Ouija: Origin of Evil Full HD (2016)

Storyline : In 1965 Los Angeles, a widowed mother and her two daughters add a new stunt to bolster their séance scam business and unwittingly invite authentic evil into their home. When the youngest daughter is overtaken by the merciless spirit, this small family confronts unthinkable fears to save her and send her possessor back to the other side.

Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)



In 1965 Los Angeles, a widowed mother and her two daughters add a new stunt to bolster their séance scam business and unwittingly invite authentic evil into their home. When the youngest daughter is overtaken by the merciless spirit, this small family confronts unthinkable fears to save her and send her possessor back to the other side.

Honestly? I’m sick of the “Victor is actually evil!”, “Victor just wants to use Yuuri!”, “Victor only cares for himself and will betray Yuuri!“ theories.

Why? Because they’re BS. I have multiple reasons to think so (listed at the bottom of the post), but first, tell me:

Is this

the face










And see, I get it. Victor is one huge mystery, we barely know anything about him and so far he’s looking suspiciously one-dimensional. And see, I’ve seen those screenshots of Victor saying “of course” with that solemn expression, and I’ve seen that glare when he’s watching Yuuri’s video at his own home. I’ve seen all of it and I disagree.

Not because of ships or favorite characters or whatever, but for a multitude of reasons.

First of all, it’s so easy to take that “of course” out of context. Because did you listen to his voice when he said that? Did you hear what came next? He spoke in a reassuring tone, and his words sounded sincere. I think the expression is only there to show how genuinely serious he is about everything, not to make you think that he doesn’t give a shit about Yuuri. I think it’s there to contrast with his silly expressions to show that he cares even when he’s not just messing around and being funny.

And here you could say “Well yeah, but then if he’s not doing all of this for himself then why does he even bother with Yuuri? It’s obvious that he’s not unconditionally helping him out.” Yeah, and he isn’t. He’s there to find inspiration and he hopes that the change of surroundings and Yuuri himself will offer him that. Is that considered using Yuuri? I wouldn’t say so because Yuuri uses him even more, by that definition - he asks him for advice and guidance and wants to keep him in Japan for his own gain. But they’re willing to work together. You know what helping each other out to achieve different goals is called? Cooperation.

And you could still argue that “Oh, but that doesn’t explain everything, I mean Victor also-” Yes, it doesn’t. But it doesn’t need to explain everything. Let’s zoom out from the story for a moment and look at the bigger picture. Let’s start with the ending. See the grooming? The shower scene? Even the instagram picture where they’re both sitting on a train and facing each other (not featured in this post but you know which one I mean). Both the OP and the ED themes set the tone for the entire anime.

Do you think they would feature such happy, warm, even domestic images if Victor was meant to turn on Yuuri eventually and leave him to fend for himself while he wins the Grand Prix Finals for the sixth time? Let’s face the reality - it would make no sense in terms of the narrative, the story, the plot of the show or the general message for Victor to use Yuuri, then go back and win the competition.

Yuri on Ice is a story of self-improvement, overcoming your own weaknesses, finding support and doing what you love despite the adversities you face, whatever they may be. It is most certainly not the story of a man who seduces a younger competitor, builds him up and then crushes him to make his own victory (pun not intended) more spectacular.

And yes, there is something we don’t know about Victor, something still hidden from us. But I strongly doubt that ‘something’ is betrayal. Yes, he is selfish, self-centered and can be arrogant and rude, but he is not a villain. Wouldn’t it be better if we received a heavily flawed Victor who learns to be a better person upon Yuuri’s influence rather than cheap drama about the coach leaving his student because he’s a cold bastard?

Victor is hiding something. I personally think it’s injury. (Evgeni Plushenko, anyone?). It would make sense and even explain why he looks so serious when he’s asked about his plans for the next season during the interview in episode 1 (and mind you this is before he sees Yuuri skating his program). I would be incredibly disappointed in the direction of the show if what he was hiding turned out to be evil intent.

But hey it’s only been three episodes so maybe we should stop acting like we know these characters and this show like the back of our hands and actually allow the anime to tell its story. But what do I know.

Ouija: Origin of Evil Official

Ouija: Origin of Evil  (2016) MOVIE

㆔ P L A Y

㆔ D O W N L O A D


Ouija: Origin of Evil Official  (2016) - Elizabeth Reaser Universal Pictures Movie

Movie Synopsis:

In 1965 Los Angeles, a widowed mother and her two daughters add a new stunt to bolster their séance scam business and unwittingly invite authentic evil into their home. When the youngest daughter is overtaken by the merciless spirit, this small family confronts unthinkable fears to save her and send her possessor back to the other side.

