evil eye nail art

warm-up drawing of Ruvik-possessed-Leslie from the latest chapter of @croik ‘s awesome fanfic A Nail Through A Star :) I love imagining the characters in other clothes/hairstyles and this was too good not to draw. Such a cute but angry little man….

Evil Eye Nail Art DIY


NARS Pierre Hardy - Ethno Run, Navy 
Sally Hansen Xtremewear - Celeb City (220)
Julep - Bess
Essie - Aruba Blue
Maybelline - Porcelain Party


1. Paint base solid color, allow to dry.
2. Dab silver polish for the eyeball on to the flat, blunt side of a cheap ballpoint pen, lightly press wet polish onto nail like a stamp. Allow to dry. 
3. Dip the ballpoint pen (writing side) or a dotting tool into light blue polish for the eye color and then let it dribble onto the middle point of the eyeball. Use the tool to expand the eye color, if necessary. Allow to slightly dry, wipe polish off tool.
4. Place a small amount of dark blue polish into the tip of the ballpoint pen or dotting tool and precisely draw the pupil on to the evil eye. Allow to dry completely.