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It’s been fun watching movies over the years and realizing “that’s in a Calabrese song!”… which directors - or - which films have influenced your music the most?


50 horror movies to see before you die!

1) Halloween (1978) 
2) The Omen (1976)
3) Sinister (2012) 
4) The Devil’s Rejects (2005) 
5) The Silence of the Lambs (1991) 
6) The Shining (1980) 
7) Insidious (2012) 
8) The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
9) My Bloody Valentine (2009 remake)
10) The Pact (2012)
11) The Gallows (2015) 
12) The Evil Dead (1981)
13) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
14) Drag Me to Hell (2009)
15) The Grudge (2004)
16) The Conjuring (2013) 
17) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
18) The Possession (2012) 
19) Scream (1996) 
20) It Follows (2014) 
21) The Woman in Black (2012) 
22) The Hills Run Red (2009)
23) Psycho (1960) 
24) Orphan (2009)
25) The Loved Ones (2009)
26) Funny Games (2007 remake)
27) The Ring (2002) 
28) Would You Rather (2012)
29) Housebound (2014)
30) Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
31) Deliver Us from Evil (2014)
32) Oculus (2013) 
33) We Are Still Here (2015)
34) It (1990)
35) The Purge: Anarchy (2014) 
36) The People Under the Stairs (1991) 
37) Misery (1990)
38) The Collection (2012)
39) Poltergeist (2015 remake) 
40) House at the End of the Street (2012)
41) The Seasoning House (2012)
42) The House of the Devil (2009)
43) Maniac (2012)
44) The Last Will and Testament of Rosland Leigh (2012)
45) Hide and Seek (2005)
46) 13 Sins (2014)
47) Evidence (2013)
48) Satan’s School for Girls (1973)
49) Unfriended (2014) 
50) The Amityville Horror (2005)

Reaper 76 Hitman AU Fic A Necessary Evil

Pg-13, one dead kid, and some mild sexual stuff.

Another story for @thegaynerdgod. Suggestions for next one more than welcome! r76 hitman AU.

Uh oh, this ended up longer than I anticipated!

Also, I know Jack should have used a fucking silencer on his sniper rifle but maybe he wanted to be dramatic. I want a pic of Jack hugging Gabriel with a cold and smug look on his face so much….

A Necessary Evil

Jack’s whole body tensed when he heard someone knock on his apartment’s door, making the hitman go quickly through a short mental list of people who could possibly want to see him this late at night. After the day’s events and tragedies, he could think of only one person who might want to seek him out.  

It has to be Gabriel, Jack thought as he held his arm stretched on the table, trying to clean a nasty cut wound on his forearm, I guess this time he didn’t want to spend the night going through the evidence. In his place, I would probably do the same, the hit man thought in quite emotionless manner, not regretting what he had done.

Jack couldn’t really blame Gabriel for wanting to be with him, after all, he was supposed to be the detective’s boy friend and lover, a person who would always be there for the Gabe when he needed him the most. I guess I hurt him really bad today, the bartender thought, not really caring, but they chose to get in my way.

The job he had done today had varied greatly from the ones before, mainly because Reyes himself had been waiting for him while his target was being escorted to safety.

Gabriel had been working on the Hitman 76 case for months and had instantly recognized a small pattern…one easily changeable, but a pattern non the less. The detective had acted fast, trying to get the the  hitman’s target to a secure location, only to realize that nothing could save you from the killer.

One of my finest kills yet, Jack thought, enjoying the thrill and challenge Reyes’ and the police’s presence had brought.  A small and cold smile formed on the blond’s face as he recalled his lover’s angry and devastated expression, It was so satisfying to have Gabriel see  what I am capable of. He will not rest until he has caught the infamous Hitman 76.

Jack put away the disinfectant and piece of cotton when Reyes knocked on his door again, clearly having no intentions of going anywhere before he had seen his lover. Today’s kill was one he’d remember for the rest of his life since it had actually taken 2 shots from his rifle, one for the target and one for the person blocking his line of sight.