Ouija: Origin of Evil

Jimin: First Time

Word Count: 2761
Genre: Fluff, smut
Pairing: Reader x Jimin
Summary: Requested anonymously, regarding your very first time with Jimin! I’m not entirely sure if I might turn this into a series with each member as I did with the confessions, but I hope you enjoy it! Please do send feedback or requests my way here!


“I’m just so tired of the small talk” your fingers were typing out the words rapidly, “Dating is frustrating.”

You sent the message to Jimin, in response to his questioning about the date. You hated dating, not so much because of the small talk as much as you used dating as your distraction. You liked Jimin, you had always liked Jimin – but you couldn’t like Jimin.

Jimin was your friend and not only was your relationship already set in stone as platonic – he was an idol. Jimin and you had met, surely, and you’d hang out every once in a blue moon, but most of your communication happened online. You could never be sure if he was flirting or not nor could you ever pull a move on him because you rarely actually saw him. You had tried to flirt with him prior to this night, and he’d never rejected you, but nothing had ever happened. He didn’t ask for nudes, he didn’t try to sext you, but every now and then he’d compliment you in a way that lovers would.

The light of the screen lit up the otherwise dark room, Jimin’s name appearing on your phone.

“Ah, don’t say that…” you waited as you saw him typing, “I wish I could take you on a date and show you that it can be fun.”

It was as if someone released a cage of butterflies in your stomach, your small grin widening the more flustered you felt. Strange how words on a screen can affect you. You could almost hear his voice. You picked up the phone, excitedly typing, your teeth still showing through your smile.

“If it wasn’t 3AM, I just might make you! I miss hanging out with you a lot.”

You put the phone to your chest, smiling as a small hope grew within you that Jimin would ask you out on a date. You chuckled silently again, your palm landing on your eyes as you wondered what his message could mean. Was he flirting? Did he want to take you on a date? Ah, falling for Jimin probably wasn’t a good idea. You felt the phone vibrate on your chest as you swiftly lifted it, the light landing sharply on your face.

“Hmm… Are you planning to be up for a while?”

Your eyes widened as you read his initiation, travelling to your barely clothed body and bare face. You couldn’t possibly reject the idea of seeing Jimin, even if it meant getting yourself pretty at 3AM. As if he read your mind, another bubble appeared beneath his first message.

“Don’t bother with makeup, just get dressed. Unless you plan on sleeping, of course, then I won’t bother you.”

You smiled, biting into your lip as your fingers gracefully typed out the approval.

“The door is open for you. :)

“Be there in 20. <3”

Your heart was pounding through your chest as you turned on the light, throwing yourself off the bed before situating yourself in front of your mirror. You knew that a full face of makeup would be strange, especially since he had already told you to remain bare. However, a little tinted moisturizer and some brow color never hurt anyone. You slapped in on quickly before contemplating if mascara was a good idea when you shook your head, turning your head to the closet. You heard the doorbell ring before the door opened, wondering how 20 minutes could’ve passed already. You grabbed the largest t-shirt and ran out of the room, your shorts from the pajama set still remaining on you. You could’ve honestly just stayed in your PJs with the way you looked, but this had to do. You rushed out, Jimin removing his shoes with a box in his hand.

“Y/N!” he smiled brightly as he saw you, placing the box on your small table as he widened his arms and embraced you. You jumped into his arms, a happiness flushing through you as his cologne radiated off his cold skin.

You stepped up on your toes as you looked at the box curiously, your eyes shifting from the box to Jimin.

“What’s in it?” you asked suggestively.

“I brought cake! I would’ve brought coffee, too, but I couldn’t really find anything. Coffee and cake is a pretty classic first date, right? You talk, you get to know each other…” he smiled, his eyebrows lifting teasingly near the end of the sentence.

“Aaaah,” you sang in recognition, “Well, welcome to my café then!” your hand motioning for him to enter your apartment. It was a studio apartment, the kitchen and living room only separated by a kitchen island. There were two stools by it where you and Jimin were quick to settle down.

He opened the box, revealing a Japanese cheesecake. Your eyes widened as your appetite grew, licking your lips out of instinct.

“I’ve always wanted to try those! Where did you find them at 3AM?”

