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We say farewell to OUR new 52 Superman. He walked the walk for five years. He stepped up and protected innocents when it mattered. He did not hide. He was only younger but still idealistic and very PROACTIVE.  He did not have an all  sunshine and roses life. He had no parents to run to every moment , no wife to pat his  head etc…but he tried his best and was Superman when the world needed him. He was here for Darkseid’s invasion, Throne of Atlantis, Trinity War, Forever Evil. Amazon Virus, Doomed, Vandal Savage, and so many other threats while the other guy hid and played house. Ours lost his powers and didn’t hang around at the Daily Planet enjoying life like pre new 52 either when he lost his back in old canon….he still fought…he had to battle losing his ID and got a terminal illness and still fought. He WAS and IS Superman. 

His life was real and he was real on those pages for five years to the readers who SPENT their $$$. His love for Diana was real. Sorry some people judge a hero by trunks and who they date as being the one to be called Superman. But what you wear and who you bang doesn’t make a Superman, a man or hero. I’ve read many bad stories with red trunked Superman in the pre new 52  and we won’t even go to the movie verse where he’s never truly gotten a good depiction. So the idea that pre new 52 was so great? No, he had his share of awful moments and still he had an easier life than new 52 who had way more losses.

New 52 Superman will be missed. Our hearts are heavy  today but we will always support him and our Power Couple. We pray for a resurrection. If DC wants to tell us the last 5 years was a lie then they don’t deserve the money fans spent behind them. You want to change something , then give it a decent ending. Don’t come and slap the fans who spent their money and say the character was not the real Superman. Pre new 52 fans who had stories for over 25 years  thought it their right to rant and rave and say how much they won’t accept the new 52. We won’t waste our time with that…but we will quietly vote with our wallet because of the the way Rebirth is being done.and the message it sends to younger and new 52 readers.  Comics are for everyone. Not one fan group who wants to hold DC ransom and want to dictate how stories should be told. A new generation deserves a Superman as much as the old. The only obligation DC had was to tell good stories and manage characters better. Rebirth is no guarantee of that. One- two- five years down the line we shall see where things are. 

One thing stays constant…nothing stays the same forever. But we will be here celebrating Clark and Diana always.

Obligatory Reminder About Amazon and Placeholder Dates

Just because I’m seeing it quite a bit lately, especially after Gamescom. If you go to Amazon and see this:

That is NOT the release date. This is a placeholder date. Amazon does this because the product exists and is pre-orderable but they don’t know when it will be coming out. Do not take Amazon’s word regarding the release of this item - or any items that list a release of December 31st - because it’s not an official source.

Square or Tabata will tell us the release date first (so far it’s just ‘2016′), so keep an eye out for word from one of them, not Amazon.

This has been your obligatory reminder about Amazon and evil placeholder dates.