this Blue-Eyed Boy is a Babe (Also, That Redhead Is Familiar)

Book 2: City of the Blue-Eyed Boy’s Parabatai is On My Couch

Book 3: City of Your Wards are Down So Alec Kisses Me in the Accords Hall

Book 4: City of I’m Traveling with Alec, I Guess?

Book 5: City of My Apartment is a Home for Wayward Shadowhunters

Book 6: City of I’m Locked Up in Hell


Book 1: City of I’m in Love with My Best Friend

Book 2: City of I Almost Have Sex with My Best Friend, But Then I Fall Asleep

Book 3: City of I’m a Drunk Vampire (Also, I Keep Getting Locked Up)

Book 4: City of I’m Lucky Isabelle & Maia Didn’t Kill Me

Book 5: City of My Name is Not Sherman, or Anything Else Magnus Calls Me

Book 6: City of My Name is Actually Lord Montgomery

anonymous asked:

Hi could you write a mature fanfic about Harry and his gf on a plane?!? Thanks!

Thank you for the request, sweetie! Here ya go:

#13: Jet Sickness**




“Harry, look at me.”

“Yeah, babe.”


“Just five more minutes and I’m done with this piece.”

“But what about me?”

“Patience, pet, patience.” 


And he’s not answering anymore. 

Y/N untangles her arm from underneath his bicep, huffing and puffing like a kid, as she turns towards the air hostess at the end of the cabin who gives out instructions to the people flying in the business class. She’s pretty and sweet, and that doesn’t stop the rest of the passengers from ogling at her hands that gesticulate out the seat belt procedure and emergency warning and etcetera, etcetera. 

Unlike the rest, Harry’s hasn’t lifted his head even once since he boarded the plane and neither has he stared at the air hostess like the rest do. The fact should somehow be pleasing Y/N, but Harry is neither baring her a look so that over and all frustrates her. 

He has been thinking over the last and few songs for the albums this past week and today morning it suddenly occurred to him that he has it all ready on his mind. All he needed was to sit in peace and jot them down. 

Of course then, he had to chose an eight hour flight to do so. 

Y/N sighs, pulling her packet of gummy bears out of her hand bag and chewing on to to them until the air hostess wraps up her procedures, and the light above for the seatbelts dings loud. 

“Harry.” She nudges him. “We’re about to fly.” 

“But that doesn’t blend with say.” 


“What?” Harry blinks at Y/N. “What’re you saying?” 

Y/N’s nose fume at him. “I’m saying that the flight’s about to take off.”

“Oh.” He breathes, nodding absentmindedly. “Okay.” 

Y/N gives him a ‘for real?” kinda look while he resumes back to his work. 

The flight comes into position and soon is racing down the runway before soaring high. Harry seems extremely numb to all the activities going around and outside him for he barely shows a difference in his posture as now the flight cruises through the air. 

Y/N pulls out her I-Pod, shuffling through her classic playlist and doozes off against the seat. 

It seems like an hour or two when Harry finally closes his notebook and puts away everything before he’s started to poke and disturb Y/N’s slumber. 

Y/N wakes up with a sneeze when Harry’s finger brushes under her nose multiple times, and she gives a confused look, looks around while Harry snickers into his jacket. 

“Ello, pretty girl.” Harry greets as she turns to him. 

“Who are you?” Y/N mutters, narrowing her eyes at him. Harry has a good laugh watching her. 

Y/N shuffles around, putting her I-Pod back and resuming back in the comfortable position on the chair, her feet tucked under her behind while her body all turned to him. “So, are you done?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” He’s hopping on his, up and down, up and down, like a little school girl with his smiles and dimples. 

Y/N gives a subtle smile. “I’m guessing it went quite well.” She extends her hand out to the inside of his arm, where he has tucked his notebook. “Lemme see i-”

Harry goes all possessive, jumping up and and holding her wrist tight in his grip as he throws the notebook behind him, hiding it away. “NO!”

