evil courtney

The Monster of All Theories

What I’m about to say, I don’t believe has been said in any other theory before. Yes, there is a twin, an identical twin… And it is someone we have met, someone we think we know very well and yet don’t know at all. There are three. Bethany, Courtney, and Charlotte. All identical, only two are twins, Charlotte is a doppelgänger of both identical twins so you could say… There are triplets among us, at least there used to be.

Charlotte never meant to hurt anyone, she never did- in fact, the only things she did usually ended with no one dying, and yet someone… Someone out there was a cold-blooded murderer. That person is still out there. That person is who I’m going to name “Courtney” (an ode to the books!).

She killed Jessica. She killed Ian. She killed Garret. She killed Charlotte. She corrupted and tried to kill Alison. She met with Melissa. She had the visitors pass. She lived in the haunted house. She went to UPenn. Everything Charlotte didn’t admit to, Courtney was behind it. She was behind it all. It was said that Bethany Young was 20 when she died, making her and Courtney two years younger than Charlotte. Charlotte isn’t the one with the twin, Bethany and Courtney are identical twins and they look EXACTLY like Charlotte, and I’m going to prove it.

Lets start at the beginning, the twins story- this is the story of Bethany and Courtney. We originally thought that Charlotte was the one with the twin, that the other girl represented Alison… It sounded right but didn’t really fit, Charlotte never caused any intentional harm to Alison- therefore she couldn’t be one of the twins. We knew one of them was crazy enough to stab the other over a doll, that one of them was sent to Radley, and one of them was dead. Now, in the story- they never said the other twin died after the stabbing, it is merely assumed she died from the wounds.

Both twins survived, one was insane- the other was not. The dead twin that we see over and over repeatedly tells us that her sister keeps telling lies to her parents about her, I think it’s quite possible that Courtney stabbed herself to get Bethany thrown into Radley. In 3x13, the dead twin shows up again- she says she called her mother and asked to go home but her mother started crying. The dead twin then says her sister tells lies about her- telling her parents she ran away, that they fight all the time.

This could be interpreted as Courtney telling her parents that Bethany ran away from Radley when she was actually murdered.

How do I know that Bethany was the non-violent twin? The tapes. The tapes that were recorded during Bethany’s stay at Radley.

“She’s a bitch. She’s an evil bitch. I don’t mean nasty or rude, I mean evil! Without a soul! You could be the nicest person in the world, she gets them to do anything she wants! 5 minutes with her and you’d drown a bag of kittens if she asked, 2 minutes if you’re a man!”

The person that Bethany is talking about doesn’t fit anyone on the show that we know of, Charlotte was not evil, and I can’t stress enough that she repeatedly uses “she” to identify this person. But… There’s more, from another one of the tapes Bethany had been recorded on:

“Not destructive, self defense! It’s me or her, she’s not the only one who can make plans!”

Bethany sounded like it was either her or the other- neither could live while the other survived. (Harry Potter reference for my potterheads!)

Does that sound like someone who would just randomly push someone off the roof and then blame it on someone else? No… Because the one who pushed Marion off the roof wasn’t Bethany, it was Courtney. How do you think Charlotte knew how to get in and out of Radley? Someone showed her how.

I believe Courtney snuck in and out of Radley at will to cause trouble, that way she could do whatever she wanted and Bethany would take the blame. She’d take the blame every single time because she wasn’t the twin that was admitted.

Now, lets take a step back to 5x13, the Christmas episode… While rummaging through the DiLaurentis house, Hanna found a letter, a letter from Bethany to Alison. Does this letter sound like someone who has any intent on hurting Alison?

This letter solves one of the biggest mysteries on the show… The yellow tops. Courtney sent letters to Bethany pretending to be Alison, she’s the one who bought the yellow tops, she’s the one who set everything up. Charlotte following Bethany from Radley back to her house to protect Jessica proves the fact that she had absolutely no idea there were more than one yellow top out that night, in fact it proves that whoever set everything up was NOT Charlotte but someone else.

