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AN: This chapter was inspired by BTVS 7.09 “Never Leave Me.”

Warnings: threats of rape, implied torture

Chapter 25: House Full of Hostages

The sun was barely up, but the Scoobies were already nervously waiting in the living room while Buffy and Dean were busy with the vampire upstairs. “I’m not sure I’ve heard a worse idea,” said Willow, “and that includes the time Xander covered a pepperoni pizza with M&Ms.”

“I knew The Supremer would have its moment in the sun,” Xander replied.

“Spike killed a bunch of people, so Buffy and Dean brought him back to the house?” Dawn asked in disbelief.

“Willow’s back in the house,” said Anya.

“That’s different,” snapped Dawn. “Not like you can judge.”

“I’m just saying we’ve seen this from Buffy before,” Anya continued. “She’s not always with the group think of who to kill and who to not-kill. Frankly, I’m surprised Dean is going along with this lunacy. I thought he’d be more black and white and stabby about this. Plus, bonus he-man points for killing Buffy’s ex.”

“If Dean thought the best option was staking Spike, he would have done it,” said Sam, “but he thinks Spike’s more valuable alive at the moment.”

“It’s not just Spike.” Willow paced as she calculated the possible outcomes. “They think he’s being controlled by something. Okay, what if it pushes his big red murder buttons while he’s here? Or worse! What if it comes for him? I mean, it’s followed him from the school basement, to town, and to that old woman’s house. Who’s to say it won’t come here?”

“It already did,” Dawn said grimly.

“For being the head of the Kill The Bleached Bastard Club, you’ve been very quiet, Xander.”

Xander stood up and headed for the kitchen. “Anyone want some cereal? I hear it’s in peak season.”

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reasons why faith would have been a better option for buffy in season 6:

~she has the outsider perspective like spike did, and had been “evil” so buffy would feel more comfortable and wouldn’t feel like she would be judged by her. basically she had all the positives

~faith and buffy had more of a connection pre season 6 than spike and buffy. of course, this is subjective, but that is imo

~this is the most important one. faith UNDERSTANDS what buffy is feeling. she knows that feeling of depression, self loathing, and self destruction, in a way no one else on the show does. she’s been there herself. but she’s getting better. so, seeing someone else, especially buffy go down that path, she would do everything she could to pull her back. compared to spike, who doesn’t really understand, and has always been a cheerful motherfucker. who is excited to see buffy fallen, and encourages that unhealthy behavior

Basically, fuffy would have been a way more healthy, positive, sensible development and wtf writers

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anonymous asked:

I'm laughing so hard because Angelus is the name of an extremely brutal, sadistic and truly evil vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff Angel (and in fact is the evil counterpart to the main character of the spinoff, Angel) and now I can't stop wondering if Halsey has been bingewatching Buffy and Angel

lmao imagine she’s just trolling us all and has actually spent the last two years writing a Buffy/Angel themed album


It’s hard to post pics in reblogs on mobile so here’s my cobbled together version. In my original post I said something like Drusilla’s playing the long game, and this is @sunnydaleslut ’s response

I agree in all that except in my heart of hearts (and I have no evidence for this other than gut feeling so take this as you will) I think Dru’s ultimate stretch goal is making Angel suffer. So in her misguided way she is sort of helping Buffy (aka manipulating) her so that later on the bangel breakdown is much, much more emotionally painful for souled angel (and for angel, emotional anguish is more effective than actual torture). I think we can agree Jenny’s fam wrote some pretty poor witchcraft in that happiness curse, but having angel turn evil ostensibly BECAUSE of Buffy is super fucked and sure to wreck them both emotionally. So for revenge sake, the sex thing works for me (only because it’s so fucking mean lol)