Y/N’s eyes widen, she looks around for Harry’s shouted so loud. “What is wrong with you? Why can’t I read it?” 

“It’s a surprise.” Harry pushes her back into her seat. “You have to wait like all will do.” 

Y/N gives a whiny look. “No, come on, you can’t do this.” 

Harry gives a fake evil laugh, twiddling his fingers together with a cunning look on his face. Y/N makes big eyes, joining her hands together as she makes a frown, muttering ‘pwease’, but all she receives is his kiss on her up turned lips. 

“But it’s come off so well, y’know. Like-it’s jus-it’s just so, so pure and so true and I-I can’t believe it came out of me, Y/N. I can’t believe I created it.” Harry sighs, dreamy and satisfied. 

Y/N smiles at him, her eyes looking up at him in awe. “Are you crying, Harry?” She chuckles. 

“No, but I might.” he turns to her, grinning wide. “It’s just that good.”  

“I’m so happy for you.” She kisses him again. “So proud.” He rests his head on her shoulder and sighs. Y/N continues. “And I just can’t wait for you to sleep so that I get a hold of that notebook.” 

“Hey!” Harry whines, jumping up on his seat and giving her an annoyed look. He huffs, puffing his cheeks and gets up from his place, taking the notebook in hand and tucking the book in one of the bags in the upper aisles above their heads. He sits back, giving a winning smile. 

“You’re so naive, baby.” Y/N chuckles, amused. 

“My eyes,” He does a gesture, pointing to his eyes and then on her. “on you.” 

Y/N looks away and moment later, she stretches and says,” I think I should get my laptop from above and then probably even take a round in the bathroom.” 

She’s just started to get up when Harry pulls her back down, shifting her on his lap. She squeals and gets off quick, returning back on her place. 

“Will I have to now keep you engaged for the rest of the ride?” Harry gives a quirky smirk. 

Y/N nods. “I guess.” 

“Why don’t you go to sleep?”

“I don’t feel tired enough.” 

Harry coughs. “D’ya want me to help you with that then..?”

Y/N takes a moment to get the catch of his comment but when she does, her loud gasp has Harry laughing loudly. 

“Are you bloody out of your mind! In the plane-you want us to-in the fucking airplane!?” She whispers sharp and loudly. 

Harry laughs at her. “Do you not feel excited? God, it’s amazing in the plane, baby, I swear.” 

“In a private jet, Harry.” She rolls her eyes at him. “In here it feels as so every person’s just got their eyes on the young couple to pull up such stunt and they get to have something to talk about all life then.” 

Harry laughs. 

“Y’know, them old couples there.” Y/N points subtly. “They’re probably just pretending to be asleep, I know they have one eye open for us. One single move of ours and they’re coming for our lives!” 

“No body’s getting to know about it. I have something in mind, I swear no one’s gonna have a single clue what would just happen.” Harry holds her hands in his. 

“So, we do it in the bathroom?” Harry nods. “But the crew members! They’ll know. I guess they are specially trained to identify such couples.” 

“No silly.“ Harry clicks his tongue. “Come close, I have something in mind..” He whispers into her ear and by the end of his plan discussion, Y/N has her eyes wide. 

“No, no, no, NO!” Y/N gives a panicked look. “We’ll get caught, it’ll be embarrassing!” 

“Nothing’s gonna happen, Y/N. You only told me you liked adventures, take this as a bloody mission or something!” 

“Harry, it’s mission impossible, I’m telling you.” Y/N shakes her head. “What if I butt out midst the play, probably laugh or something-” 

“You’re my girlfriend, have some air about it.” Harry cups her cheeks, kissing her forehead. “Let’s do this.” 

Both of them settle back on their seats, take deep breaths. And, it begins. 

“Oh, shit! Oh God!” Harry clutches his stomach, getting off his seat and standing up. “Oh, my god!” 

“Harry, what’s wrong?” Y/N gets up, her face pale. 

“Y/N, I-” He cups his hand over his mouth and rushes past her, to the bathrooms. Y/N follows a moment later, trying to control her smile. 

