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The Ceremony of the Fangs! A  T U T O R I A L

  1. Gather the supplies: plastic vampire fangs, small scissors, white thread, sewing needle, long pin with an easy-to-hold head, and a candle. Optional but not pictured: needle nose pliers. (The cordial glass of rose liqueur is also optional.)
  2. Trim two teeth from the vampire fangs, making the edges as smooth as possible. Optional: I held each tooth in the pliers, over the candle flame, to smooth down the edges. 
  3. Heat the tip of the pin over the candle flame, then poke 3 to 4 holes through the top of each tooth. 
  4. Thread the needle and make a small, sturdy knot at the end of the thread. 
  5. Carefully start sewing the teeth to your fuzzy companion, using the holes you already made in the teeth. It’s helpful to talk to your fuzzy companion during this step: assure them of their bravery, and tell them how fierce and dashing they’ll look when the teeth are secure.
  6. Trim all loose, exposed ends of the thread, gently fluff the fur around the new teeth, and perhaps give your fuzzy companion a new bow tie.

Merricat bunny was thrilled to be the tutorial model, and is quite pleased with her fangs. 

Good luck! Clovis Devilbunny would like to remind you that the Evil Bunny Alliance is an equal-opportunity organization, and gleefully accepts recruits of all shapes, sizes, and fuzzy animal type.

anonymous asked:

Would you consider pastel goth to be part of the goth subculture? :3 I'm trying to get into my local goth scene, but they won't let me wear any other color than black :c I love all things spooky, creepy and gothic. My house is basically decorated for halloween 365 days a year. But at the same time I love cute and cuddly things, like stuffed animals and glitter :/ Can I still consider myself goth? Yes I both listen to the music and read the literature Love your book btw <3

THEY WON’T LET YOU wear any other color than black? Oh, no. No, no, no. The people in your local scene don’t get to dictate that to you.

Pastel goth is indeed part of the goth subculture, and just because it is apparently a flavor of goth that folks in your local scene dislike doesn’t make it any less valid or spooky. Wear what you want, embrace your stuffed animals, coat yourself with glitter. If any of them dare voice their disapproval, smile serenely at them and remind them that they’re entitled to their opinions, but their opinions aren’t Goth Law.

Be warned - this may lead to their deciding not to spend time with you. But whatever, you will almost certainly be better off without people who are elitist gatekeepers.

(Also, Clovis Devilbunny (and the Evil Bunny Alliance, and the Fuzzy Cabal) stare uncomprehendingly in the direction of the people of your local goth scene. Do they not understand the importance of fuzzy companions?)

shiporsink-deactivated20160313  asked:

Hello there! I was just wondering where you got Clovis Devilbunny and Merricat Bunny? I've been through the tags, but I haven't been able to locate that information.

Clovis was an Easter present from my parents when I was 21, and was named for a snarky young dandy in the short stories by Saki. I already had a number of stuffed animals (some of whom I still have, hi there Murphybear and Gunderson!), but there was an indefinable something about Clovis that was special.A year or so later, I realized that of course, he was a vampire bunny, and needed fangs! So I spent the evening carefully trimming a pair of fangs from a spare set of plastic vampire teeth, and gingerly affixing them to my bunny. Once Clovis had his fangs, his personality became apparent, and everyone in my life (well, everyone who mattered) came to recognize that this little fanged bunny was … important. Not to be trifled with. Destined to rule the world. When the RealHusband and I were engaged and discussing wedding plans, it was the RealHusband’s idea to have Clovis be our ringbearer, with the wedding rings tied to his paws with silk ribbons, which was a sure sign that I was marrying the right guy. 

Merricat Bunny joined the family last September, after one of my goddaughters spent an evening piling all of her Jellicat bunnies on me, causing me to realize that *I* needed a Jellicat bunny, too!

Do some people think I’m weird or insane for having little fanged bunnies I talk to and take very seriously? Of course. I don’t care, and I kind of pity those people for having no sense of wonder or magic. Clovis thinks they’re ridiculous, and assures me that they will get what they deserve when he rules the world. 

And just in case some of you need to give your own fuzzy companions pointy teeth - The Ceremony of the Fangs: a Tutorial.