evil cops

…make Mobius proud.“

This is a two-fer: my contribution to the Juli/Tati shippin (which I love x_x) and my feelings of being super pumped for the new DLC! Gaaaaah. I really hope to see these two interacting. They will forever in my mind be Mobius GFs <3 Can’t wait for the 10th!!!


This happened at my school, SUNY Albany. I need you all to reblog this and spread it like wildfire. We need the world to be enraged about this. 


Trick’n Snowboarder screenshots! Finally added this to my collection today, always wanted to get this game for the Biohazard characters. So weird seeing them snowboard, fun though. They all have their sounds from Resident Evil 2 as well, the zombie does moan when you mess up a trick.

One word: POLICE

Black men were asked to do word association on camera.
These are their ages and responses to the word “police”:

People still want to find a way to avoid the reality, there is corruption and discrimination in the police force and that’s coming from a white male. It’s not good, as much as you want to defend this, it’s just the truth of the times. Deny it as much as you want, it happens far too much to be a coincidence or accident every time.

People base their opinions on what they have experienced.


Cops Twist Teen Boy’s Arm After Thinking His ATM Withdraw Was “Robbery”

“We where approached because a white couple felt uncomfortable around me and my friend in the bank, this is how the police responded …”

An example of exemplary officers conduct. Sue those cops

#stop police violence