It’s funny how Melissa and Charlotte were supposed to have this huge relationship, yet the only time Charlotte mentions her was when it involved the trip to Cape May. Charlotte supposedly went to UPenn with Melissa, Melissa supposedly called Charlotte to tell her that Mona was in Radley… But Charlotte was already IN Radley. She had never met Mona before, she knew nothing about her, she listened to Mona talk about how happy they were that Alison was gone… And yet, why did Charlotte need a visitors pass? Why did she tell Melissa to notify her if Mona was ever in Radley? It’s because Charlotte wasn’t the one using the visitors pass, it was Courtney. Courtney used Charlotte’s “Cece Drake” alias to gallivant around, she made friends with Melissa- corrupted Alison, and caused mass mayhem around Rosewood.

Courtney started the entire thing, from day 1. The attack on Alison in the haunted house? It was right after the frat party, and right after Alison started receiving messages… And ironically, right after Alison told the twin story the first time. Courtney created destruction wherever she went, she got people in trouble and felt no remorse whatsoever.

The fact that Charlotte, Courtney, and Bethany looked alike worked for Courtney’s advantage, she could do whatever the hell she wanted and one or the other would get blamed for it. That’s also why Jessica was taking “Bethany” out, only it wasn’t Bethany, it was Courtney- she was blackmailing Jessica for either the existence of Charlotte, or the murder of Mrs. Cavanaugh- probably both. It was said at the stables where Jessica took her riding that “Bethany” threw a bucket at Jessica’s head, they never came back. Courtney then hated Jessica, she started to feed Bethany lies about Jessica having an affair with their father… This is when Bethany’s drawings turned dark, this is when Charlotte realized Jessica could be in danger- and therefore giving Courtney the motivation she needed to kill her twin once and for all. If Courtney’s plan worked Bethany would’ve killed Jessica, Courtney would’ve killed Bethany (both of them wearing the yellow top), and Alison would’ve went down for the murder because she was also in a yellow top. Bethany killing Jessica would match the anger she had towards Jessica so no one would question it, and Courtney murdering Bethany wouldn’t be questioned since both were in yellow tops, and Alison would’ve gone down for the murder because of the letter planted in the DiLaurentis house so it made to look like she planned to kill her. (Season 5 storyline anyone?)… That is, if Charlotte hadn’t have escaped and accidentally knocked Alison out in the first place.

Now, getting to the proof that Courtney is in fact Uber A… There are some requirements for the person who actually IS Uber A… 1. This person knows everything that happened on Labor Day. 2. This person dug up Bethany’s body in 3x01, proving that someone knew that body wasn’t Alison before anyone else. 3. This person knew every single person involved with each crime, aka Mona and Melissa, along with the accomplices who covered them up. 4. This person is highly intelligent, but absolutely insane and dangerous.

Charlotte had no idea that Alison was alive up until the night of the lodge fire, so how could she have possibly known the person in Alison’s grave wasn’t her? The simple answer is, she couldn’t have. This proves that whoever Uber A is knew not only the Bethany was dead and that Alison survived, but they knew who was responsible for each crime. Didn’t you ever wonder why exactly Melissa, Wilden, and others did the things they did? There was something they had done that someone knew about that held it against them.

Last episode Melissa said Charlotte called Wren and told him what Melissa had done, this would be impossible because Charlotte was watching Jessica bury Alison, she had been with Jessica the ENTIRE night while Bethany was knocked out and buried. Meaning someone saw everything happen and watched it unfold.

Another thing Charlotte said during the 6x10 finale stuck out to me… She said she could never trust Mona, that since she hit her best friend with a car, how could she trust her? And yet, the red coat who dug up Bethany’s body had Mona do it. Speaking of red coats, one of the scenes  with the A ending has red coat torching bobbleheads of the girls, if Charlotte had worn the red coat just that one time at the saw mill… Who bought the black hoodies in 3x01?

