When the Armada Attacks!
  • Gosei: The world has never seen an invasion like this!
  • Troy: What about when the United Alliance of Evil attacked!
  • Gosei: ...
  • Troy: And Zordon's rangers fought them?
  • Gosei: ...
  • Troy: Skies over London full of UFOs?
  • Gosei: I was in Spain.
  • Troy: They had UFOs in Spain.
  • Gosei: Scuba-diving.

Metron: Now this is the Prime Earth of the New 52 cluster. On this Earth, Starfire is an emotionless blank slate who was never part of the Titans, Lian Harper does not exist, Jericho is evil again, Cyborg was never friends with Beast Boy, and you are a soulless evil construct.

Donna Troy:


Lana Parrilla by Troy Jensen