When you get past her screeching responses to humor, Janice has never actually deserved our hatred. She’s never been anything but kind to the Friends and she was willing to give Chandler a shot when he was literally openly saying how much he despised her and basically just using her for sex and as a fallback. She’s also the only one who’s consistently willing to laugh at his terrible jokes, but that just seems to make him more full of hatred. In one episode, she helps him pack his apartment and move, even though he’s just lying to her. In another, she seeks comfort with Ross after their mutual divorces, and is treated like a garbage monster for sleeping with him … even though she and Chandler hadn’t been an item for a very long time. At Chandler’s request. Because he wanted nothing to do with her.

And about that time she cheated on Chandler? She made out with her husband, who she was in the process of divorcing. They actually end up getting back together, which means that, if anyone is an intruding third party, it’s Chandler.

Even if she hadn’t, Chandler never treated her like anything but a disposable pile of Long Island accents. He constantly dumped her at the slightest whim and repeatedly lied to her. If anything, kissing her husband was the best decision she made; she was getting with a person who wanted to be with her, unlike Chandler, a sentient ball of self-loathing and shit-talking made manifest.

Janice is just a regular person whose main flaw is that she gives Chandler the benefit of doubt too often, and she is absolutely demonized for it.

5 Characters We Love To Hate (That Don’t Deserve It)

Starry Sunday Branding!

Hey guys! I’m getting better at crafting as I managed to do two sets of heat embossed bags! 

My partner fluff got the materials ready for me! Isn’t he helpful?

After using my Cricut Explore Air to cut out another star face stencil, I started using a watermark pen to trace out the shape of the star.

Afterwards, I had to clean up the residue on both purple and gold glitter using a small art brush. So for example, after applying the gold glitter onto the watermarked areas, the gold embossing powder will look like this:

I then used a heat embossing tool to melt the powder, which then becomes embossed and shiny.

And that’s it for this weekend of crafts! I hope to work on the next comic tomorrow which should be posted on Tuesday evening! 

Have a great night!

  • Galen & Lyra: you will never win
  • Krennic: never winning? 😧 you can do ANYTHING 💪🏻💪🏻 if you have FAITH in the Empire 🙏🙏👊🏻 stay GRINDING ✔️👌✊🏻 build the DEATH STAR 24/7 👈🏻👈🏻 in the WINNING SIDE 👍🏻😤😤 make them acknowledge your ACHIEVEMENTS 💯💯💯 i always WON 😎😎✌🏻