“I’ve never tried them either! There’s a place near the dorm that’s been reviewed pretty well, it’s open 24 hours since it’s near the club district. A lot of drunk people eat there after going out.”

You went to find a set of spoons as you boiled some water for coffee.

“I’ve only got instant, I hope that’s okay.” you looked at him, a smile growing at the realization that Jimin was finally there in front of you. His scent was filling your room, his coat was hanging in your hallway. He was there and real, his lips surrounding your spoons. You shook your head as you realized how creepy your thoughts must’ve sounded had you voiced them, but there was something very warm about having Jimin near you.  

“Instant coffee? Oh no, I’m going home. How could you do this to me?” he teased, reaching his hand out for the spoons you were holding. You gave him one and settled next to him, excitedly biting into the piece.

You moaned in unison as the sweet taste settled on your taste buds. You ate in silence through the first few bites before putting your spoons down for a break, Jimin smiling at you as you closed your eyes, indulging in the taste.

“You like it?”

“I don’t know what’s better, finally seeing you again or eating this cake.” you moaned, holding your stomach as you patted it, “Sorry about tonight.”

He laughed, his hand shaking you off, “Ah, you’ll do good with some cake.”

“I’ve missed you a lot, Y/N.” he smiled, his eyes looking rather timid, “Tell me about the date.”

“It’s just…” you got shy, unsure of how to lie the least without giving away that you like him, “They’re not interesting.”

“Oh, come on, none of them are interesting?” he smiled, his hand resting on your shoulder.

“No…” you picked your food, grabbing another piece before lifting it to your mouth, “And none of them will bring me cake at 3AM, so what are they really worth anyway?” you smiled, trying to lift the mood and dismiss the topic of dating, worried that you’d end up spilling an embarrassing confession.

He chuckled, his eyes sinking to his lap as he sighed. He remained oddly quiet and your smile faded as the silence prevailed. You looked at him, as his eyes remained glued to his lap, his free hand fiddling nervously. You courageously scooted closer, reaching your hand out to his, grabbing it without intertwining your fingers. You didn’t know what rushed through you to make you this brave, but your heads were now only inches from each other, both of your eyes situated on your hands. He looked up through his bangs, his eyes nervously meeting yours through the persistent silence. His lips looked soft in the warm, dim light of the kitchen. You weren’t sure how discreet you were, but you let your eyes rest on his lips for a little while, an uncertainty growing within you if anything was going to happen.
Then, he moved. His face got slightly closer, lifting his jaw slightly for easier access. You followed, nervously nearing his lips, stopping as they carefully grazed each other until Jimin shut the gap.
Your lips carefully enveloped each other, the only sound audible being your breaths and the sound of your lips moving. It took a few seconds before you moved, the kiss slowly developing. His lips opened slightly, breathing into yours as he waited for your approval to deepen the kiss. You obeyed and your hand travelled to his hair, pushing him closer to you as you picked up the pace, greedily indulging in the softness of his lips. He inhaled sharply as he let his free hand roam from your shoulder to your hair, his tongue now begging for entrance. You were quick to oblige, your tongues now twirling and dancing, as your breaths got louder and the kiss got sloppier.
He grabbed you by the waist and lifted you from your stool as he sat you down on his lap, your legs straddling him. His hands were resting at your lower back, caressing you beneath your t-shirt. You carefully let out a needy moan, waiting for his response. He froze for a moment before inhaling sharply, squeezing his fingertips into your skin. You felt the bulge beneath you through the silky fabric of your shorts.

“Y/N…” his voice was near that of a whisper, but there was a tone of rejection to it.

You paused, separating from his lips as you looked at him. His eyes were lustful, his lips swollen and his cheeks were warm with love.

“Are you sure about this? I don’t want you to think this is why I came here…”

You exhaled with relief before shutting the gap between you again, a sturdiness to your kiss.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life,” you moaned into his lips, the realization of uncertainty hitting you again. What did this mean to him? You dismissed your own worry as you pressed yourself down on his crotch, sliding your hips along the length.

He groaned as his lips wandered sloppily down your jawline and neck before ending on the top of your boobs. His arms that were already beneath your shirt travelled up until he reached your bra clasp, opening it as he slid it out of your shirt. How lucky it was that it was strapless, you thought. He removed your t-shirt then, leaving you revealed on top of a fully clothed Jimin. He looked at you with a hunger laced in his eyes, a desperation drawn in his touch. He stood startled as he fondled your breasts, praising you internally, letting out silent trails of curses. You laid back, resting your elbows on the countertop as you continued grinding, letting him enjoy the sight. His hands squeezed your hips before he greedily guided you up, removing your shorts along with your panties until you were left entirely bare on top of him. You looked at him innocently as you saw him gradually lose the ability to control himself. He watched you shortly before grunting, lifting you swiftly as he walked you to the couch, laying you down as he removed his shirt, his toned body hovering over you as you embraced him in a kiss. His hands were still squeezing your hips as one of them began making its way to your wet heat, his fingers teasingly sliding through your folds without giving you much sensation.