Now, I’m going to go back to the Season 4 finale when Jessica was murdered. We all know Charlotte didn’t do that, Jessica was the last person in the world who knew Charlotte existed and was the only person left who loved her. The person who did this was heartless, they wanted to hurt Charlotte and Alison in any way necessary, and that was taking away someone they loved, and someone who the killer absolutely hated. No one on the show hated Jessica more than Bethany, at least that’s what you’re made to think- and yet, if Bethany is dead, who STILL hated Jessica enough to kill her? Courtney.

Courtney isn’t like Charlotte or Mona, she has no real reason to do what she does… As Bethany said, “She’s a bitch. She’s an evil bitch. I don’t mean nasty or rude, I mean evil! Without a soul!”

Knowing just how evil, and just how smart Courtney was, she did things for Charlotte to hate Bethany (i.e. killing Marion and blaming it on her), and she did things for Bethany to hate Jessica (telling her about the “affair”). She pitted people against each other without them knowing it was even happening, and they didn’t even know they were being manipulated, Courtney had a reason for every single move she made- she never did anything that wouldn’t serve a purpose.

Now, reading the synopsis for an upcoming episode, it says that Alison believes she’s going insane- I think Courtney is going to be showing up (much like what Alison did when she was supposed to be “dead”) just to torture Alison, making her think Charlotte is still alive. Alison will probably think she’s going insane and will most likely be put in a place like Radley (possibly by her own hubby *cough*).

Now, who do I think killed Charlotte? Like I said in my Vertigo theory (which you can read here: http://theplltheorist.tumblr.com/post/137259102034/6x11-thoughts-and-vertigo), I think Dr. Rollins was the one to help murder Charlotte- while Courtney was there. From the tapes Bethany was recorded on, she said Courtney could get anyone to do anything she wanted within a few minutes of knowing them, 2 minutes if you’re a man. And I can guarantee you that he’s using his marriage to Alison as an alibi, Courtney probably told him to do it as an alibi but also to further damage Alison and put her away permanently. And we’ve also seen recently that whoever the big bad is right now has access to Medical Records, (Veronica and Yvonne’s).

And now, she’s going after Mona and Melissa as well, she’s framing Melissa for murder and torturing Mona as well. Melissa is going to most likely be pinned for some murder, whether it’s Charlotte or Bethany- right now it looks like Melissa may be going down for Charlotte’s murder because of the murder weapon being a part of her luggage bag. And remember, Melissa HATES Charlotte now for telling Wren what she did… So they’ll believe the motive.

Now, for the physical proof:

In 6x10, while Charlotte is explaining what happened Labor Day- she says that Bethany left with the Yellow Top, and from this letter that was found in 5x13… Someone was sending Bethany letters pretending to be Alison, and THEY are the ones who gave Bethany the yellow top. In 3x19 Jason stumbles out of the house, drunk and high- he sees Melissa and someone who looks like Charlotte in the yellow top. I think it’s very likely that Melissa was talking to Courtney, in fact- I think Courtney was the one who outed Alison and Ian to Melissa.

Whomever Melissa was talking to in the yellow top, she knew- she knew very well. And in 6x10 while Charlotte was explaining how she accidentally hit her thinking it was Bethany, Alison says that Jason saw her and Melissa talking, but it couldn’t have been Charlotte because she was in all black. So, whoever Melissa was talking to looked EXACTLY like Charlotte.

And in episode 4x24, when Alison was telling the girls what happened on Labor Day, she discovered the EXACT same yellow shirt in her room- along with an A message. So the person who sent both Alison AND Bethany yellow tops had a plan for them, and Charlotte was NOT included in that deal.

And again in 6x10, Charlotte said she stopped visiting Mona once they started weaning her off her meds- and yet, in 3x01 Red Coat took Mona to the cemetery to dig up Bethany’s body which Emily recalls in 3x18. This proves that whomever dug the grave up KNEW whoever was in that grave wasn’t Alison, and Charlotte believed Alison had been dead up until she discovers that Alison is alive in the Lodge Fire.

