evil circus

150 years of Canada means 35 characters! (What? Can’t do a huge group picture yet.)

Took me around 6 hours to make not including breaks and lunch.


i dont remember a lot about old dr who (1960s-90s) but i do remember

  •  the drs arch enemy, the master, gets kicked in the nuts and is defeated
  •  theres mummies with lara croft boobs , they kill people with them
  •  dr who sucks off an alien at one point
  •  theres a confirmed lesbian romance but one half of it is with a shitty looking cheetah furry
  • eric roberts plays the master 
  • multiple instances of monsters made of literal bubble wrap and/or condoms 
  • at one point they need to show a bunch of robots, but they only had like 10 so they just put up a piece of cardboard with a bunch painted on it in the background
  • they go to an evil circus and the ringmaster raps about it multiple times

The Penguin: These are the names of the first-born sons of Gotham City–just like I was.  And like me, a terrible fate waits for them.  Tonight, while their parents party, they’ll be dreaming away in their “safe” cribs, their soft beds   And we will snatch them, carry them into the sewer, and toss them into a deep, dark, watery grave!

Clown Henchman: Uh, Penguin, I mean…killing sleeping children.  Isn’t that a little…

The Penguin: No, it’s A LOT!

-”Batman Returns”