You know, at first, I thought that Mina’s constant blabbing about a “doctor” was a reference to a Sailor Moon villain bearing the same name. Considering Mina’s design and overall aesthetic, this could make sense as she downright seems like a parody of such “anime magical girls” characters.

But then… it hit me.
Mina didn’t age, as if someone messed up with her genes or something.
Mina is crazy and obsessed with hunting down “monsters” and conquering.
Mina has access to weird powers that no other Mewman seems to have.
Mina, again, often talks about this “doctor” and its “oders”.
Mina, after all, may be even someone’s puppet.

Now though, did we ever see someone or something in the show that may look like some kind of weird doctor AND a puppeteer at the same time? YES.

And it was right at the beginning of every episode until Season 3 changed the intro. But wait, there’s more! In a “blink or you miss it” moment, they apparently added in this short sequence (in Season 2) a very familiar silhouette looming in the dark as Star and Marco leave this weird-looking dimension. 

Zoom in, enhance and you’ll instantly recognize Mina’s signature hairstyle and helmet. This that the doctor she’s talking about actually exists and it’s a possibly malevolent force pulling strings in the background. 

This is not even the first time that the SVTFOE crew hid something in plain sight as a hint to what’s to come. Interestingly, they did it again with Mina in the early Season 3 epsiode “Book Be Gone”. In this establishing shot, you can clearly see Mina hiding in the monster temple, subtly foreshadowing her bigger role in the mid-season finale “Monster Bash”.

Does this mean that we’re gonna face a space robot dentist soon?
Welp, we just have to wait.

anonymous asked:

so what did you think of the midseason finale of svtfoe?

(spoilers for who hasn’t seen it!)

a lot of things are building up! I thought Heinous and the others already knew she was part of the family but apparently not lmao but she is Eclipsa’s daughter? oh boyy, and I’m mostly curious about the Eclipsa plotline because she doesn’t seem to be really evil so far, and Star might seek her help for her plan again

also I like that we’re seeing a different side of most of the characters and that Tom is getting a proper arc, good season so far 👍