Unable to relocate in time to get a better shot, he assassin had made the tough decision to remove the object protecting his victim. Gabriel used everything he had to protect that poor bastard. I hope he will make it even more challenging next time, the bartender mused as he walked over to the door, wondering, if Reyes had recognized him. Unlikely, but still a possibility. I really want to get in close combat with him some day...

The first shot had given away his location to the detective who had been covering the building. It had been a matter of seconds, but thankfully he had made it out in time, leaving Gabriel empty handed, with just a glimpse of him escaping through a broken window.

Reyes felt frustrated, fearful and completely exhausted as he knocked on the door once more, wanting nothing more than see his lover whose touch and words always comforted him. He wanted to just wrap his arms around Jack and rest with him with no one bothering them, so that he could forget the rest of the world for a fleeting moment. The detective knew it was selfish, but he just wanted to hold Jack close and make sure he was not going anywhere, that he would not get hurt.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Jack opened the door to him; looking quite confused and worried. Usually he’d text or call Morrison to see if he could come over if he was not working, but tonight…he had just driven here straight from the Police Department.

“Gabe? It is past midnight already…usually you at least message me to see if I’m awake,” Jack murmured, only to give the bearded man a small and disarming smile, “But I’ll forgive you. I had a long shift and picky customers, so seeing your grumpy face is a lovely surprise.”

The press had not yet been alerted about the new murder case due to its brutality, so he had to feign ignorance, not that it was hard, after all he had managed to keep Gabriel in dark for months now, and would continue to do so until he grew bored of it. The only question was, what he’d do with the detective? Would he simply break up with the man and go separate ways, or would be try  to bring him to his world? Or…would he just kill the man.

Reyes let out a loud sigh, looking tired and like he had nothing else to give, “Can I come in Jack?” the detective asked, wanting to just carry the blond to the bed or sofa and fall asleep next to him.

The bartender feigned worry.

“Has something happened?” Jack asked quietly as he stepped aside to let Gabe enter his quite large apartment with rich and luxurious decoration.

At times, Reyes wondered how Jack could afford some of these things, but then he remembered that working in one of the most luxurious hotels/clubs was no doubt very profitable. I do wonder if I picked the wrong career choice, Gabriel scoffed in his mind, but then he remembered that someone had to uphold the law and catch bad guys like this Hitman 76.

“I can’t tell you the details…” Reyes sighed as he watched his lover close the door and lock it. They were finally alone, away from the worries of the world.

Gabriel noted the genuinely surprised look on his lover’s face when he just embraced him without a word,  nuzzling the bartender’s neck lovingly; seeking comfort.

Jack remained silent for a moment, as if trying to connect the dots when he knew very well the reason for Gabriel to act this way, Did I really hurt you that bad, Reyes? Jack thought with slightly smug look in his blue eyes.  

“That hitman, did he kill again?” The blond asked, knowing very well what Hitman76…he…had done. There was no longer any question about this being a personal matter to Gabe. After today, the detective would no doubt hunt him to the ends of the earth.

I wonder, will he try to shoot me on sight from now on, Jack mused a bit absentmindedly, or will he try taking me alive?

The blue eyed man sighed heavily when he felt Gabriel nod, his lips finding the bartender’s neck, hands snaking around his back to pull him closer.

The detective couldn’t endure this anymore. He had to tell him…he knew he could trust Jack. “God, that bastard…he killed a young kid,” Reyes almost choked, unable to get the image of the kid’s partly pulverized head out of his mind. The sight of the young teen’s face would never stop haunting him.

Jack had quite a cold look in his eyes as he comforted Reyes, placing his hands onto the detective’s arms. It really was such a shame when it came to killing kids. Young, starry eyed youths who all had a long life ahead of them, only to have it taken away by someone like him.

