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When your mom doesn’t think you’re paying attention to the movie/TV show you’re watching together because you’re on your phone when in reality, you’re already looking up fanart/fanfics for a new ship you found revolving around said movie/TV show.



Girl of Steel (A Supergirl AU)

Peggy Carter knows how to blend in. It’s become second nature to hide behind her lead-lined glasses, to control the strength of her grip, to keep her feet planted on solid ground. She never speaks of her childhood before the Martinellis, she rarely dreams of the Phantom Zone, and she never mentions the one blood relative she has left, who flies around in a red cape, saving the world (when he isn’t doggedly pursuing the truth as ace reporter James Barnes). Instead, she works as a personal assistant to Pepper Potts, the queen of media and the most powerful person in National City. She debates the existence of aliens with her friend Sam, has lunch dates with her sister Angie, and only uses her powers to listen for her boss calling her name.

Everything changes the day Angie boards a flight to Geneva. When her sister’s plane is sabotaged, Peggy risks everything to bring the plane to safety, only to discover that Angie is actually an agent for the DEO, an organization that exists to monitor alien activity on Earth. Peggy makes it her mission to aid the DEO, particularly in neutralizing the threat from the convicts previously imprisoned on Fort Rozz, the Kryptonian detention facility that followed her ship out of the Phantom Zone fifteen years before.

With the help of her sister, DEO director Nick Fury, her friend and resident IT expert Sam Wilson, and Steve Rogers (the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and best friend of the Man of Steel), Peggy learns to navigate the challenges that come with being a superhero.  

Because the world needs her to fly.

(special thank you to @lotsofthinkythoughts, without whom this idea would not exist)



So, my creativity and fandom urges me to open Adobe Illustrator and create another artwork. (I don’t use Photoshop, though. Despite that I took freehand drawing classes in college, my drawing skills were terrible. Forgive me for this. Haha!)

You know that I’m still on the “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” hype train. And waiting for Season 3. So, I created another artwork, after the “Blood Moon” one that I submitted to Wholesome Week last January.

With the magic that I do with Adobe Illustrator, I made this one. This work is called “The Star Bunch”. It presents the characters (and the wand) from “Star” in a grid of 3’s as an homage to an old American sitcom, “The Brady Bunch” (I haven’t seen or heard about the show, but I saw the Simpsons couch gag, also paying homage to that sitcom).

It took 6 days to conceptualize and create this one. All characters (except for the wand) were carefully recreated in Illustrator, despite some technical difficulties on my laptop during the process.

And here it is.

Over and out! -Drew

Hello it is me again with your weekly reminder that Lucas Sinclair is not loved or talked about as much as he deserves and for those who have trouble coming up with why he deserves more attention I will give you some:

-Yelled EAT SHIT at a bunch of evil government men coming after him

- he was he MOST determined to find Will

- he’s a Black boy growing up in the eighties in a town that is about as white as wonder bread that has got to be hard

- he cried when eleven disappeared

- he is fiercely loyal and protective

- he is not afraid to call Mike out

- very logical and even keeled

- even though he was previously very pissed off at his friends as soon as he saw the bad men he called them right away because he deeply cares about them and he can put his anger aside to recognize their safety comes first

- genuinely apologized to eleven!! Did u their handshake

- was seen rubbing her shoulders to warm her up after she was in their homemade “isolation tank”

- wise beyond his years

hey everyone who's gloating right now.

you’re all fucking evil.

this is a bunch of people, most of whom are lgbt and under the age of 25, (which i can actually provide statistics to verify), desperately hoping that a show that meant the world to them wouldn’t be as bad as the rest of the world.

if you’re celebrating right now i hope you sleep easy with the knowledge that you’re celebrating lgbt people being genuinely crushed and hurt after having the goddamn fucking nerve to hope one tv show wouldn’t be homophobic shit.

i hope you all find love and light in your life and something that makes you happy.

anonymous asked:

Hi I know you know about the flash and the flash comics, my brother and I are arguing over westallen and Barry and patty. He just sent me a pic of Barry kissing Patty (in comics) but I remember that barry broke up with patty for iris in the comics (correct me if I'm wrong). Is there any comic screenshots that i can send him with what I just described?

Alas, Barry does not break up with Patty for Iris. She breaks up with him because she met the alternate Future Flash, who is evil and murdered a bunch of people.

What you’re thinking of is probably the Road To Flashpoint story, which is the timeline in which nothing ever took place between Barry and Patty. She had a crush on him but he was with Iris, and she finally tells him how she felt before Iris interrupts them.

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anonymous asked:

Okay okay I was looking through the tags here and I saw Witch Wiishu (like anti or dark) and started thinking of what kind of evil powers she would have. Like I feel she would be completely chill and has a bunch of evil schemes planned out and has the ability to create irl drawings to carry out her evil plots! What are your thoughts?

ohoho,why thank you for asking anon! 
witch!wiishu alongside with vamp!wiishu are definitely my faves<3
so,let us begin:

  • she would def be a powerful witch,but not someone who would spend most of her time making various schemes.
  • she has a variety of powers! for example:being able to change organic material into anything else organic! but i think that he favourite power would be something that helps her make art!
  • she also loves hanging out as a normal human!
  • that’s probably how she met jack tbh
  • even though most witches hate humans(bc of the stakes,various superstitions etc) witch!wiishu finds ‘em interesting!
  • also don’t try to tell me that she wouldn’t try to make a Trico of her own

and that’s all I have nonny!did I just turn this into an imagines post?oops

Thanks for your ask anon!

-Mod Maria

More art + some sort of small ficlet under the cut!


You had to hand it to the Pink Girl, sometimes she did have some good ideas. Not that she realized it, of course, but what could you expect from a mere child? She said whatever went through her mind and didn’t think much, but to someone brilliant enough, that incessant blabbering could give birth to some interesting ideas.

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