One of the most prominent pieces of proof that Bethany, Charlotte, and Courtney looked alike was in 6x10, while Charlotte is explaining what happened Labor Day when she mistook Alison for Bethany- Charlotte says this: “She stole my clothes and knew I had out privileges so she snuck out of Radley.”

Speaking of Red Coats… A recurring thing that keeps popping up are twins, specifically twins in red. Well, take a look:

The last photo is from the night Charlotte was murdered, whoever was in that red shirt was there when Charlotte was murdered… And since Marlene has confirmed there is an identical twin coming up, along with the fact Alison believes she’s going insane. It has to be someone who looks exactly like Charlotte without being her twin… I believe Courtney is alive and well, and we’re going to meet her… Very, very soon.

(P.S. Melissa is still the one trying to figure out who the killer is, and Dr. Rollins is still the one who killed Charlotte… None of that has changed!)

I have a lot more physical proof that she exists, but I’ve been writing this theory going on about 10 hours total so… If you have any questions, shoot me a message!

Oh my dear Benjamin…

What on Gods green earth are you thinking?!  Last nights episode crushed my soul, as I’m sure it did many of you.  What on earth was he thinking??  My thoughts are as follows:

Lindzi is adorable and sweet and blah blah blah…horses…blah blah blah…that’s a lot of eye liner…blah blah blah….camp fire and s'mores.  

moving on.

Kacie B…adorable and bubbly and then her parents gave her and Ben…GOOD ADVICE?!  Wait, so they wanted them to know each other better before jumping in to an engagement?  UNHEARD OF!  But seriously, that’s good advice.  Her momma watches the show and gets it.  Unforgivably, Ben just clearly wants to get laid and Courtney clearly puts out.  Poor Kacie B.  A good girl.  Who loves Ben.  Thwarted by loving parents and Ben’s other head.

Then we have,

the lovely Nicki.  Adorable, “i-just-wanna-get-married” Nicki.  I just wanna say, I love her dad.  LOVE HIM.  When he told her that he felt responsible for her failed marriage because he didn’t ask enough questions, it tug on my little heart strings.  Adorable.  Kind.  Sweet….with an eager daughter.  But really, I like her.  All jokes aside.  She will make a man really happy one day…just not our buddy, Ben.

And finally…

Court.  Evil Courtney.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this witch…I mean, Bitch…I mean…horrible human being…I mean…Vienna.  Wow.  sorry.  She is A LOT like Vienna.  Vienna was the villain and that is what got Jake all hot and bothered.  Is Ben just another Jake?  Is Courtney getting a winners edit?  Will the producers shock us in the end and the winner ISN’T Courtney?  I say winner because that’s all it will be.  If the winner is Courtney, the relationship will probably be over at “After the Final Rose”.   

BUT…a mock wedding?! Really?!  Did anyone else have the urge to vomit everywhere?  I did.  And did you see how HAPPY she looked when Kacie didn’t get a rose and awkwardly stood there as Lindzi and Nicki hugged our poor girl??

And poor…sweet…loving Kacie B.  Girl, you dodged a bullet.  Anyone who “loves” Courtney that much is not deserving of your love.  Chin up, darling.  You will find love and happiness.  

As for the producers of the show…I see that you tried to make Courtney “like-able” during this episode.  You’re a day late and a dollar short.  I still don’t like Courtney.  I will never like Courtney.  And if I see her on Bachelor Pad I will round house kick you should our paths ever cross.

As for Benjamin…

Screw you.  Again.  

The Day Has Arrived!

It is here, ladies…and a few gents.  The Final Rose.  AND! After The Final Rose.  I couldn’t care less about the actual episode, blah blah blah BUT TheAfter The Final Roseis going to be epic (Yes….epic).  It’s going to go one of three ways: 1) Ben is going to give America the finger and then moon us with his pasty white behind because he really DOES love Courtney and they will make demon babies.  2) He pulls a Jason Mesnik and breaks up with her “officially” during the show because he didn’t like what he saw while the show was airing/doesn’t like the backlash he has been getting all season.  or 3) he picks Lindzi, Chris Harrison and Mike Fleiss and Ben yell “Gotcha!"  The editors for the show come out and take a bow as the curtain closes and Ben and Lindz ride into the sunset on her horse.  