But that’s how life is, it is cruel and unfair, the bartender thought, smiling a bit since he was not facing Reyes who was nuzzling his neck, it is not my fault those kids don’t know how to keep their mouths shut. If you anger a mob boss, you’ll end up dead or worse.

“My men were there to protect the victim,,” Reyes explained, lifting his head to look Jack directly into eyes, “I saw him. If I had been just a little bit faster, I could have captured him. I failed completely,” Gabe continued, closing his eyes when he felt his lover’s hand caress the side of this face.

“Gabe, it is ok,” The hitman whispered, feeling oddly satisfied when the detective leaned into his touch. He wanted to tell Reyes that he had been nowhere near capturing the Hitman76, that the killer had planned 10 escape routes before hand…but he couldn’t really do that, now could he? As much fun as it would be to let Reyes learn about his true identity, doing so would be foolish.

It was so…exhilarating…to have the detective leading the case be his lover. Seeing the man obsess over him was amusing  and the sex was good too. In his opinion, there was nothing better than crawling on top of Reyes after some tough kill and just let the detective take him, as if he wanted to comfort and help him relax when in truth, he was merely using Reyes for pleasure. The memory of those dark eyes fixating on his face, those hands seeking his thighs and hip made Jack almost shiver in excitement.

But,  as much as he wanted to deny it, Jack had become very fond of Gabriel. At times I wonder if I can let him go when the time comes, the hitman wondered.

“He got Reinhardt…” Gabriel  finally said, his voice almost breaking, “that bastard took out one of my men just so he could shoot that poor kid into head,” the detective hissed, his tone filled with anger, sorrow and fear.

“Oh my god,” Jack let out, looking completely horrified. At times, he was impressed by his own acting capabilities, “Is going to be alright? Don’t tell me he is…”

The blond hitman almost pitied the detective  when Gabriel just rested his forehead against his, feeling the slope of his lover’s neck with his warm hand, “Critical condition…Reinhardt might not make it.”

Jack had quite an empty look in his eyes, feeling nothing for the man he had shot.

Is the target secured yet?” Reyes asked and listened to the coms as he climbed up the stairs of a tall office skyline tower.

Reinhardt and Ana were relocating the hitman’s next victim while he along with other officers were covering the buildings facing the target’s location. All of them were potential places for sniping and there was no doubt that the killer was in the area. A child’s life in danger and he was going to make sure the killer would fail this time. He was going to end this today.

Reyes, we have to take  a compromised route facing the street,” the detective heard Ana’s voice and cursed in his mind, “understood, keep your eyes open and make sure to protect the target,” Reyes commanded and heard Reinhardt confirm the order.

I will catch that bastard for sure, he will not slip away from me this time, Gabriel swore in his mind,

Reyes, I saw movement in the building on the opposite street! The one you are in! 2 floors above you!” Reyes suddenly heard Ana’s calm but alarmed voice through the lines, but, before he could ask for more information, he heard a loud gunshot few floors above him, and seconds later a sound of shattered glass, mixed with Reinhardt’s pained yell coming through the coms.

“Officer down!” Ana yelled, her usually so calm voice sounding slightly panicked, “ Stay in cover kid! I repeat, Officer down! Reinhardt….oh god, we need a paramedic here right now! Wilhelm…stay with me…I need something to stop the blood…Stay in cover you idiot, no!!”

Reyes had no time to stay or listen; the hitman was few floors above him! He had to end this now.

You will not escape me,” Gabriel growled, knowing that one of his men was probably dying.  He had to stop that man from killing his target, he just had to. However, he knew all hope was lost when he heard a second gunshot and Ana’s screaming the kid’s name. He had failed…Hitman 76 had killed again. The detective rushed the stairs up, heading towards the direction of the gunshots.

He kicked the door open to the room where the gunshots had come from, only to  briefly see a figure with a sniper rifle and some sort of tactical visor on his face…no wonder that bastard could pull off these though shots.  

