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The Backstory and Redemption

Robert Mckee mentions in his book Story, that a character must “bring to the story [a] combination of qualities that allows an audience to believe that the character could and would do what he does”.  His chapter on character functions refers to several attributes that make up the structure of a character, but I’m going to narrow it down a bit for this specific rant. A lot of the time, not always (the Joker?), but a lot of the time a good backstory can help ground an otherwise out-of-orbit villainous mind:

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Now, It doesn’t have to be a blatantly obvious halt where they endlessly monologue:

Or sing about it in a wonderfully written piece of ART:

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But it certainly adds depth and can even garner sympathy for the villains with the worst atrocities under their belts. (*Cough Cough* Loki)

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Simple, really
The more we get to know a character, the more relatable they become. For the destined-for-redemption type villain, it is almost essential that we learn as much as we can about why that character would make the choices that led them to villainy.

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Grimm/Buffy Parallels

1. Protagonist with special powers destined to fight supernatural enemies.

2. Antihero with rebellious tendencies who also has special powers and is also destined to fight supernatural enemies.

3. Blonde enemy who reluctantly gets dragged to the good guy side of the fight and has their powers stunted. Has a strange, conflicting relationship with the protagonist.

4. Red head friend who turns into an evil witch, but soon returns to the good side.

5. Male friend with terrible relationship luck.

6. Sort of weird friend who turns into a werewolf.


My top 5, all time favorite Buffy episodes. 

Common themes:

  • Spike
  • Spuffy

20th Anniversary Buffy Birthweek: 5 Episodes 


‘  you taught me the courage of the stars before you left. 
light carries on endlessly,  even after death.
with a
shortness of breath,  you explained the infinite. 
rare and beautiful it is to even exist. 

“…and everything started to fade, like it was nothing more than a dream.

Stiles woke up with a gasp, eyes wide open and his heart frantic beating in his chest.

Was it really just a dream? It has felt to real.”

The first half of page 5.
Other WIPs of this works.

So now I kind of hope they do make Lena bad, fucking evil. I hope she slowly works to destroy the people close to Kara. I want Lena to be the Callisto to Kara’s Xena, to be her Faith to Kara’s Buffy, her fucking Draco to Kara’s Hermione. 

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