evil charger


yalitmeme: eight otps [4/8] ♡ the worry wart™ + the immature child™ // the school for good and evil

WHERE IS SHE?” Agatha croaked. “Is she safe?”

“Not a good idea for princesses to worry about witches either,” Tedros said, hands gripping her waist. Her stomach exploded with butterflies.

“Put me down,” she sputtered —

“More bad ideas from the princess.”

“Put me down!”Tedros obeyed and Agatha pulled away.

I’m not a princess!” she snapped, fixing her collar.

“If you say so,” the prince said, eyes drifting downward. Agatha followed them to her gashed legs, waterfalls of brilliant blood. She saw blood blurring —

Tedros smiled. “One … two … three …” She fainted in his arms.

“Definitely a princess,” he said.“