What do you think will happen?

All The Rage

So I went to LA this past weekend and I had bought the fabulous Courtney Summer’s All The Rage to read on my nook. But when I got to the airport, I realized I had forgotten my nook. Five hours on a plane without a book is a nightmare. In desperation, I decided to read All The Rage on my iphone. And from the moment I began to read, through the entire turbulence filled emotional roller coaster that was the book (turns out we had major turbulence during the plane ride but I was so absorbed in my book that I didn’t even realize until I reached the end), I was completely and utterly transfixed by this book. Here are my emotions in chronological order:

1. Completely and utterly absorbed.

2. Angry

3. Furious

4. Sobbing, emotional wreck

5. Ugly crying

6. The end.

PS - Courtney is evil.

Alright…I know we all want to get to the last 20 minutes of the show but I have to cover some of the first hour and a half.  

Okay, so Ben, let’s discuss your first date with Emily.  She really surprised me, and that it hard to do after almost 10 years of giving out roses.  Now, here is why: She is so…normal.  She wasn’t overeager and she was being herself.  She reminds me of someone who would sit behind me in Spanish, trying to stay calm and focused and trying to keep up.  I find that incredibly endearing.  So, my two favorites are Emily and Kacie B and I would love to see them as the final two but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be GREATLY disappointed.

Moving on to the group date: Gross.  Don’t get me wrong, I think that turning the streets of San Fran into a Ski slope is incredibly bad ass but doing it all in a bikini is a little too much for me.  I am happy with my body but I don’t feel comfortable seeing the whole world watching me fall like that in what’s basically my underwear.  I give props to my girl, Kacie B, for being able to laugh at herself through it all…that is something that I would not be able to do.  

As for Brittney, she played quite the roll in the group date!  She left on her own and I applaud her for that.  I love it when people play the game with their heart and not with just the intention to “win”.  Yes, it’s a game and Brittney knew that it wasn’t for her and I love that about her.  YOU GO GIRL!

And so, Lindzi gets the last minute one-on-one date.  I think Lindzi is great and she will without a doubt be in the final four.  She is easy going and light-hearted. She jokes around and has a lovely laugh.  She doesn’t come with any drama, at  least none that the producers are willing to show us.

okay okay okay…let’s talk about the rose ceremony!!!

LET YOUR TRUE COLORS SHINE ON THROUGH!!!  These bitches be crazy!  Now, I’m not here to judge anyone character….oh who am I kidding, these ladies are terrible!!  

Shawntel Newton, our little funeral director showed up!  Now, I didn’t really care for her on Brad’s season (I was team Emily all the way) but it was Chantal that I *really* didn’t like.  But that’s neither here nor there…SHAWNTEL!  Now, She mentioned to Chris that she had, indeed, spoken to Ben a few times in the past.  This I trust completely.  The people on this show become part of this close, tight-knit, incestuous family.  They attend parties and charity events together and have reunions so it’s not hard to imagine their paths crossing in-between Ben filming The Bachelorette and The Bachelor.  So put that in your pipe, Elyse, and smoke it!  Is it me, or did Elyse looks like a lost member of Jersey Shore?!  Talk about an ugly personality!  I think she got a sympathy rose from Ben.

As for making fun at what Shawntel does for a living…um…someone in the group is a VIP cocktail waitress, coughBLAKELYcough.  Frankly, Shawntel deals with something every day that most people fear so I applaud her for that.  clap clap clap.  

Jacklyn…calling Her Brad’s dumpster trash is up there for one of the trashiest things I have heard.  First off, by using that logic, Ben is Ashley’s dumpster trash.  and YOU are Ben’s dumpster trash.  Choose your words carefully darling.

