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Cartoon bad or bad at being bad boys :)


@62-watermelons :’) Look how gross they are someone kill me…. bases off this x   also hux took the time to actually get dressed. AGH I can just imagine like pre-relationship kylux and them totally doing this also having the excuse ‘I have no one else to go with so I’ll go with you’ but in reality they hard core crushin’ on each other ALSO IF THERE ARE ANY WRITERS OUT THERE do a modern AU! thing for this please and send it to me I live for these two


I’m opening commissions for the first time!

With the first page it’s sort of like a Build-A-Commission lol. You add up the prices to get your total.This does not apply to paintings but I can do the paintings in both a cartoony or anime style.

I only do paintings one way and they are always the same amount of work. Paintings may take longer to make than a cheaper commission

Additional Characters are an extra 5$ each.

I take half of the price of the commission up front. As long as they are over 20$. I will refund that money if you cancel before I start colouring. I will be checking with you on the progress of the commission so don’t worry I won’t just start colouring without telling you. If they are under 20$ I will accept the money after the commission is done. You will not get the commission if you don’t pay for it.

Things I will draw:
Mild Gore/Candy gore

Things I WILL NOT draw:
Complicated robots/armour
Graphic or super realistic gore
Children in revealing/sexual clothing or in inappropriate situations (Exposed to violent/sexual situations)
Anything promoting rascism/sexism/nazism/etc
I reserve the right to refuse to draw anything that makes me uncomfortable or from anyone that makes me uncomfortable

I offer a 20% discount on fanart commissions over 40$ if they are from one of the following fandoms:
Rick and Morty
Steven Universe
Mob Psycho 100
Boku no Hero Academia
Final Fantasy 15
Final Fantasy 13
Splatoon (1 and 2)
Pokemon Sun and Moon
The Evil Within (1 and 2)
Hatoful Boyfriend
Youtubers: RPGMinx, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, cryaotic, presshearttocontinue (Dodger)

I will do three commissions at a time. If all slots are taken I will add you to a reserve list, once a slot opens up then I will do your commission.
Current open slots: 3

You DO NOT have the permission to sell copies of the artwork I sell to you.
I continue to hold the creative rights to the piece of artwork and can sell copies/prints of the art, I will not sell copies of artwork commissioned for personal reasons however. Example: a drawing of someones original character/fursona, or pet will not be sold as those things belong to the commissioner.

If you are interested in commissioning me email me at:

“This is Gideon.  When would it be convenient for you to die?”

-Gideon Gordon Graves, Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe by Bryan Lee O'Malley

you dont understand I

Pytor and Cos reuniting and trying to figure out how to talk while still being the acerbic ASSHATS they are and uncle Pytor may be a huge creep with that barely legal Anti-Jack and wow how creepy it must have been to figure out THOSE TWO were together

Like did Cos know Frost before running into Py? How did that even come up like “oh hey your uncle is banging the barely legal cousin of one of your best friends”

(or if we go with my mild headcanon of Frost and Cos once having a hot hook up in the pre-pyotr days then WOAAH AWWKAAARRRRRD)

and Cos may not LIKE Pyotr too much and Pyotr may way creep him out but like

he’s the only one in his family who he can TALK to about this shit like they kind of stand alone as The Gay Pitchiners and just




I have been up all the hours of the night in my part of the world listening to the horrible screams of agony and orgies over the NDU vs EBU debate. Yes! I am an NDU junkie. YES! I think Pyotr should try sleeping with other people for the sake of revenge fucks and our twisted love of strange pairings. AND YES. I THINK THAT IN A WAR OF NDU VS EBU, NIGHTMARE DORKS WILL INEVITABLY WIN. WE HAVE DEVELOPED AN AU FROM AN AU, WE HAVE FIVE CHARACTERS WITH A FAN BASE EXCEEDING THAT OF THE NORMAL FAN BASE AND FUCKING EVERYONE WILL ONLY GET EBU JACK SO FAR.

But do we really have to do all the hissy fits?

Think about it! This whole thing started with a fanfic and a fan! We saw the EB fic once and thought “oh yay violent love!” Then we went onto the possibility of it being a rival school for the NDU universe.


And while I am and always will be a proud member of NDU, EBU Jack has one thing right. We ought to make love, not war. If we drag the characters of fanfics into our twisted scope of a dimension, I say we throw confetti into the air and give ourselves a pat on the back for roping in another innocent soul into our strange universe! BECAUSE I CAN’T HANDLE SEEING THE PEOPLE AND BLOGS I LOVE FIGHT.

I will admit fault by throwing a fist in the war, much to my regret. But no more! I’m going for a peace campaign so that the Evil Boyfriends and Nightmare Dorks can live and screw in harmony! This is Giggles urging all of us to hold hands and go boldly where no AU has gone before!

(Because if one of our AUs go, face it. They’re ALL going to go. We’re only the figments of a wildly irrational dream, we gotta stick together. If we do, our fandom will only get bigger, better, and more disturbing. And that’s the way, uh huh uh huh, we like it!)