“You’re so wet for me, Y/N…” he whispered into your ear as he let a single digit slide in. He bent it immediately, roughly stimulating your g-spot in a way you didn’t know anybody could. You twitched at the touch, a loud moan spilling from your mouth involuntarily. You had lost all control of yourself, letting your body act whichever way he wanted.

“If you want me to be quiet you wo-“

You were abruptly interrupted by a second digit entering you, applying more pressure to your sensitive spot. What you let out was something between a choked moan and a scream, your body twitching almost upright.

“Who said I wanted you to be quiet, baby?”

Your eyes met his, dark and hungry. Your lips locked as he let his thumb roll in circles on your clit as his fingers continued playing inside you. You felt your orgasm coming, and apparently, so did he. With a single swipe, he left you, an emptiness filling you enough to make you exhale. He smirked teasingly, sucking on the spot beneath your ear, his heavy breaths filling your ear.

“I’ll find a better way for you to cum…” he whispered, sending shivers down your spine.

He swiftly removed his pants, revealing his length in all its glory. Your eyes widened, your eyebrows slightly raising, causing Jimin to chuckle. He placed himself at your entrance before stopping, his brows furrowing as the cocky, arrogant Jimin left him for a minute.

“Y/N, are you sure about this? I don’t want you to regret it.” there was a different tone to his voice, a care laced within his words as he stepped out of his sexual persona.

You smiled at him as you pulled yourself up, your fingers lacing in his hair.

“I love you, Jimin.”

He stopped in his tracks, his body freezing as he let it sink in. You had barely realized what you said until you felt him tighten in your hands. Your eyes widened as regret flushed through you.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” you retreated swiftly.

“No, no, I love you so much it’s just… That’s kinda weird, I wanted to fuck the shit out of you and now I have to tell you I love you.”

“You can still fuck me?”

“What the fuck, I can’t tell you I’ll make you cum and then confess to you?” he panicked slightly as a smirk appeared on your lips.

You started giggling as you embraced him in a kiss, slowly deepening it until the mood had emerged. After a few minutes of making out, the arrogant bastard was back. You knew this because he swiftly pushed himself inside of you, no warning. He grabbed you by the hips as he pulled you to the edge of the couch, lifting your legs to his shoulders as he began thrusting into you rapidly. His pace was steady as he pressed kisses to your calves, his eyes occasionally meeting yours. He groaned and moaned, the sight of his length disappearing inside of you making him lose his mind.

“Ah fuck, you’re amazing…” he grunted, his eyes glued to your heat.

You moaned in response as your hand travelled to your clit where it began making circles as you felt the orgasm nearing. He lifted your hips slightly, his cock now pounding roughly into you at the same angle his fingers had been previously. It was a mystery to you how he had found your spot so quickly, but when you began seeing stars you knew what was coming up. Your orgasm consumed you, your body squirming as he continued pounding, his pace becoming less and less steady with time. He lifted you up as you returned to your senses, your legs now resting on his hips as he thrusted into you. He grabbed your hair in a bunch as he pinned you up against the wall, forcing you to make eye contact with him. He quickened his pace even more, quickly becoming a rapid, unsteady mess as his orgasm neared and his grunts turned to pitched moans. He came with a loud moan, his eyes squeezing shut as he took the last few thrusts slow and hard. You remained like that for a minute, pinned against the wall, a coat of sweat between your naked bodies. Your breaths were heavy as he finally let you down, his hands on each side of your head as he kissed you, deeply and passionately.

“I just need to make it clear – you’re not dating anymore.” he said while his dominant side was still apparent, his toned arms framing you in his touch.

“I only want you, Jimin.”

“We need to see each other some more…” he groaned before kissing you again, indulging in the sweetness of you.

Your hands rested on his stomach, a smile widening at the realization of how the night had played out. It wasn’t until you broke the kiss that you saw the sun shining through the windows.

“It’s almost 6AM, Jimin…”

“I’ll go get breakfast.”