“Harry!” She calls out, and everyone’s looking at couple but with concern. 

Harry’s inside one of the stalls, an air hostess standing outside, knocking on the doors for some response. 

“What’s happened to Mister Styles?” The air hostess seems more panicked that Y/N. 

Y/N makes big, worried eyes. “Oh, dear. He’s had nothing since morning. Must be all that sickness.” And then she’s banging away on the door. 

“There was a paper bag in the front pocket if you had needed it.” The air hostess tells. Y/N looks at her with an awkward, crooked smile. 

“Oh, was there? You know, he just gets way too panicky, must’ve not seen it. Harry! Harry!” Y/N’s banging on the door. 

“He can’t hear you, neither can you, miss. The doors are sound proof.” 

“Good.” Y/N mutters under her breath. Then, clearing her throat, she says,” Is there some way I can get in, I have to see how he’s doing. He tends to faint and all.” 

The air hostess’s eyes widen. “Yes, yes. Here.” She unlocks the door from the outside. “Is there something I can do, Miss?” 

Y/N rolls her eyes in thought. “Yeah, just keep some tissues and a glass of water ready. “ And she’s inside the bathroom. 

“Took you too long?” In the cramped space of the bathroom, Harry has pinned Y/N to the sink. 

“Had to make it seem genuine, but d’ya know these walls are sound proof.” Her eyes twinkle with amusement. 

Harry grins at her. 

“We won’t have to be wailing for help from the inside then.” 

“Maybe you’ll need to, baby.” Harry winks and Y/N has a moment to think, before his lips come down on her, combusting all thoughts except of him. 

His hands cup over the fabric between her legs and she’s gasping into his mouth, pushing herself more into his hand. Her own hand comes down on him, popping his button open and sliding her hand inside his jeans, inside his boxers to hold him in her hand. 

Harry moans into her mouth, sliding his lips past her cheeks to her jaw and down on her neck. He tucks his hand inside her jeans, palming her with a flat hand. 

Urgency and desperation kicks in, as the two now start shedding off each other’s clothes. Y/N shirt hits the floor moment after Harry’s, the button of her jeans pop open, her panties drag down to her ankles and Harry’s hand replaces the exposed feeling from over her clit. 

His fingers dig in, wetting her walls. She’s groaning into his neck, clutching his shoulders with both her hands. 

“You can scream, baby.” Harry pants into her skin above her breast. “Say my name, pet, tell me how it feels.” 

“I won’t take the chance of screaming.” Y/N bites her lips, suppressing a chuckle. “But it feels so good, Harry. Deeper, deeper, ah.” 

Harry smiles, kissing the swells of her breasts. When she’s almost on the verge of getting off, Harry pulls out of her, and works down to take off his jeans and then his boxer briefs. Y/N’s hands come down on his member, holding him in one while the other digs into his hip. She pumps him up and down, Harry face digging into her neck as he bites her skin, trying to get over with the sensation and pain. 

“Y/N.” He pants. “I just realized jeans and boxer briefs sound good when you say them together. Li-ah, shit-like there doesn’t seem any disruption. I think I can totally write a song on this.” 

Y/N chuckles, pumping faster. “What’re you gonna write?” 

“Something about you giving me a blow and then I fucking you right, but of course it’ll be all metaphoric on record.” He grins, taking a hold of his own self and with ease sliding into her. 

“Y’know I can’t wait to hear it.” 

“And, I can’t wait to write it. “ 

Harry lifts her leg up in the air and over his shoulder, pumping deeper as Y/N looses control of her curses, all she feels is him inside her and how her walls work up so desperately for him. Harry’s lips find her in the chaos, kissing deeply and getting her come undone with just a few left thrusts. 

He puts her leg down, kissing her neck, him still in her as he thrusts slow. “S’more, baby? Let me come too? You can take it, c’mon.” 

“Ah, Harry, ah, so good.” Y/N groans, throwing her head back. Harry lifts her on the sink, spreading her legs to stand in between them and he thrusts faster and stronger, coming inside her as their lips meet and she’s dominating him. 

