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(a playlist about girls who eat boys for breakfast)

Paint it Black // the rolling stones

Bad Woman // arctic monkeys

The Killing Moon // echo & the bunnymen 

Unfinished Business // white lies

Still as the Night // crystal stilts

Black Magic Women // santana

The Gambling Priest // danger mouse

Nightcrawlers // widowspeak

When the Lights Go Out // the black keys

Planet Caravan // black sabbath

Dangerous Animals // arctic monkeys

listen to at: http://8tracks.com/moonrise-kingdom/black-magic-women

Some witchcraft for protection

(1) hang Rosemary and lavender in your home for protection.

(2) aura of protection spell
Strategically arrange blue crystal gemstones around the home or area you wish to protect, creating a magical boundary to keep out evil.

(3) Crystal protection spell

Black crystals are used to create a shield against evil and danger. Any black Crystal absorbs anger, danger, evil, and malevolence, however black tourmaline is believed to repel it.

1. Hold the stone and charge it.
2. Wear as jewerly or carry it with you.
3. Cleanse thus Crystal frequently so that its power isn’t hobbled but remains strong.

Judika illes