Erika, calling her ugly and saying she has large thighs is so high school.  Grow up.  You just a few too many free cocktails.  Go faint in a corner…oh wait, you did.  AND YOU WENT HOME!  giggle.  I hate your tattoo.  Wait…she is ALSO Ben’s dumpster trash!

Shawntel was the only woman who left that rose ceremony with dignity.  She didn’t cry and run to the bathroom and she didn’t fall to the ground.  I, honestly, would have like Shawntel to stay.  a) for the drama and b) because then maybe with witch, Courtney, would have left.

Courtney.  Take that lemon out of your mouth.  "I saw you talking to what’s-her-butt".  You are such a horrible person!  And you think that well educated, well read people are boring.  You know what’s boring?  Watching you talk to Ben.  Seriously, “I like you” “I like you too”  "I was thinking about you" “Oh really?  I was thinking about you too…let’s make babies”  SHUT UP!  really…just…don’t talk.

I also want to say that I LOVE what Ben did with the final rose.  I have seen Bachelor/ettes take away a rose BEFORE the ceremony but not at it…way to go!

Crying and fainting is over the top.  Do  you have to be emotional insecure to be on this show?  If I were Ben, watching this now, I wouldn't trust my own choice (had I picked any of this girls)  they clearly can’t function under pressure. I have a funny feeling Ben is going to listen to the wrong head.  But hey, that only means in a couple months, Shawntel may have another crack at him!

I will probably post/vent more tomorrow but I missed Castle and I want to watch it…so…I love you all.  What did you think of the show.  I can’t wait to see what you all had to say about it.

Okay, Court, let’s have a chat.

I touched on this briefly last night but Courtney said that people who are book-smart are boring.  I still want to hit her over this.  I am sure when the show ends, her and Vienna will be like, BFFs 4-life.  So, when you and Ben have those little babies, I hope Ben is aware that his child can’t read a book.  Or else his child will be boring and have like, mindless chatter.  I mean, like, who needs to read a book when you’re pretty.

I hate people. 


Today’s throwback is dedicated to one of my favorite Bachelor’s, Jason Mesnick.

Jason was originally trying to win the heart of DeAnna Pappas (Season 4 of the Bachelorette) and he was the runner up to Jesse Csincsak.  I felt so bad for Jason because I loved DeAnna and I loved him and I thought they looked cute together.  However, I was thrilled when he got season 13 of The Bachelor.  Finally, the ball was in his court and I couldn’t wait to watch him play.

And PLAY he did.  Jason made HEADLINES!  Brad Womack was no longer the most hated man in America (for the record, I’m happy Brad didn’t pick someone…but that is for another Thursday).  For those of you who don’t know…Jason proposed to Melissa Rycroft, a former Dallas Cheerleader.  BARF!  This lead Molly Malaney heartbroken, as for me as well. 

Then something AMAZING happened.

During After the Final Rose…There was no studio audience.  Chris Harrison, the master of ceremonies that he is, knew something was about to happen and told us, the home viewers that what was going to happen was about to be a first.

Jason BROKE UP with Melissa!!!  On TV!  YES!!!

It get’s BETTER!  I know, I know…How?!  Right?

Molly comes out all confused and Jason tells her that he doesn’t love Melissa and that he made a mistake.  You can tell Molly is thrilled but she is trying to contain herself.  But THEN, Jason asks Molly if she would have him again.

kjfjkdsuvhsnfcjnassdvnisafjas <—That was my reaction as I was sitting on the couch.

Not too log later, ABC gives them the wedding of their dreams and they are living happily ever after.  I hope. 

I would consider Jason and Molly and Bachelor Success Story.  I love them….and the drama that came along with them. 