But, before Reyes had even time to say “Freeze”, the man just waved at him before jumping through the window with a rope, busting through another one about 4 floors beneath him. All he had managed to see was a blur of a man with golden hair and the visor.

“I am so sorry, Gabriel, I can’t even imagine how you are feeling right now,” Jack sighed, trying to sound shocked, worried and loving at the same time.

“I will catch this man, Jack…I swear I will not rest until he pays for his crimes,” Reyes hissed, clutching the front Jack’s black collar shirt with his hand. The blond man merely embraced him,

“I know you will, but lets not talk about that killer in my home, ok? You need to calm down,” Jack almost purred as he caressed Gabe’s head in a calming manner, a small cold smile on his lips and smug look in his eyes.

Gabriel ran his hand along Jack’s arm, only now noticing the nasty cut on it

“What happened to you?” he asked, taking hold of his lover’s arm to study the cut, no noticing the alarmed and cold, even remorseless look the blond gave him.

“An accident with a man who had a bit too much to drink, shattered more than few glasses,” Jack scoffed as if it was absolutely nothing new.  Reyes just stared at the wound and for a brief moment, the assassin wondered if he should act first to neutralize Gabriel, but he calmed down when the bearded man just sighed heavily, as if he had worried for nothing.

“Seems like people around me get hurt, I fear something will happen to you Jack, I really do,” the detective said, feeling more emotional than ever before, only to look slightly hurt when his lover scoffed,

“Don’t be so melodramatic, Gabriel. You know I’m more than capable of taking care of myself,” the blond replied. He had not kept his military past from Gabriel, but he had not gone to details either.

“Please, just reconsider my offer to move you somewhere more safe. Everyone knows you and I worry that someone might want to silence you.”

“And lose my incomes from my current place of work? Sorry Gabriel, but that does not sound very compelling. Even if that’d make you stop bugging me about it.”

Gabriel groaned out loud in frustration, “God Jack, there is a man killing people you’ve served drinks to! Why do you have to be so bullheaded all the time. Don’t you get how dire this is?”

Jack merely flashed a disarming and seductive grin at his lover, “Gabe, I’m just a bartender, what would a killer want with me? Just because you lead the investigation doesn’t make me a target…Let me pour you a drink….or two, I know just the cocktail to wash away the pain and worries,” Jack whispered sensuously before giving his hunter and lover a deep and hungry kiss while caressing his stomach and chest, but it didn’t help Reyes to calm down.

The tired and emotionally exhausted man took hold of Jack’s arm, not letting him escape to the liqueur cabinet, “You always take this so lightly Jack…don’t you understand that he could kill you just because you are connected to me? Because you are someone I care about? I will not lose you.”

For a flash of a moment, Jack looked uncomfortable and confused, not able to accept the devotion the detective felt for him. He did not like it…this was supposed to be just for fun. The detective…Reyes, was supposed to be merely a tool and momentary distraction, not someone he could have actual feelings for.

His reputation meant everything to him, and if it meant killing good men, so be it. Finally the blond let out a weary sigh, wrapping his arms around the detective, once more,

“I’m so sorry, Gabriel, I really am,” the bartender told his lover, “You did all you could, no one has the right to blame you,” he whispered soothingly before pressing his soft lips against Reyes’ into a soft and loving kiss, “You did your job to the best of you ability no one can ask for more.”

I don’t know what to think of you, Gabe, only that you are an idiot...Jack thought as he caressed the detective’s jaw with his finger tips,

“You can’t save the world.”

Reyes didn’t say anything, merely pressing his forehead against Jack’s.

“Let me help you forget about all the horrible things tonight. You don’t need to worry about anything while inside these 4 walls. It is just you and me, Gabriel,” Jack promised as he slided his hand downwards, until it reached Reyes’ belt.

“No one else matters.”