They pause, catching their breaths, and when their eyes meet, all they do is laugh.

“Was this your adventure, now?” Y/N teases. 

“Life with me ain’t no simple, baby.” Harry chuckles into her neck. 

“Lets get outta here.” Y/N urges. “You couldn’t have been puking this long!” 

Harry laughs, pulling out of her, and together they put on their clothes. Harry slaps his face a few times looking in the mirror, sprinkles some water on his forehead and eyes, and looks over at Y/N for final review. 

Giving him a thumbs up, she hold his hand and opens the lock, Harry pretentiously slumping his shoulders as they walk out. The air hostess actually waits there with tissue papers and a glass of water, and accepting them gratefully, Y/N and Harry rush to their seats. 

Sitting down Harry gulps away all the water, then, wraps his arms around Y/N shoulder, tucking her on the inside of his arm. 

“So, you literally just pulled up all those tricks just so I don’t read your notebook? Aren’t you just dramatic as hell?” Y/N comments. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Harry Styles and you’re watching keeping up with Styles only on Disney channel.” 

Y/N bursts into a fits of laughter, hiding her face so she doesn’t lets out any clue to the co-passengers. 

“Now sleep you.” Harry pats her arms circled around him and closes his eyes. 

He’s the first one to doze off, Y/N’s awake for a little longer but she never tries to get his notebook. 


More than enough

A/N: This has been here for around… what? One million years? I am so sorry anoncakes, but HERE IT IS!! I’m writing this from my phone again, so I’m sorry for any mistakes!

Summary: Hinata knows a lot of things and Kageyama lets him know. 

Words: 1,171 (under the cut 😔)

46. “Don’t touch me”. KageHina

Nobody knows Kageyama Tobio has a cat named Milk. Nobody knows how much he blushes when someone nuzzles his cheeks. Nobody knows Kageyama melts when someone kisses his neck. Nobody knows how cuddly he really is and how awkward he looks while kissing, but how good he actually is at it. 

Not a lot of people know he was born on the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp or that he likes to read or that he likes when it rains and the taste of coffee, nobody knows he likes adorable things or that he’s fussy about cleanliness and how insecure that makes him feel. 

Nobody knows all of those facts, except for Hinata Shouyou. He knows these and more, much more, not because he was exceptionally curious, (that he was), but because Kageyama was an open book when he was comfortable enough. He was so open that even someone as dense as Hinata would notice Kageyama’s little habits. 

Some habits more intimate than others, habits that Kageyama only showed around his lover. Like how much he enjoys having his back traced with feather touches and how cute he looks making that constipated expression, trying to guess what’s Hinata writing on his back with his fingertips. 

’Milk is pretty’?”, he says and shivers under the soft touch of Hinata poking his lower back, placing a dot at the end of his sentence. Hinata hums affirmatively, passing the palm of his hand down Kageyama’s back, erasing the tingly words to write some others.

Kageyama sighs happily, melting into the bed as sunbeams shower them from outside the window. Hinata knows Kageyama likes lazy Saturday mornings in bed, so he smiles and starts to write yet another sentence, this one longer than the last and quicker, just to have Kageyama having a little trouble with finding out the message.

“That’s too long!”, Kageyama whines, still trying to decrypt the hidden message in the skin of his back. Hinata giggled.

“Sush! And pay attention!”, he says, writing faster and even just swirling his finger around, not writing anything at all. 

“You’re cheating!”, Hinata giggles again, by now Kageyama’s back is full of silly messages, but Hinata is running out of space and is getting closer and closer to Kageyama’s side. “Hi-Hinata”, his breath hitches in his throat when he felt Hinata’s fingers brushing against the curve of his waist. 

“Yes?”, he asks and draws a tortuous zig-zag down Kageyama’s waist, towards that little space between the bed and Kageyam’s belly, the latter jumps and giggles the cutest sleepy giggle. 

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