Now, I want to bring this full circle.  In a few interviews, Ben Flajnik expresses his surprise with how the girls act while he isn’t around (as he watches the show).  On Twitter, I obviously follow some of my favorite bachelor/ette people so I naturally follow Trista Sutter.  She posted how she hopes that Ben does not choose Courtney.  I replied with the idea, “Do you think that, if he does initially choose Courtney, Ben will pull a Jason at After the Final Rose, and change his mind?  She responded with an enthusiastic "I hope so…after seeing the true Courtney!”

So, does this mean Trista and I are BFFs now?

What do you guys think of Jason? 

Also, my twitter name is lalalembo.  Feel free to follow along.

A Quick Reaction:

This is not my formal reaction to the episode because I want to take caution to think before I write…kinda like how Emily should have when it came to who she confided in about her one-on-one with Ben.  Emily.  Don’t bad mouth Courtney to her BFF.  Girl Rule number 1.

All I will say quickly is that the episode was a little formulaic.  This is my favorite time of the season, when the girls start questioning the Bachelor with the classic “If he likes her, then what does he see in me?  We are so different.”

Also, next week is going to be amazing.  Maybe more amazing then when Chris told Rozlyn she had to leave the show…

oh…and I loved Monica.


I’m gonna say it…I HATE BACHELOR PAD.  I hate it so so much.  I am NOT looking forward to it this summer but I will watch and I will get drunk because that is the only way I can watch it without wanting to drown myself in the STD filled hot tub.  

First of all, I have to watch my least favorite people, such as last seasons Vienna and Kasey.  My Italian blood BOILED each time one of them opened their mouth.  Kasey…YOU ARE NOT THE GODFATHER.  I was actually insulted by his portrayal of a “mob boss”.  Offended, actually.  And the other “people” in the house who LET him take control are spineless.  And Holly…ugh…HOLLY.  Other than having horrible taste in fashion, she was a straight up bitch.  She was a typical, cookie cutter MIDDLE school girl who can’t make up her mind on which guy she likes.  

The show is disgusting and what gets me the most is that the “people” in the house can’t figure out how to play the game.  It’s the same thing as season 1 and the season 2 people just couldn’t figure it out.  And WHY THE F**K was Gia on for a second time?!  WHY?!  Is she going to be on for a third?

The show manages to take the “people” that I dislike the most and put them in a house together and watch them out trash each other.  So, with my luck, evil Courtney will be on the show and I will want to stab my eyes out.  



I haven’t done this and weeks and I apologize.  I am back at school and Monday nights are so busy for me and my work load is insane.  I have found a few minutes to write this out.

Rather than going back and looking at what happened the past few weeks, I am going to focus on Episode 7 and what I think is going to happen in the future.  

That being said…

How STOKED is everyone for “The women tell all” and “After the Final Rose”?!

Those two episodes are like holidays for me.  

In my opinion, and I think we can all agree, that Monday’s episode was do or die for Ben in regards to Evil Courtney.  I think that was his last chance to get rid of the spider and HE DIDN’T DO IT! This is problem I have with the show…I really liked Ben when he was on the Bachelorette.  Now, not so much.  He’s a fool.  Am I right?  There is no why I am alone on this.  He had a house full of women who have proven to him that they respect each other complain about Court and he KEPT her.  Oye.  Ben.  No no no.  

Predictions?  Let me just say that I have ZERO inside scoop.  I have been watching the show for a long time and there are patterns.  That being said, I have still had my fair share of surprises this season.  Can we talk about this Skinny Dipping a few episodes back?  How did the girls not wonder where this bitch was?  I’m sorry, where Courtney was.  It just baffles my little mind.  

But back to predictions.  He picks Courtney.  The other sweet girls are doomed.  This is the first time I actually like a majority of the girls.  I usually only like one or two.  I guess Court is enough evil.  "Kill shot"…really?  you’re gross.  And I think Ben dumped you already. 

He’s going to propose to Courtney and we will all, for a few minutes be annoyed.  But then, we will see Ben at After the Final Rose and he will be single because he watched the season and saw for himself how much of a douche lord he is and how he got played.  That’s what happens when you listen to your peen, Ben. 

Maybe a learned a lesson in all this.  I hope so.